Water News, Symbolic of the Corporate Ripoff: Plastic Water Ripoff

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By Alex Wierbinski - Posted on 27 December 2017



Water News
Symbolic of the Corporate Ripoff

Plastic Water Ripoff

Nestlé appears to be taking too much water from California forest, regulators say,
Desert Sun, December 21, 2017.

Nestle takes as much as it can get away with, like every other corporation in our country. They have no value to the public, only private profit at the expense of first, our democratic process, by bribing our politicians, then second, with the fruits of their political bribes allowing them to rape our environment. Just like every other corporation pays bribery to wring unethical, irresponsible profits out of our environment and people.

That's why our corporations fund both parties and all the candidates.

Stopping outright political bribery by our corporations and billionaires is the only way to address even the most obvious environmental and social degradations our corporate elite is getting away with. To actually be effective, we must choke off corruption at its source, at the point of the bribe, rather than constantly being forced to deal with the endless repercussions of corruption. We can't stop, or even slow the degradation of every aspect of our ecology if we don't rapidly choke-off corporate financing of politicians and parties.

Since I'm dreaming, I might as well dream we can even restore a Free Press, once we get "our" politicians back under the influence and control of our citizens, rather than "our" corporations. The next thing to do would be to de-corporatize and de-monopolize our once, "Free" press.

Wow. Honest politicians and a free press?

We could fix the world.

Er, well, at least we could stop torturing the world... that's be a fine first step to a whole new American-era based on policies and practices of Good Will, rather than our contemporary standards of Individual and Organized Greed.

We'd win the world, if Individual and Organized Greed were an Olympic sport!

Honest politicians, a free press, and public subordination of greed to principal? I must be dreaming, or I'm dead and gone to American Heaven...ha ha, because none of these qualities even exist in America's press, politics, or on our streets today, where greed and self-interest runs the show, from the top-down.




CA: Thieves Banquet


Nestle legally Steals in Mi

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Mi Water Grab




December 28, 2017
Nestle in California found to be stealing water

California Says Nestle Lacks Permits to Extract Millions of Gallons of Water,
NPR, December 28, 2017.

California's DWR finds Nestle has been stealing lots of water for a long time, but this article fails to identify the value of this stolen water, determine what Nestle owes for this stolen water, how much, or even if Nestle is going to pay for our stolen water, let alone be punished, be made to pay a price, for stealing.

No, not likely. Nestle likely pays a vast amount of "campaign contributions" directly or through, "Industry lobbyists," to take care of exactly these kinds of problems.

It appears the crime itself and proper renumeration and punishment are non-issues to DWR and NPR.  I believe these are very important issues.

The good things are that DWR has dissallowed Nestle's "excuse" for stealing water, well, their flimsy justification, and the corporate drainage of this watershed to fill stupid water bottles has ended.  For now.

The bad thing is that DWR says they will issue a permit to restart operations. Personally, I believe water bottles are a symbol of our times, of the ultimate consumer-commodification of everything.

Bottled water is another "bad omen," not coming from Natue, but from the behavior of Man.

Societies can be characterized by how they handle water, how its costs are distributed, who reaps the profits, to who and where it's available, its purity, and the political aspects determining those realities are fundamental factors determining every society's basic character and composition.

Bottled Bad Omens
Bottled water puts a cost on, and commodifies water that should be freely available through public fountains in every city and town from sea to shining sea.  That public water fountains are rare is not surprising. So are music, PE, and art programs in public schools. Hell, quality education is a pleasant memory, when California had among the very best education systems in the world, free from K through Cal (now we are at the bottom), which at one time produced one of the wealthiest, best educated middle-classes any state in the Union has ever seen.

That went down the "memory hole" of  "change you can believe in!"

Too bad the "change" happened to drain & destroy our middle-class public institutions, as well as every aspect of the quality of employment, education, and private life in California.

On the other hand, bottled water also expresses many folk's deep distrust of local and state government, and the potential of being poisioned by municipal water.

Who can blame them after Detroit, and after watching videos of fracking water catching fire all around our country? "Our" politicians (of both parties) are throughly bribed by both those corporate interests who steal our water, as well as by those industrial interests who poision our water.

The creation, application and oversight of "our" water and related health and safety policies are all seriously compromised by political bribery that makes our elected officials incompentent to oversee the very interests they have taken bribes "campaign contributions" from, regardless if the bribes are laundered through party, lobbyists, or Super PACs.

A corrupted politician is a courrupted politician, regardless of the path of the bribe. The more hidden the bribe, the deeper is its influence.


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