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Tree News, Dire Warning for California Plants: Half of You are Dead by 2100 | High Sierra Backpacker

Tree News, Dire Warning for California Plants: Half of You are Dead by 2100

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By Alex Wierbinski - Posted on 25 January 2018


Tree News
Dire Warning for California Plants

Half of You are Dead

Nearly half of California's vegetation at risk from climate stress,
University of California - Davis, January 25, 2018.

The Problem

"Current levels of greenhouse gas emissions are putting nearly half of California's natural vegetation at risk from climate stress, with transformative implications for the state's landscape and the people and animals that depend on it." (By 2100)

The Real Problem

California is turning arid. Temperate rainforests are retreating North, arid grasslands are marching North. Traditional forest cover and stratification are dying and burning, to be succeeded by new combinations of forests, trees, meadows, brush and grass.

Blah, Blah, bla, these researchers babble on, as do many others, couching the results of their findings in worthless "moralisms," as they babble on and on about how cutting CO2 levels to retain a two degree C limit would halve these plant damages.

Too late, suckers. Two degrees is baked-in, and its picking up.

These science-folks are the smartest idiots ever. Those CO2 and two degree limitations are NOT going to happen. Period. Look around. We, being the United States and Europe are doing everything we can to drive population, production, and consumption forward at the fastest rate we can get away with. That's what's real and happening.

What's Really Going On

Our corporate leader's goals and open plans are for growing everything around the world as rapidly as possible. These growth plans are especially targeted at growing people, production, consumption, and profit forward everywhere, as rapidly as possible, with as little environmental, educational, or social welfare, "overhead" costs as possible.

We've been both expanding the numbers of, and spreading the geographic locations of "industrialization zones" around the world as we chase the lowest costs and least regulation.

These "industrializations" have broken down traditional cultures around the world, drawing together massive numbers of displaced folks concentrating together to create a ring of vast megacities wrapping around the world, creating mass populations of almost-slave labor who have been broken away from the restraints of their traditional culture and environment, while also losing the protections and autonomy of their traditional cultures and our environment once offered us.


"Opening" up China was the modern beginning of the cascading process of global industrialization that unhinged our global atmospheric balances. American corporations have successively industralized every country that's subsequently offered cheaper costs than China, spreading environmentally-unregulated industrialzation around the whole world.

Our American economic domestic and international plans and basic goals are simple: the rapid growth of domestic and global "markets," the growth of production, consumption, and profit everywhere.

Traditional cultures either comply with corporate industrialization of their people, or they are themselves consumed. Damned if you do, damned if you don't. The only question seems to be, "do they die with their boots on or off, on their feet or their knees?"

Going the Wrong Way

Ironically, these are exactly the opposite behaviors than what's required to heed the scientist's warnings above urning around CO2 emissions to prevent about half the plants in California from drying out and dying. That's not going to happen. That's what needs to be done, but it's not going to happen in the face of our relentless greed-driven growth.

Our driving force is greed, not green.

No,  those reductions in CO2 are not going to happen, unless involuntairly, such as through a market crash or earthquake. Other than one kind of a crash or another, the very real force driving our planet is not environmentalism, it's not any desire to limit CO2, but it is the power of the driving greed and desire that's motivating and driving the continuing "offshoring" of our industrial power while "onshoring" vast low-wage populations to consume the low-cost industrial production we shipped-off to China & India.

Racing to the Bottom

This race to the bottom consumes more and more resources as it drives costs and wages forever lower, until we hit bottom...

The ongoing rapid growth in California assures me that we are, and will continue to grow irresponsibly even as our growth causes our local and planatary ecologies to implode around us, until they actually do.

We are currently in the process of growing until our ecology no longer support our population, let alone any more growth, then we receede from an asset-stripped land.

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