Imelda & Harvey: 2 Hundred Year Storm-Floods in Three Years?!

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By Alex Wierbinski - Posted on 20 September 2019



Two Hundred Year Storm-Floods in Three Years?!

Tropical Storm Imelda & Hurricane Harvey

Two Reports Second


Tropical Storm Imelda's flooding turns deadly as southeast Texas is swamped by rain,
Texas Tribune, September 19, 2019.


Imelda vs. Harvey
"It dropped more than 41 inches in some areas, compared with Harvey's highest rainfall total of 60.8 inches."

"...Interstate 10 was closed because of flooding."

“I’ve seen water over rooftops,...I’ve seen vehicles stalled out. Man, it’s kind of like the Harvey deal all over again.”

"Many parts of Houston and southeast Texas still have not fully recovered from Harvey. And areas that didn’t flood in that catastrophic storm were hit hard by Imelda."

"Harvey hit Texas less than a year after a joint investigation by The Texas Tribune and ProPublica reported that unchecked development in and around Houston created short-term economic gains while increasing flood risks for homeowners and businesses. Meanwhile, climate change is only expected to bring more frequent and fierce rainstorms to the region."


Second Report

Tropical Storm Imelda Dumps More Than 40 Inches of Rain in Texas, Triggering Catastrophic Flooding (RECAP),
The Weather Channel, September 19, 2019.


"More than two feet of rain drenched southeast Texas, including a few spots that saw more than 40 inches. The heaviest rain fell in a short amount time Sept. 18-19, 2019."

"Imelda dropped enough rain in one day at Houston's Intercontinental Airport (9.21 inches on Sept. 19) to set the city's record for its wettest calendar day in September."

"The highest rainfall total from Imelda was 43.39 inches southwest of Beaumont in Jefferson County at North Fork Taylors Bayou."



Downpours Flood Southeast Texas,
NASA Earth Observatory, September 17, 2019.



Hurricane Harvey Research

June 2018
ECO CRASH NEWS, Hurricane Harvey: Autopsy of a Modern Monster Storm


Dec 2017
Eco Crash News: Harvey a Harbinger, A Future of Super Charged Storms Rises


Nov 2017
More Big Storms Coming: Texas' 100 year Harvey-scale event to every 5 years by end of century







Two Too Much
Two out of three of the past years have seen, "100 Year Storms," hitting South Texas & Houston. Our, "new normal," weather behaviors are emerging and asserting themselves everywhere around the Northern Hemisphere. Things in our environment are getting really weird, and you know what Thompson said about weird times can today been seen as  predictive, rather than reflective of his contemporary humorours irony.

What Time Is It?
Time to Hit the Brakes...
It is time for the United States to, "tap the brakes," on unlimited global growth and development. It is time to turn from endless growth and greed to balance, to stem the tide of our ever-expanding ecological and economic damages from this point in time into the future.

We need to take a pause, to, "hunker-down," and use this, "timeout," to backfill some stability , if not honesty and honor, back into every aspect of American life that's degraded during this past fifty years of completely irresponsible corporate growth, to reverse their consolidation of our Nation's wealth and power.

Recentering Required
This, "pause," in growth should be used to move the wealth of our country back down into the hands of its middle-class. We need to reestablish ourselves as the global center of environmentally responsible manufacturing, manned by a highly paid, expansive working class composing in itself a vast pool of healthy economic, "demand,"  based on the strength and wealth of a healthy middle-class, as it was yesterday, rather than the megacities full of slave-wage desperate peasants dependent on ever expanding credit to live paycheck to paycheck, as it is today?

Wasted Time and Money
This process should have begun with the crash of 2007 & 2008, meaning that our middle class should have been substantially rebuilt by now. Instead, our once substantial economic and environmental resources have been wasted over the past ten years keeping the same corrupted corporate growth machine of death, the one that drained us and our environment in the first place, in power for a few more years. That, "grace," period is coming to a close socially, economically, politically, and environmentally.

A Model or A Mockery?
Should we have reestablished our middle-class, and establish trade and immigration policies that protect it in 2008, while using both to demand that other middle-classes rise out of the masses of peasant slave labor deployed by our, "trading partners," so they can even remain as our, "trading partners?"
No, we did not do that.

Center of What?
We should be the global center of political, economic, and environmental, "best practices," reflected in the promises of our Constitution and Bill of Rights, spreading these practices around the world.
Instead, it looks like we're going be the last place they are finally extinguished by our corporate elite's growth and use of peasant slave labor both here and overseas. Our corporate aristocracy is not alone. They've smashed our environment with the help of their many "commie," absolute monarchial, and dictatorial allies orbiting this, the center of their global corporate empire.

Growth or Balance
One path leads us to metaphysical destruction, the other to all of our true potentials.




Increasing Extreme Weather

Sept 2019
New Flood Maps: Extreme Flooding to Become Regular Events


July 2019
Global Warming Driving Increase in Numbers and Intensity of Southwestern US Monsoons


June 2019
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June 2019
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Feb 2019
Warming Seas to Radically Increase Frequency of Extreme Storms by 2100


Nov 2018
More Coordinated Global-Scale Heatwaves in Our Future


June 2018
ECO CRASH NEWS, Hurricane Harvey: Autopsy of a Modern Monster Storm


Dec 2017
Eco Crash News: Harvey a Harbinger, A Future of Super Charged Storms Rises


Nov 2017
More Big Storms Coming: Texas' 100 year Harvey-scale event to every 5 years by end of century


Sept 2017
Catastrophic storms, once rare, are almost routine




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