Antimicrobials Suck: Just Wash Your Frigging Hands...

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By Alex Wierbinski - Posted on 24 February 2019


Danger-Danger: Corruption Kills Man & Nature
 Skull and Crossbones symbol of death brought by the Greedy.
Corrupted Regulatory Apparatus allows Dangerous Chemicals in "Consumer" Products


Antimicrobials Suck: Just Wash Your Frigging Hands...

Chemical added to consumer products impairs response to antibiotic treatment,
Washington University in St. Louis, February 21, 2019.


Bad Anti-Microbials
“...a chemical that is supposed to kill bacteria is actually making them stronger and more capable of surviving antibiotic treatment.”

Triclosan put in Everything
“Triclosan is the active ingredient responsible for the “antibacterial” property marketed on many consumer products. It is added to toothpaste, mouthwash, cosmetics and even to clothing, baby toys and credit cards with the intention of reducing or preventing bacterial growth.”

Triclosan Assists Infections
“...triclosan exposure may…drive bacteria into a state in which they are able to tolerate normally lethal concentrations of antibiotics — including those antibiotics that are commonly used to treat urinary tract infections (UTIs).”

Persistent Triclosan
“Triclosan is very stable. It lingers in the body and in the environment for a long time.”

The Question
“They wanted to know whether triclosan could protect bacteria from death in the presence of killing antibiotics.”

Yes it Does
“Triclosan increased the number of surviving bacterial cells substantially.”

“Triclosan exposure allowed the bacteria to escape death by antibiotics.”

Triclosan Weakens a Range of Antibiotics
“...multiple antibiotics that are considered unique in how they kill cells were less effective at killing bacteria exposed to triclosan.”

“Triclosan increased tolerance to a wide breadth of antibiotics.”

Specific Risk to UTIs
“Ciprofloxacin (also known as Cipro) was the most interesting one to us because it is a fluoroquinolone that interferes with DNA replication and is the most common antibiotic used to treat UTIs.” (urinary tract infections)

Significantly Contaminated Population
75% of Population
“A shocking percentage — about 75 percent — of adults in the United States have detectable levels of triclosan in their urine. About 10 percent of adults have levels high enough to prevent E. coli from growing. Could triclosan’s presence in the body interfere with treating UTIs?”

Testing Mice with UTIs
“We found 100 times more bacteria in the urine of triclosan-treated mice (mice with UTIs) — that is a lot.”

“...antibiotics are less effective at treating UTIs when triclosan is around, at least in mice.”


The Bottom Line

Remove all products containing Triclosan from your use or consumption…

You read this,
“...about 75 percent — of adults in the United States have detectable levels of triclosan in their urine. About 10 percent of adults have levels high enough to prevent E. coli from growing. ”

Political Bribery Kills
...right? You understand that having a bunch of triclosan in your system is not good? You understand that this constant chemical poisoning we are experiencing is because our corporate-bribed politicians defer regulating the petrochemical and pharmaceutical industries for any safety issues affecting profits? This shit’s gotta stop.


More on Triclosan

MAYO Clinic
Should I avoid products that contain triclosan?

More Worthless Corporate Chemical Crap
“Triclosan isn't an essential ingredient in many products. Triclosan added to toothpaste has been shown to help prevent gingivitis. However, there's no evidence that antibacterial soaps and body washes containing triclosan are more effective than plain soap and water in preventing illness and the spread of certain illnesses, according to the FDA.”


Web MD

"The FDA has decided that soaps and other antiseptic wash products made with triclosan can no longer be marketed in the U.S. That rule goes into effect in September 2017, so until then, you may still see some antibacterial products with triclosan in stores.”
Web MD.


5 Things to Know About Triclosan


Five Days Later:

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The Real Bottom Line?

True Safety & Real Environmentalism

Are Not Happening in the USA
Nothing is safe in the worlds of man or nature until we remove the ability of our corporate elite to, “finance,” really bribe, “our,” politicians and, “our,” political parties. They use this illicit power to ravage both man and Nature. It must be ended.

We just saw an excellent example as PGE bribed our politicians for indemnity, right before their greedy incompetence triggered huge wildfires… after years of PGE political bribes paid for degraded oversight.

Owned and Boned
At this point in time our political process and free press are both owned by who buys ‘em, and the corporate elite that has owned both for over a century has never, nor will it ever, represent the citizenry of our country, nor the Constitution our country was once based on, nor protect or respect the natural environment that made such a revolution possible, in the first place.

They represent the Forces of Organized Greed.

Corporate Captivity of America
Both politics and the press must be reformed, and removed from their corporate captivity, if we want to save the last remnants of the legitimacy of our polity. That’s also the only way we’re going to preserve any elements of our traditional ecology, and ward off this real existential threat to our quality of life, and ultimately, our continued existence. Two birds, one stone...

The Evil Aristocracy
The root of the problem is that our citizen’s loss of political control, their Constitutional right, has allowed an evil aristocracy to rise in our country that has badly damaged the social and natural aspects of our country and the whole planet, at the same time, with their programs of unlimited domestic and international growth.
Chemical poisoning is just one of the, “icings,” on this cake of corruption, irresponsible growth, and natural destruction, being just one aspect of their multi-dimensional destruction of the worlds of Man & Nature in our corporate aristocracy’s relentless pursuit of wealth and power to satisfy their greedy desires.
Their greed must be eliminated from politics, restricted to the sphere of, “business,” and properly regulated by an uncorrupted polity. Easy-peasy... ha-ha...

Nature’s Real Fight
At this point we must work not in Nature to save Nature, but within politics, to break the deep monopolization of virtually all politics and media in our country from its corporate captivity, if we want to save our planet’s unique societies and the unique environments that created them.
This is not just about the US. Societies in their unique environments around the world are crumbling from the human and natural effects of our corrupted policies of endless growth, backed by endless violence, emanating from the corruptions of the American corporate elite.

The Big Boys
Remember who industrialized China and India, and to this day protects China and India’s exemptions from pollution control, “accords.” That’d be the very same American corporate elite that pocketed the profits from moving American middle-class production to China and India’s slave labor economies, both operating as cheaply as possible, with previously unimaginable levels of completely unregulated pollution…
That generated the profits necessary for our corporate elite to put our Constitutional Republic to, “bed.”

The Cure
Only by restoring our own democratic political processes, by completely removing corporate bribery and eliminating their monopolized control of press and politics, can we even have a hope of preventing these greedy criminals from continuing to poison and loot us and our environment in their relentless pursuit of greater and greater profits and power through the greater and greater growth that has destabilized man and nature around the world.

We’ve been scammed and asset-stripped by the corrupt blandishments and unceasing corruptions of our greedy corporate elite. Now the social and natural consequences of their outrageous corruptions are coming due through crashing global climates and economies.

Not The Cure
It is the corporate status-quo that has brought us to this point. The corporate elite is insufficient for fixing what they have broken, broken while making themselves the richest and most powerful evil aristocracy on Earth, in recorded history. That’s not what our revolution aimed to create… Following our founding principals would have brought us to a completely different place.

The Ethical Solution
This irresponsible growth has gotta be stopped. Yet, the physical poisoning of our planet and people can only be stopped ethically, by changing the principals and practices of how politics currently, “operates,” by removing the forces of organized greed and corruption’s ability to bribe our polity and take full ownership of our press. That’s the true basis of their power to control us and overwhelm our environment.

Zero Cheating
The only way effective environmentalism will find footing is by removing the foundations of bribery and corruption that have shattered both the operations of our democratic practices and our once free press. Returning these institutions designed to defend our Constitutional principals to their original roles, and stopping them from trampling on them, as both the Dims and Repugnants constantly do, must be our first job.

“Diversify,” the Press-End Political Bribery
We need to bust up the corporate monopolies of media ownership, and completely eliminate the ability of corporate bribery to affect any aspect of politics.

Ironic Instabilities
Ironically, as our current corporate leadership is growing our country and planet off a cliff, their corporate press is calling them, our corporate leadership, “green,” as they call for and push ever greater growth, right into the face of our environmental resources dramatically declining as we experience growing radical climate changes and weather instabilities.

That’s a case of greed blinding common sense...

New World Order
These are omens. Omens that it is time for Americans to once again turn the world upside down, by restoring the exceptional proposition that citizens control the forces of power and wealth, rather than the, “tradition,” of the wealthy and powerful controlling their, “subjects,” now styled, “consumers,” by the wealthy and powerful. Our corporate elite, “leadership,” presents us with a sick parody of our country’s founding principals.

What’s Not Exceptional
Wealth and power now rule our country, while our republican principals are no more than decorations on their corporate machine of wealth, power, and ultimately, death.

Two Corporate Elite Trails
The question becomes, “Do we have enough citizens motivated by our own constitutional ethics to offset the masses of, “consumers,” motivated by greed, that our greedy corporate elite has imported?
If not, we will continue to grow and consume until, #1, our polity implodes because of its own internal ethical-fiscal flaws, brought down by the internal damages its own corruptions have done to itself, or, #2, our environment implodes from the external physical damages wrought by our own irresponsible growth.
It looks like these two forces, the blowback from our internal and external corruptions and destructions are engaged in a race to their inevitable ends, providing prime examples of the truth that everything degrades when the forces of greed and corruption are in charge...

There is a better way.



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