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TREE & CLIMATE NEWS: High Sierra Forest Succession Disaster Looms | High Sierra Backpacker

TREE & CLIMATE NEWS: High Sierra Forest Succession Disaster Looms

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By Alex Wierbinski - Posted on 03 April 2018


High Sierra Forest Succession

Forest Dilemma-Disaster Looms

Wildfire prevention takes a backseat in Calif.,
Lake Tahoe News, April 3, 2018.



“It’s a ticking time bomb.”
"California is grappling with the counterintuitive dilemma of too many trees, packed too closely together, robbed of the space they need to thrive—and with how to clear out more than 100 million dead trees, felled by drought or insects, that provide tinder for the next infernos."

"...unhealthy forests..."
"A 19th-century California forest would have held fewer than 50 trees an acre. Today the state’s forests have grown to an unnatural 300 to 500 trees an acre, or more. That doesn’t count the 2 million drought-stressed trees a month lost to bark beetles that have killed entire stands."

The Loss of California's Traditional Forests

"California has dozens of agencies attacking problem but still cannot keep up with the work. Crews around the state have been busy clearing trees as fast as funding allows. This wielding of chainsaws they call “whacking and stacking” leaves massive wood piles along highways in some areas. But it amounts to no more than triage: Cal Fire removes trees on fewer than 40,000 acres a year, far short of its goal of clearing a half-million acres annually."

"...the Sierra Nevada’s forests (are) “an unprecedented environmental catastrophe.”

"...detailed a public safety threat from 129 million dead trees, the crushing cost—up to $1,000 a tree—to private property owners to have trees removed from their land and the enormous burden on rural governments to both recover from fire and prepare their forests to mitigate the intensity of the next one."


"The state spent $900 million fighting fires last year. Just one of those late-season blazes caused more than $9 billion in reported property damage."


“We’ve made mistakes, and we’ve created systems that are unwieldy…. It’s all of our fault.”

"The Sierra Nevada range is the headwaters for 60 percent of California’s developed water supply. Burned, denuded hillsides don’t store water efficiently when it rains. Sediment cascades downhill, filling streams, affecting water quality and loading up reservoirs, reducing their storage capacity."

“Talk is cheap,” he said. “We have got ourselves a giant colossal mess. This is a war of sorts. Time is against us. Every available tool has to be applied."


The Bottom Line



The unstated bottom-lines left unstated in the article above are that we are already well underway along the path of a historically unprecedented modern forest succession happening rapidly right now across the whole Southwest of the United States, including the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range and the Forests of California.

That aridification and its resultant forest succession is, and would be happening, no matter how you managed the forests. The trees are dying because the weather and seasons have changed.

Our weather has already changed, and the forest distrubition across the whole Southwest of the US is rapidly changing in response, as the weather changes simultanously deepen and pick up speed.

The causes of these changes are quite clear: Our irresponsible population growth here in California, and moving all American manufacturing to Filthy China, are the two self-perpetuating forces of irresponsible growth that have supercharged the filth pouring out of China that's changed our weather and doomed our forests in the High Sierra and across the American Southwest.

California's destructive growth is the archtype, the model for the patterns of greedy, corrupt, and lawless behaviors that've destroyed our planet's weather, while ironically, California is,  at the same time, at the forefront of paying high social, political, and economic costs, as consequences of our behavior. I see it as a metaphysical link. The physical magnitude of our psychological greed is powerful enough to knock the balances of nature out of kilter.

Unbalanced nature has always been a scourger of humans, if we caused it or not. Much of our social and physical design as humans is keyed to surviving unbalanced nature, of making it through during times of fires, floods, droughts, and the resulting longer disruptions in food and resource supplies that followed. The other part of our social and physical design has been dedicated to screwing each other and nature, too...

It's been a struggle, I'd call it an evolution, an evolution of the contest of the battle between the selfish and the selfless,  in nature, ourselves in each other, and within and between our societies. Balance is the key.

Now, our unbalanced behavior has reverberated into unbalancing the seasonal progression and character of the weather around the whole world, which will seriously damage Nature's distribution of, "fertility," captured and expanded by biological life, the energy and mass it holds, and its distribution, around the world's seasons.

This behavior, our behavior,  is ultimately what's caused chain of events leading to the tree mortality in our dried-out, bug-eaten, and overcrowded forests. Dead trees are just one end of the long chain of consequences of our, "collective," behavior, an effect that our coordinated greed is having on nature. The forest overcrowding is only a problem because our new range of higher seasonal temps, brought on by climate change, have allowed many bugs to move North, and the ones here to strengthen, as the trees transpiration has plummeted in our warming climate, are all different consequences eminating from the same warming trend that's ignited a vast Sierra-wide tree mortality.

Circle the Wagons
The only way to stop this is by stopping it at its source: We must close the borders and bring our manufacturing back to a fully environmentally regulated, rebuilt American manufacturing base, and rebuild a respectable middle class to build it.

Forces of Organized Greed
We must extinguish the domestic forces of organized greed that have dissassembled the ecology of our planet, as they dissassembled ethics in our country, if we want any chance to put "Humpty-Dumpty," our broken ecology and society, back together again.

Zero Tolerance
We just have to stop being, or tolerating, greedy, corrupted cheaters. One key move can break their whole system of bribery-based political corruption.

Zero Corporate Citizens
We've got to End all Corporate Political Bribery, if we want to see the beginning of the end of our Ecological and Environmental destruction, let alone our Political and Economic problems, this is where we need to begin.

One Cornerstone
A bribery-free political process is the only sound cornerstone for effective Americans to build a health country upon, which is exactly the same reason it's the only sound cornerstone for effective American Environmentalists to preserve and restore a healthy natural world, climate, and ecosystems.
To be effective at anything we've got to actually identify the true political, economic, and social sources of the environmental problem we're experiencing, and the methods they've used to corrupt our political processes to maintain their ability to drain Man and Nature!

We've got to attack our environmental breakdown at its true social and political start points, being the point where our greedy corporate elite puts corruption into political action, where it puts its, "contributions," into the hands of our politicians and their, "organizations."

Our corporate elite bribes our politicians and their parties to deplete our common and personal resources.

For One of Many, Many, Examples
PG&E Spends $1 Million+ on Bribes to Brown, Dims, & California officials to Evade Wildfire Laws

We need a network of environmental advocates that are not just another bunch of  corporate apologists. We have had quite enough, "corporate," environmentalists, who are experts at hiding the real political and social corruptions behind, "The Corporate Growth Machine of Death." They ignore the ubiquitious political bribery that assures that both rule by the rich, and its basis on endless growth, will continue, and that this process is what will continue to physically drive our ecological destruction forward, while at the same time, our corporate environmentalists are simultanously condemning the environmental consequences that are directly caused by their own policies of endless domestic and global growth...


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