WATER, FISH, & SEA NEWS: Killing the Salmon

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By Alex Wierbinski - Posted on 15 January 2018



Killing the Salmon

Two Pieces of News-Research

Pesticide Runoff Killing Salmon & Orca
The Anthropocene: Genetic Salmon Genocide


Salmon Gene-o-cide

Salmon Are Losing Their Genetic Diversity. That's A Big Problem.
KLCC, January 10, 2018.


Everything Ends up in the Sea

Government Scientists Say A Controversial Pesticide Is Killing Endangered Salmon,
NPR, January 11, 2018.

We discuss how the corporate press has followed, "reported," on the steady decline of salmon, abalone, and wild trout in California over the last fifty years of wildly irresponsible growth and expansion (The Dead-Beat).

They've done this neutered reporting without liking our outragous growth to the destruction of wild fish in California, the death of our forests, the draining of our farmland by vast overconsumption-overproduction, as this growth sucked all the water out of our land and ground, and super-charged the vast release of toxic chemicals, pesticides, and pollutant poisioning of Man & Nature (mentally & physically) that this export-import driven "asset-stripping" of our country through growth has produced.

That's our, "free" press? What our politicians calls a, "free press," looks and sounds like a, "captivated," a wholly-owned corporate subsidiary of the, "info-tainment industry," to me.

That great unspoken truth, being our greed-driven growth has physically killed our spirit and drained the spirit of Nature, that the last fifty years of growth is exactly what has already fatally damaged wild fish in California.

Californians will not stop the growth that's already damaged the whole planet's environment as long as advancing unlimited endless growth makes them, "feel good," about themselves while they betray Mother Nature and their country for the money, for their Thirty Pieces of Corporate Silver, and their social rewards, being the fawning social approval of the political parties, Wall Street, and the Pope.

That's easier to do when cheating, greed, corruption, and advancing your own selfish self-interest using all three of them are celebrated as "public values:" The Salmon and Wild Fish in California are Doomed as long as greed and self-interest continue to trump our mutual constitutional obligations to advance our "general welfare," rather than the greed and the partisian "values" that one particular group is capable of imposing on the others.

That's not the "American Dream," and it's killied our country as it's finishing-off our local and global ecologies.

We should and must transform California into a "Sancutary" state for our Natural Environment, rather than the criminals that have, and are destroying it.



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