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2018 ADVENTURE: Two Explorers Set Out to Cross Antarctica

2018 ADVENTURE: Two Explorers Set Out to Cross Antarctica

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By Alex Wierbinski - Posted on 28 December 2018

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Pre-Start Article, below

Started November 3rd

12 miles to South Pole on Dec 12

Completed on 12-28-18, 56 Days across Antarctica via South Pole

Tracking Captain Lou Rudd, from Shackleton Clothing, London.


National Geo End of Trip Article, 12-28-18




Pre-Start Article, BI, November 4, below

Started November 3rd

3 miles to South Pole on Dec 11

Completed on 12-26-18, 53 Days across Antarctica via South Pole

“...follow his GPS tracker in real time or check his posts on Instagram.”


WaPo End of Trip Article, 12-27-18




Two Explorers Set Out to Cross Antarctica

Brit Solider & American “Motivatior”

The Brit Solider

Captain Louis Rudd

British soldier will attempt to be the first person to cross Antarctica solo in an 1,500km journey - 104 years after Sir Ernest Shackleton's failed bid to cross the frozen continent,
Daily Mail, November 3, 2018.


"Captain Louis Rudd will attempt to cross 1,500km of Antarctic ice in 75 days"

"The Spirit of Endurance trek is inspired by Shackleton's expedition of 1914-17"

"Rudd, who served in the army for 30 years, was awarded an MBE after leading a team of Army Reservists on the Trans-Antarctic SPEAR17 expedition last year"

"150kg of essential food and kit across 1,500km of Antarctic ice in 75 days with no help."

"...to honour his late friend Lieutenant Colonel Henry Worsley and as a tribute to explorer Ernest Shackleton's legacy."

"Lieutenant Colonel Worsley mentored Rudd on his first polar expedition in 2011 and lost his life trying to complete a solo trans-Antarctic mission of his own in 2016."

"...Shackleton's ship Endurance became trapped and was then crushed in the polar pack ice in 1915, leaving 28 men stranded in horrific conditions with no hope of rescue for more than a year."

"...Shackleton eventually saved all the men in perhaps the most extraordinary survival story of all time."

"After months spent in makeshift camps as the ice drifted northwards, the party took to lifeboats to reach the inhospitable, uninhabited Elephant Island."

"Shackleton and five others made an epic 800-mile open-boat journey to reach South Georgia and organise the rescue of the stranded crew."

Today's Plan
"...begin from Hercules Inlet on the Ronne Ice Shelf in the Weddell Sea, (near where Shackleton had planned his start 104 years go) and will conclude on the Ross Ice Shelf around 75 days later."

"It's a place that can kill you in minutes if you get things wrong."

"Rudd is suitably qualified for this expedition having trained in arctic warfare for over 30 years during his time with the Army."

"...having led a team of Army Reservists on the Trans-Antarctic SPEAR17 expedition last year."

"...raced to the South Pole in 2011 with his very close friend, the late Lieutenant Colonel Henry Worsley, in a re-enactment of the Scott-Amundsen race that took place a century earlier."

"Henry completely inspired me from that very first journey and gave me that real deep appreciation for the polar pioneers and for polar history in general."

"Rudd's Spirit of Endurance will raise money for The Royal Foundation's Heads Together mental health charity, and for ABF The Soldiers' Charity."



Tracking Captain Lou Rudd, from Shackleton Clothing, London.


Great Reading


Shackleton, Ernest (1982) [1919]. South: The story of Shackleton's 1914–17 expedition. London: Century Publishing. ISBN 0-7126-0111-2.

Worsley, Frank A. (1931). Endurance: An Epic of Polar Adventure. London: Philip Allen.

Amundsen, Roald; Nilsen, Thorvald; Prestrud, Kristian; Chater, A.G. (tr.) (1976) [1912].
The South Pole: An Account of the Norwegian expedition in the Fram, 1910–12
(Volumes I and II). London: C. Hurst & Company. ISBN 0-903983-47-8. First published in 1912 by John Murray, London.

Huntford, Roland (1985). The Last Place on Earth. London and Sydney: Pan Books. ISBN 0-330-28816-4.



 Antarctic Map
Canada/British Antarctic Survey detailed map of Antarctica
Canada's BAS PDF Antarctic Map



American “Motivatior”

Colin O’Brady

At the bottom of the world, a 33-year-old is about to trek across Antarctica alone — a journey no one has survived. He's bringing just one pair of underwear,
Business Insider, November 4, 2018.


"...1,000 miles in 70 days..."

"Everyone who has ever attempted that solo journey has either given up or died."

"..he considers his trek is a “testament” to “the human spirit.”

“Everyone has reservoirs of untapped potential inside of themselves and can achieve really incredible things...”

“I bring 220 pounds of food..."

Start Point
"...starting his trek at the tip of the Ross Ice Shelf...."

"...1,000 miles in 70 days means O’Brady will have to cover average of 14 miles per day, toting his sled of gear. But he said the daily distance will vary from the beginning of his trip to the end. Each night, a sleeping bag and a tent will shelter him – somewhat – from the bitter cold."

"...equipped with a satellite phone."

"...temperatures at the southern pole average -18 degrees Fahrenheit (-28.2 Celsius) at this time of year."

Work, Food, & Warmth
"...consume about 8,000 calories every day to fuel his 10- to 12-hour sled-pulling sessions."

Custom Diet
Custom Energy Bars
"...roughly 1,250-calorie energy bars that his sponsor, Standard Process supplements, developed. They call it the Colin Bar. O’Brady will eat four of them each day, which will account for bulk of his calories (nearly 5,000)."

"The rest of his diet will consist of freeze-dried, astronaut-style meals that he’ll consume at the beginning and end of the day. These can be rehydrated with boiling water, which he’ll heat using a camp stove and some of the 30 pounds of fuel he’s packed."

"...this meal plan sounds slightly miserable."

"After he passes the pole, O’Brady hopes to pick up speed, since he’ll be towing a lightened load by then. "

"His path will make a kind of “L” shape pointing towards the West Antarctic Ice Sheet."

"...trekked to the top of the highest peaks on all seven continents, including Everest and Antarctica, in just 132 days. That earned him the world record for fastest climb of the seven summits."

"...raced in triathlons, hiked to both the North and South Poles, and recently completed a 30-day, 400-mile practice run with his sled in Greenland."

“When you have a 400-pound sled, there’s no running. It’s very slow going,” he said. “When it’s minus 40 degrees outside, it’s a big effort to be moving.”

Recent Attempts
"...40-year-old Englishman Ben Saunders attempted a solo crossing, but was forced to end his quest after 52 days when he ran out of food."

"Saunders died of a bacterial infection in a hospital in Punta Arenas, Chile..."

"...55-year-old Henry Worsley made it over 800 miles, as The New Yorker detailed. He lost 40 pounds and a fingertip before calling for an emergency rescue."

"...49-year-old Louis Rudd from the UK is setting out now from the opposite shore of Antarctica, as The New Yorker recently reported."


“...follow his GPS tracker in real time or check his posts on Instagram.”






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