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Water News: Kill the Devil's Straw(s?), Oakley-Delta Country Folk Pissed-Off, Corruption Don't Care | High Sierra Backpacker

Water News: Kill the Devil's Straw(s?), Oakley-Delta Country Folk Pissed-Off, Corruption Don't Care

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By Alex Wierbinski - Posted on 01 December 2017



Water News
Kill the Devil's Straw(s?)

Country Folk Pissed-Off, Corruption Don't Care

Delta residents vent about Jerry Brown’s twin tunnels water plan,
SF Chron, November 30, 2017.

Last Devil's Straw(s) News

They're "down the drain." hopefully




Three Stores from the September critical funding failure


Oroville & Twin Tunnels
Screwing the Small Town Folks

The people under the Oroville Dam say, corrupted politicians greater threat than "terror"

Oroville Dam is an example of why we can't Trust Corrupted Politicians 


Jerry "works," or more precisely, his campaigns and political party are both "fully-funded," to put it polietly, by corporate and special interest bribes. Jerry, the Dems, and the Repugnant parties are all and both "fully-funded" by corrupt corporate interests. They are nothing more than corporate subsidiaries operating in the political sphere.

This corruption is practiced in the open, and approved of by our corporate media as, "standard political practices." We have become so inured to cheating and corruption it has become acceptable operating practice in politics and industry. 

People openly state they can cheat to attain their "moral" goals, which happens to be endless growth.

Practically speaking, it works out that the relentless forces of corporate greed funding our political parties are most directly satisfied, they are most well fed and fattened, by relentless growth. By building vast infrastructure projects that support vast megacity populations, feeding their hunger for the massive profits that follow, as they suck man & nature dry.

This mechanism of growth exposes all natural and human resources to commodification and consumption. It reduces wages and increases costs of living, squeezing the wealth out of the middle-class, pushing it all to the top layers of our corporate elite.

Our last fifty year's growth has already tapped all our waters, and killed most of our fish, and seriously damaged the other life dependent on that stolen water.

Our country's relentless greed and growth over the last fifty years has had very bad effects on the social, political, and environmental status of California, on our Nation, and on the whole world generally. They have all been drained. Jerry, his family, and their form of corruption are responsible for this damage.

This scale of our recent growth, of growing too big in the first place, then following that up by growing vast megacites into the rapidly drying and warming deserts of the Southwest, East of LA, requires building equally vast infrastructure and energy projects to transfer the water wealth of our state from what remains of our "country," and out of the hands of our last, "country folk," to feed the existing LA megacity, and to "fund" its relentless, irresponsible march East. Not just country-folk will pay for these water transfers, but the amount of water they really plan to steal will wipe out the environment that the country folks live in.

The Real Deal: Endless Growth East into the Deserts of the Southwest

"We've been Jerry-Jacked"

The simple truth is our two major political parties are nothing more than vechiles of special interest bribery. The simple truth is that the forces Eisenhower identified as the "military-industral complex" have taken full control of the tools of our government by corrupting our political parties, and turned our nation into a domestic and international disgrace to our own simple constitutional ethics.

These corrupt influences have perverted our legislative processes to utilize our domestic and foreign policies as tools of tyranny, greed, and corruption which have seriously damaged all of our domestic social and political institutions, and critically injured every aspect of our environment.

These problems can only be effectively addressed at their center, their cause and core, by cutting off any corporate or special interests dollars "funding," corrupting our democracy.

Stated Simply: "No More Bribery."

All non-voting and "institutional," corporate & special interest bribery must be immediately stopped. The givers and the takers, both the hands where the bucks change hands to bribe our political parties and candidates into corruption must be made to do real, substantial hard time, and have all their wealth taken away. Cheaters can and will not prosper, if we want our country back.

We must end the ability of corporations and special interests to bribe "our" politicians or "our" political parties in any way, shape or form. We've got to take our government back, which requires we push the bribery out of our political parties, and force the parties and their corporate masters back within, and under, our constitutional democratic restraints.

We've gotta do this, not just to break the sway of corrupt influences in politics, but to change the ownership of American political parties from corrupted corporations and billionaires, back to American citizens.

We've gotta do this to change the concerns of our government from advancing the wealth, power, and profits of our corporate elite, back to advancing the general welfare of our citizens.

Oh, to all you hippies, commies, "progressives," and other "globalists:"

We can't fix the world, if we can't first fix ourselves. Do us all a favor: stop spreading your chaos here and around the world; abandon the Corporate Growth Machine of Death, and its program of endless growth. At the very least, stop cheating! Stop supporting cheaters.

We've gotta do this, end the social and political corruptions, to save the character of the seasons that bring the snows to the Sierra, to save everything that depends on those snows, to give all the things depending on, "traditional" weather patterns, half-a-chance at survival.


Water News



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