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Twin Lakes Trailhead, Hoover Wilderness

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By tmorton23 - Posted on 06 August 2018


Ted Morton's

Trip Report
July 14 – 21, 2018
Bensen Lake Loop
Day One




View Up Little Slide Canyon


Bensen Lake Loop Detailed Map


Editor's Note

Terrain Logic

Bending Crestline
The map shown in the image below, mounted-up on the Twin Lake Trailhead's expansive marker, appears to lay out the Hoover Wilderness' arc of terrain, which starts out by running North from Tioga Pass up to Summit Lake (map), where the Sierra Crestline begins bending, arcing, on a Northwestern line, up to Grizzly Peak in Emigrant Wilderness, where the line of the Sierra again turns North (map).

The Hoover Wilderness is wedged under, up to, and follows along this twisting section of the Sierra's Eastern Crestline running almost directly North from Tioga Pass, covering the Eastern Flank of this unique location, where the Sierra Crestline executes an S-like bend from Summit Lake to Grizzly Peak, as it wraps its twisting course around the top of the North Yosemite Backcountry.
On the very, "Northern end," of the Hoover Wilderness,  following the West West Walker River South, upriver the from Leavitt Meadow on Highway 108 up to Kirkwood Creek (map), and Grouse Mountain (map), are supposed to be near inclusion into the Hoover Wilderness, as I write this in late 2018. This fine run of terrain is still considered National Forest land under the administration of the Toiyabe NF, as is the Hoover Wilderness.

In any case, this is interesting terrain. Let's do some map study to understand it a little better.

This thirty minute map of the Eastern Edge of the North Yosemite Backcountry shows the Sierra Crest running North across Tioga Pass up to where it begins bending Northwest to and across Summit Lake

This next thirty minute map shows the Sierra Crest's line bending from North to Northwest as our eye follows the crestline boundary bending to the Northwest around the top of the North Yosemite Backcountry, from Yosemite's N-S run of its Eastern Boundary across Tioga Pass, holding this line to where the Crestline begins bending Westward towards Summit Lake, bending to the Northwest up to where it reaches the point on the maps where the Yosemite, Emigrant, and Hoover Wilderness all intersect at Dorothy Lake Pass, which is near the point where the crestline again turns North from Grizzly Peak, ending this amazing S-Turn the Sierra Crest takes, as it wraps around the North Yosemite Backcountry.

Following the Hoover North
We can see the point where the crestline turns North on this 7.5 minute map, which shows where the "proposed" area of the Hoover, mostly consisting of the run of the West Walker River along the base of the Eastern Crestline to the South of Sonora Pass, all again turn North, following the bending line of the Sierra Crest, all turning almost directly North from Grizzly Peak, a position not far from the only point where the boundaries of Yosemite, Hoover, and Emigrant Wilderness areas all intersect, which is located just a bit North of Dorothy Lake Pass.
This is also where the West Walker River, running along the Eastern base of the Crestline, turns North for its run out of the High Sierra down to and through Leavitt Meadow.

The Northeastern Corner of Yosemite
This 30 minute map shows us the Hoover Wilderness wrapping around the Northeastern edge of Yosemite, and more importantly for us, where it turns Northwest from its roughly North to South line along the Eastern limt of Yosemite National Park, turning Northwest for its run aroung the North Yosemite Backcountry, up to Twin Lakes.

Out the Hoover, Into North Yosemite
The map linked to below covers the run of the Hoover Wilderness from a point just a bit South of the, "triple intersection point," following the Hoover Wilderness South to Twin Lakes, while also showing us the route of the Twin Lakes Loop around the heart of the North Yosemite Backcountry, where we can find maps for the route North to Highway 108 via the PCT or TYT routes, trails South into the Grand Canyon of the Tuolumne River, and the combined routes of the PCT-TYT South to Tuolumne Meadows.

Biggest View
That's the biggest view I can get of how our Twin Lakes Loop fits into the context of the grand sweep of the Sierra Crest wrapping its arms around the North Yosemite Backcountry, the Southwestern boundary of the Hoover Wilderness, and the Eastern boundary of the Emigrant Wilderness

It's grand terrain you should explore.

The Twin Lakes Trailhead gives us direct access into the, "middle," of it!


Information & Permits

Toiyabe National Forest

Hoover Wilderness



Bensen Lake Loop Detailed Map



Twin Lakes Trailhead, Hoover Wilderness

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