Water News, Degraded Dam & Social Infrastructure Symbolic of Corporate Greed Ripoff

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By Alex Wierbinski - Posted on 27 December 2017



Water News

Symbolic of the Corporate Ripoff

Degraded Infrastructure

Oroville Dam: Three dams in Santa Clara County have similar spillway problems,
December 21, 2017.


Tip of the Iceberg

The article above describes the physical problem, but does not get to the root of the problem, the "process," or the failure of values that the general breakdown of California's infrastructure reveals.

Much More Fun Coming

Irresponsible, illegal, greed-driven Growth traded Trees for Illegals in San Jose, & deferred all costs of maintaining all aspects of California's infrastructure for decades... Dams, bridges, roads, schools, & everything else....

I'd much rather have trees than illegals... or any more people at all.

Our Corporate Elite grew populations & profits while asset-stripping our environment, our infrastructure and our middle-class wealth, all at the same time.... It was a brilliant plan, exactly the same scheme that the Robber Barons used to first establish the authority of wealth over democracy in politics, and desire over ethics in society!

Greed is powerful.

Over time, now, this system of self-perpetuating greed and self-gratification is reaching its just and logical conclusion, after wringing everything, every bit of material value, out of every aspect of human and natural life it has come into contact with.

Dams, fish, schools, air, water, & people all drained of their, "wealth," while piling up a vast mountain of debt. We have not yet begun to pay the true price of surrendering our environment and souls to greed.

“The Oroville failure was an eye-opener for everybody.” Really? Growing massive populations under flawed infrastructure while under-funding every piece of infrastructure as our corporate masters reaped the vast profits of growing massive populations while asset-stripping them, isn't a good idea?

Wow, allowing political bribery and open corruption to drain our nation's human and natural resources was very bad for everyone and everything in our country, except the greedy and the cheaters?

Well great, now we have twice the number of "consumers" who have less than half the earning power of the middle class they replaced. That's, "Mission Accomplished," for our greedy corporate "leaders."

Who would have thunk that, that being greedy and cheating to advance greed by draining our country's human and natural resources was and is bad for everything?!?

Nobody in either political party, or the millions of illegals who are "citizens" because they put their self-interest above our rule of law, think that greed or cheating are bad when they payoff so well... according to them, greed and cheating are in fact, now, "human rights!"

Just like both "our" political parties believe, that greed and cheating are their, "rights."

These dams, and many others in California, are but one set of powerful tropical transport-mechanism storms from being swept away. And ironically, it is our own irresponsible policies of offshoring and immigration themselves that have changed our planet's weather to make these storms highly likely, in the first place!

What we have, "on-deck," coming up for our country is big. It's epic. I have a hard time finding the proper words to describe it. I have to look towards religion and proverb to find the words.

Philosophically, we can Kall it Karma... or, "you get what you pay for," or, "sleep in the bed you made," and most famously, "They that sow the wind, shall reap the whirlwind." We are there, we, being our state and empire, have put ourselves into a classic, historical situation that only proverbs and mythical tales can cover, where our own inability to control our own greed, cheating, and hubris grew so fast and large they transformed our republic into an empire, ultimately, with the power of our greed and corruption being powerful enough to bring down not just our own evil corporate empire, but the natural balances and foundations of the web of life on our whole planet.

If nothing else, our nation is providing a classic example of exactly everything a nation should not do, if they are based on Good Will, rather than Greed. We started by breaking all our own rules. But, something is different this time. We've not only transgressed our own ethical limits, if not morality itself, but done so while deploying a level of technological and military power held by no previous generation of evil empire. No previous empire has had the scope and scale of our destructive powers when at rest, let alone used them in, "action."

Our tech has already reshaped the world into forms uncomfortable for life and the balance of life itself, but perfect to serve the forces of organized greed.

None of the previous empires could unbalance, let alone destroy the whole world. We can, have, and we are.

Nothing new in behaviors here, for all the technology any empire has ever possessed, every empire has used it, and done their worse with the level of tech at their disposal... except, now, the reach of our technology's destructive force is global. Our greed and hubris paired up with the power of our technology can and are easily destroying the fabric of life itself on this planet.
Our behavior has already seriously unbalanced all of Nature, and now we can see we have within our reach the complete crashing & destruction of this whole world's ecosystems, rather than merely crashing its various regions, as earlier empires of more limited technological prowess have repeatedly done.

The destructive force of our greed now encompasses, and openly threatens, the basic balances and fundamental foundations of life on this planet. And, we exercise this profound power not through overt aggression, but exercise it daily, through our daily boring, mundane behaviors, through the daily biproduct of 7 billion, "consumers," doing their consumption thing, every day.

That is the sword killing our planet. That's some banal evil...

The funny thing is that there is no "problem" to fix, as the "problem" itself is us, it is the success of our greed itself that brought us to this scale and level of ignorant earth-shattering consumption. We have already grown sufficiently to form ourselves into the tool of our own destruction. We are so "large" we have fundamentally unbalanced and damaged the web of life on this planet.

Nature is acting within and around us to rectify the, "problem," which is us. We degrade internally as Nature degrades around us. It's the way it works... Nature is sharpening up the tools of our own destruction, which will be us...

The same evil starting these problems, greed, will be their end. Nature will reflect  and amplify our evils back to and through us until we stop or are gone.

After all the above, our problems are  really quite simple, even "proverbial:" They boil down to a simple conclusion: Be bad, get bad. The balance of life will operate. The Spirit of Life don't mess around. IT will come for us by Land, Sea, and Air to balance-out all the damages our greed and corruption-"our imbalances"-have already done to IT, to its basic balances and the fundamental foundations of life on this planet, while we were in the driver's seat, as an angry Mother Nature pulls our asses out of the driver's seat. That's just the way things work, and we've worked things that way, once again. Thus the proverbs...

We've sown a lot of winds...

Expect the fertility of all three, of Land, Sea, and Air, to shrink dramatically around the whole frigging world, as our population and its ceaseless  demands on the web of life are both growing as the force of life itself shrinks. Our current level of "resource" demands are rapidly contracting the whole web of life, and it will not meet our current demands nor fill our future expectations, as it falls further away from humans.

It is our expectations that are going to be dramatically changed.




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