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TNT Repair Is Bully on Vintage Singer Machines!

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By Alex Wierbinski - Posted on 15 June 2011

TNT Repair

PO Box 5829
Pago Pago
American Samoa, 96799

Terry's site will inform your Set up,  Maintenance, and  supply your Sewing Machine Repair needs. Focusing on Singer and Brother Sewing Machines.


Information at a Glance

Products: Free sewing machine set up information on site. Very Reasonably priced Service Manuals, Repair Guides, Parts, Supplies, and Notions. Free owner manuals and information on many Vintage Singer models. Terry has written the best repair manual for the 700 Series of Singer Sewing Machines. If you have a 700 Series, you need Terry's Guide!

Services: Terry's depth of knowledge will guide your search for the parts, repair, and service information you need to get, and stay stitching.

The Man behind the Machine: Meet Terry. Terry is a Supporter of the Backpacking Community.

Terry offers a 5% discount to all backpackers who mention they found his fine shop on Tahoe to Whitney.

Thanks Terry!

Sewing Backpackers

  An addictive joy for many backcountry travelers is gear. Gear can be reinforced, repaired, and even custom made by skilled backpackers with sewing skills.

I obtained a 10 dollar Singer Touch and Sew model 758 from the early 1970s.

This began my search for the knowledge necessary to operate, tune-up, and repair my machine. Thank god I found Gail and Terry to help me get started, and now I will pass that along, and help you get started.

Sewing Community-Sewing Culture

We are looking for two things when starting to sew. First, we need the basic information about both the operation and set up of the machine. Second,  we must develop the skills to operate the machine to sew properly. This search for information and knowledge will bring you into the vast Sewing Community and online expression of Sewing Culture.

 These people are some of the original do-it-your-selfers, and the sewing community is full of real nice people.

Sewing Skills: An expert tailor

First, you need to get your feet on the ground. How to thread the machine. How to adjust the thread tension and rate of feed.

Most User Manuals (as opposed to Repair Manuals) can be downloaded from various sources for free. TNT Repair has a wide selection of Vintage Owners Manuals you can download for free. TNT also has a large number of free instructional PDFs about how to set up your machine.

At that point you need to start sewing! When I was learning the basic set up and operation part of the sewing equation I was lucky enough to have found Gail, who may shortly become Tahoe to Whitney's sewing advisor, if we are so lucky. We'll see.

Once you get properly set up and start sewing, you are going to need to maintain and repair your machine. You are going to need a sewing machine "guy." Terry is that guy, especially if you are running a Singer or Brother machine.

Sewing Machine Skills: An expert mechanic

Though cherry, my Singer T&S 758 needed a tune-up and some mechanical love. All sewing machines are complex instruments that need love.

Searching about the internet to find the T&S repair manuals showed me a number of sites with the desired manual. Most were impersonal automatic sites, and not to be trusted.

Prices ranged from 12 to 24 bucks. Looking deeper into the online sewing community I found that a lot of hobby and personal sites recommended T&T Repairs, Terry's site.

Finding our Sewing Machine Repair "Guy!"

Taking the advice of the many hobby and sewing organizations that recommeded T&T, I checked T&T out and was not disappointed. Though Terry's site is not the most modern or fancy, I found that his site is built upon the solid foundations of knowledge, skills, and decades of experience, all brought together by Terry's generous and honest spirit.

Singer Sewing Machines from A to Z

Looking about Terry's site I found that Terry has the good sense and good will to freely lay out the basic information about how to properly set up your sewing machine for operation as well as the basics of how to properly maintain and tune your machine. This information will get you started. Here's Terry's Singer Touch and Sew page.

For advanced tuning and repair operations you will need to advance your skills and knowledge. As you can see from the T&S page, Terry has the information you need to get started, tune up, and learn how to repair your Singer and Brother sewing machines.

Terry offers reasonably priced downloadable repair manuals, and even better Terry has  personally authored the best darn guide on the market instructing you how to perform basic sewing machine tune ups and repairs on your Singer Series 700 and related models.

The real person behind the site

I emailed Terry to ascertain the usefulness and application of both the Singer Repair Manual and his Personal Guide to Sewing Machine Repair and Tuning to the problems I was having with my machine.

I found that I had hit the Mother Lode of sewing machine repair and service information and was lucky enough to meet a hell of a nice guy.

Terry is my man for Singer Sewing Machine information, manuals, parts, supplies, and anything else I need to keep the old Touch and Sew humming along.

Terry has been kind enough to offer all sewing backpacking who mention they found him through Tahoe to Whitney a 5% discount.


TNT Repair

PO Box 5829
Pago Pago
American Samoa, 96799

Email: Terry at TNT Repair


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