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The US Army Assesses What We're Up Against

The US Army Assesses What We're Up Against

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By Alex Wierbinski - Posted on 28 October 2019



Coming to an MegaCity Near You
Urban Tanks in our Climate Breakdown Future? Michel_van_der_Vegt, Pixabay.
Urban Tanks in our Climate Breakdown Future? Michel_van_der_Vegt, Pixabay.


The US Army Assesses What We're Up Against

Implications of Climate Change for the US Army,
Army War College. May 2019, PDF.

Our Future, According to the Army

I typically comment at the end of research. This report draws me to consider the environment in which this research was prepared.

While reading the highlights of this report, one must note that this military assessment seeks to provide information for the preparation of strategic and tactical responses not to, "climate change," but to the likely breakdown of whole countries and societies.

These scenarios all involve the fundamental breakdown of societies as their environmental foundations change out from under them. Thus we can see what we are really dealing with, which is not, "climate change," per se, but its consequences. The military is prepping for the end of the road for our specie's approach to life itself, defined as the never ending growth of human consumption. This military assessment tells us our approach has failed, it is literally breaking the world. Another definition will have to be found. Following, or in our case, reverting back to a system adhering to our Constitution and Bill of Rights would be the optimal outcome.

In the case of the competent research cited above, we can see our our military's, "hammer," finding the, "nail," to pound that it perceives it needs to maintain the scope of our global influence. Our, "empire," if you will. In this case it's the many, many, "nails," that the consequences of our global breakdown of environmental and ecological resources is triggering.

We have already grown far beyond the limits of wisdom and the constraints of our environment, its natural, and our nation's environmental resources. Military force can't fix stupid.
We humans have, "eaten our seed stock," so to speak, meaning everyone fleeing ecologies devastated by the changing weather and rising tides are fleeing into other already rapidly degrading ecological zones.

All of these places around the whole world have been cultivated intensively for centuries, recently with the best chemical-industrial technology currently available. Yet the changing weather is undermining virtually all of the technological crop productivity gains everywhere. The ancient cycles of wet, dry, warming, and cooling all of these places depend upon have, and are continuing to radically change everywhere. Military force can't put that genie back into its bottle.

Well, I guess that calls for a military approach capable of dealing with exponentially cascading events... or it calls for changing our approach to life from one of endless growth, which always has been impossible and failed, to one of endless balance, which is not only possible, but in accordance with the forces of reality itself, rather than in rebellion against them.

In either case, navigating back to balance will be as bloody a trail as continuing to follow greedy growth down the path to its inevitable natural, material, and spiritual destructions. The difference is the, "return to balance," philosophical policy direction reflects the process of creative destruction, while the latter, continuing our policies of endless greed driven growth, is simply destruction. The first step starts with you. Which destructive process are you a part of, and will you continue to be part of that process?

That's up to you.

But, I say it's vital about how you pick your path. Be careful the trail is following balance, rather than the self-gratifiying greed and growth consuming our natural reality. Adhering to the forces of greed and growth is socially and superficially powerful. Nonetheless, only one of either of these two very bloody trails ultimatly returns us to fertility. The other does not, at least not for a very, very long time.

In very fundamental terms, the situation we are in asks, "What's your life worth to you?"



Extreme Weather Migration

"...more frequent extreme weather events are likely to result in the migration of large segments of the population. Rising seas will displace tens (if not hundreds) of millions of people, creating massive, enduring instability."

"Almost half of the population of Bangladesh lives at sea level. As seas rise and huge areas of Bangladesh become uninhabitable, where will tens of millions of displaced Bangladeshis go?"

"How will this large scale displacement affect global security in a region with nearly 40% of the world’s population and several antagonistic nuclear powers?"

"Human migration and refugee relocation due to chronic drought, flooding, episodes of extreme, unusual weather or other natural events create an environment ripe for conflict and large-scale humanitarian crises."

2018 Climate Change News: North China Plain Rapidly Becoming Uninhabitable

Biggest Global Glaciers Going Down Fast: The Himalayas

Increased Disease
"...increase the range of insects that are vectors of infectious tropical diseases. This, coupled with large scale human migration from tropical nations, will increase the spread of infectious disease."

"... some major vector-borne diseases in the U.S. have doubled or even tripled since 2005."

Disease Threats
"...Malaria, Dengue, Chikungunya, Leish-maniasis, Lyme disease and Zika."

Southeastern US
"...areas in the Southeastern U.S. will see an increase in precipitation of .5-.8 mm/day and an increase in average annual temperatures of 1-3 degrees Celsius by 2050. This change will likely allow the proliferation of disease vectors (such as mosquitoes and ticks) over a wider area than they currently inhabit and limit Winter kills of the vectors, resulting in a larger population to spread any diseases. This phenomenon is likely to increase the incidence of diseases such as Zika, West Nile Virus, Lyme disease and many others, some of which may be previously unseen in the U.S."

Climate Change News: Whole Southwest of US Undergoing Aridification

Water Expert's Long Term Views: There Never Was Enough Water in the Colorado River

Not if, but When
"Climate change is introducing an increased risk of infectious disease to the U.S. population. It is increasingly not a matter of “if” but of when there will be a large outbreak."

SKEETER NEWS 2018: Warming Climate Spreading Skeeters, Ticks, & their Diseases

Electric Infrastructure
PGE-Bribed Democrats in California
"...more intense and longer duration drought in some areas, accompanied by greater atmospheric heating, will put an increased strain on the aging U.S. power grid and further spur large scale human migration elsewhere."

Longer more intense droughts can, "...create more frequent, widespread and enduring power grid failures, handicapping the U.S. economy."

PGE Cheating, Then Burning California
Sound Familiar?
"The power grid that serves the United States is aging and continues to operate without a co-ordinated and significant infrastructure investment."

Jerry Brown, Bribed Corporate Tool, UPDATED: Limits PG&E’s liability for Fire Damages

PGE PARASITES: Drain them of Irresponsible Profits then Convert them into a Public Utility

California's Third World Reality
"...climate abnormalities over time introduce the possibility of taxing an already fragile system through increased energy requirements triggered by extended periods of heat, drought, cold, etc. If the power grid in-frastructure were to collapse, the United States would experience significant"

Loss of perishable foods and medications

Loss of water and wastewater distribution systems

Loss of heating/air conditioning and electrical lighting systems

Loss of computer, telephone, and communications systems (including airline flights, satellite networks and GPS services)

Loss of public transportation systems

Loss of fuel distribution systems and fuel pipe-lines

Loss of all electrical systems that do not have back-up power

Conventional and Nuke Generation Risks
"Aside from power distribution concerns, our power generation capabilities are also at risk. Due to their water demands, safety requirements, and locations adjacent to waterways, nuclear power stations in the United States are at high risk of temporary or permanent clo-sure due to climate threats"

"Ultimately, 59 (or 60%) of the country’s nuclear reactors exist in regions that are likely to suffer from one or more climate threats."

"... hydropower’s reliance on steady water access makes this sector particularly susceptible to climate-induced dryness. Experts expect drought to reduce hydropower generation due to declining reservoir levels, observed in 2007 when drought caused a 30% decrease in hydroelectric capacity in Tennessee."

Decreasing Fresh Water
"By 2040, the global demand for fresh water projects to exceed availability"

"There are several factors contributing to the global water shortage including: population increase, climate change, and poor water management."

"By 2030, one-third of the world population is projected to inhabit these water-stressed regions."

American Groundwater Overestimated, at Risk from Fracking and Climate Changes

The Fountain of Corporate Filth; You Will Drink Drug-Tainted Toilet Water to Support Irresponsible Growth

Western water wells are going dry

Key Conflict
"The predicted rise in average global temperatures equates to the need for more water to sustain all life."

China in Himalayas
"...a growing concern that as demand outstrips supply, water will become a bargaining weap-on to accrue power, deprive access to vulnerable pop-ulations or even enable sabotage to disrupt supply and achieve desired effects."

Asia's Departing Glaciers Provide(d) a Now Disappearing Buffer against Drought Times

Biggest Global Glaciers Going Down Fast: The Himalayas

Rising Seas
"Rising seas also place coastal fresh water supplies and agriculture at risk, as salt water moves inland, polluting rivers and aquifers, and literally salting the earth."

Climate Change News: Higher Faster, Sea level rise accelerating

Food Supply
"Climate change will have diverse impacts on local, regional and global food system stability, far beyond its immediate effects on agricultural production affecting both availability of food and the resilience of underlying ecosystems. Changes in the length and stability of growing seasons around the world, altered precipitation patterns resulting in droughts, high night temperatures, floods or shifted seasonal patterns will also impact crop production."

Fish & Cows
"Increased CO2 levels in the oceans and changes in ocean temperature will alter the avail-ability of fish and could potentially lead to the extinction of certain species.74 Changes in temperature will also affect livestock by impacting their ability to thrive and provide adequate amounts of meat and milk."

Extreme Weather
"...a warming climate incurs more frequent extreme weather events and intensified weather patterns such as heat domes, polar vortices, super storms, monster ridges, and wider rang-es of extremes, especially in spring and fall in temperate climates."

Extreme Weather Increasing

Environmental and Infrastructural Degradations
"...September 2016, U.S. the Intelligence Community (IC) conducted analysis of possible impacts of climate change on national security over the next 20 years. Their report highlighted the projected occurrence of more extreme weather and how damaging it may be to natural systems such as oceans, lakes, rivers, ground water, reefs, and forests. Most of the critical infrastructures identified by the Department of Homeland Security are not built to withstand these altered conditions."

Leading to...
"...potential instability of countries, heightened social and political tensions, adverse effects on food prices and availability, increased risks to human health, negative impacts on investments and economic competitiveness."


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