How the Devils Straws is Really “Working:” Political Arrogance, Corruption, Lying, and Cheating

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By Alex Wierbinski - Posted on 10 August 2018

Draining California Dry

How the Devils Straws-(Corporate Politics)-Really “Works”

Water Policy

California Focus: Colossal arrogance in the 'water fix' tunnels,
Hanford Sentinel, August 7, 2018.


Structural, Institutionalized Corruption

"...there is no part of government in this state more arrogant than the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California."

Bribed Politicians Bribe Other Politicians
"After substantial lobbying by Brown, the MWD’s governing board without a public vote this summer committed millions of its customers to pay a large share of the project’s costs."

Funding Private Profits
"...added water charges for millions of customers are pretty much assured."

Free Money
"Agricultural water districts in the San Joaquin Valley that stand to benefit most were reluctant to make similar commitments."

Fake Democracy
"The moves by the urban water districts were the embodiment of arrogance by public officials because they were taken with little public input and without say-so from those who will actually pay."

Sleeping with the Devils Straws
The New California Water Chief is in Bed with Metropolitan

Historical Rejection
"...the only time anything like the Water Fix plan got a full public hearing came 36 years ago, after Brown and state legislators authorized building a so-called Peripheral Canal to bring water south around the Delta via a large ditch. A statewide referendum eliminated that plan by a resounding margin."

Two Corporate-Bribed Parties
"...the move by a Southern California Republican congressman to cement the project via federal law."

Corporate Corruption at all Levels, Both Parties, Dem Twin Tunnels Indemnified by Repub Con

Subverting Democracy? What Democracy?
Bribed Tools & Greedy Fools
"...slipped language into a proposed budget bill to ban legal challenges of the tunnels, a move that could instantly end more than two dozen current lawsuits by local governments, water districts, recreational and environmental groups and tribal governments."

Traitors: The Forces of Organized Greed & Corruption
“Bypassing due process and violating states’ rights …creates a constitutional nightmare. Tunnels proponents are attempting to rewrite the rules of the game so they can’t lose.”

Our Corporate Masters
"The water district votes and the Calvert move both represent almost unprecedented arrogance."



Some of the main Devils Straws stories

Water Policy Driven by Greed, Corruption, & Jerry Brown


2017 LINKS: The Twin Tunnels News



Why We Are Asset-Stripping Man and Nature:

We've Found the Source of our Environmental Destruction

The Corporate Clown and Pony Show
Brown: 'Grossly Hypocritical' To Oppose Oil Production In California: We are Stuffing Millions and Millions of Illegals & Strangers into the state, they all need endless supplies of oil & water! Jerry Says: Drill Everywhere, Dam Everything!



Jerry's Overdevelopment HAS Destroyed California, its Environment & Economy
May 2017.



The Forces of Organized Greed

Democrat Water Corruption, Giving North California's water for SOCAL's IRRESPONSIBLE POPULATION GROWTH & development, Recently



Devils Straws Historical Precedent

“Owens Valley all over again”



Water Corruption Recently

Lying Liars Lie: The Devils's Straws, AKA; Funding, and the True costs of the Twin Tunnels
Sept 2017, Feds pump 85 million in illegal funds into Devils Straws


Twin Tunnels Corruption: Lies & Taxpayer Money to Subsidize our own Demise
Sept 2017, Corruption Funds Devils Straws.


Twin Tunnels: Forcing You to Pay for Your Own, and Your State's, Destruction
Sept 2017


Who Will Pay for the "Twin Tunnels?"
Oct 2017 Kern, MWD & other agencies vote for funding by spending your money for their "sponsors" profits...


Water News: Twin Tunnels Ripoff Scam Continues, Brown Gives Delta Water to SOCAL
Jan 2018, just wait until drought and overdevelopment reveals their water plan for the Delta was an example of, "Adaptive Lying," and they take everything in an, "emergency," of their own creation. The Devils Straws are a big step towards creating a giant water emergency...


Jan 2018
Sleeping with the Devils Straws
The New California Water Chief is in Bed with Metropolitan


Twin Tunnels hearing lunges forward: Stealing When There's Nothing Left to Steal, Corrupted State conducts Illegal Meetings, Communications, and Collusion,
Feb, 2018


DEJA VU ALL OVER US AGAIN: Oroville and Twin Tunnels Children of the Same Mother: CORRUPTION
March 2018, Secret Illegal Meetings to keep Devils Straws scam going.


DEVILS STRAWS FUNDED: Public "TWIN TUNNEL" Ripoff for Private Profits & Vast Destruction of Man & Nature
April 2018, MWD votes 11 billion of ratepayer money to fund massive development and expansion in SoCal…


Corporate Corruption at all Levels, Both Parties, Dem Twin Tunnels Indemnified by Repub Con
May 2018, Repugnant “law” to ban lawsuits against the Devils Straws put up by Repugnant Congressman.



The Real Deal behind the Devils Straws

"Owens Valley All Over Again"



Yet More Devils Straws News Links




How Politics "Works"


Jerry Brown, Bribed Corporate Tool, UPDATED:
How Politics Works: Energy Policy

Jerry Fronts Efforts to Limit PG&E’s liability for Fire Damages


Jerry the Thief


Jerry's Corporate Clown and Pony Show

This pet project is to massively expand California's population, production, consumption, and profits (at the citizen's expense, if not the existence of American, "citizenship," itself, of course!)



Democrat Water Corruption, Recently



How it Works
Classic Corruption

Oroville Nightmare

Jerry and Generations of Corruption





Historical California Political-Water Corruption

A California Heist, Nat Geo Documentary

Removed from NG,
Rotten Tomatoes





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