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Tipping Points Falling Like Dominoes

Tipping Points Falling Like Dominoes

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By Alex Wierbinski - Posted on 05 January 2020



Tipping Points Falling Like Dominoes

Nine Climate Tipping Points Now 'Active,' Warn Scientists,
University of Exeter, November 27, 2019.


"More than half of the climate tipping points identified a decade ago are now "active", a group of leading scientists have warned."

"This "cascade" of changes sparked by global warming could threaten the existence of human civilisations."

"...these events are more likely and more interconnected than was previously thought, leading to a possible domino effect."

"...we must admit that we have underestimated the risks of unleashing irreversible changes, where the planet self-amplifies global warming."

Moron Alert
"Scientifically, this provides strong evidence for declaring a state of planetary emergency, to unleash world action that accelerates the path towards a world that can continue evolving on a stable planet."

Easy Money
"Exiting the fossil fuel economy is unlikely before 2050, but with temperature already at 1.1°C above pre-industrial temperature, it is likely Earth will cross the 1.5°C guardrail by 2040."

Nine active tipping points:
(With Links to Recent Research)

Arctic sea ice

Greenland ice sheet

Boreal forests


Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation

Amazon rainforest

Warm-water corals

West Antarctic Ice Sheet

Parts of East Antarctica

Run, Mutherfuckers!
"Reducing emissions could slow this process, allowing more time for low-lying populations to move."

Already Happening
"The rainforests, permafrost and boreal forests are examples of biosphere tipping points that if crossed result in the release of additional greenhouse gases amplifying warming."

"We might already have crossed the threshold for a cascade of inter-related tipping points."

Big Time Changes
"...humans are now "forcing the system", with atmospheric carbon dioxide concentration and global temperature increasing at rates that are an order of magnitude higher than at the end of the last ice age."



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Climate Models

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Climate Model Research

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Two Degrees Already Baked In


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Four Degrees by 2084


Only One Way to Fix This:

Stop ALL the Population Growth: ZERO MIGRATION or IMMIGRATION

Stop All Trade with Countries without the HIGHEST environmental, social, political and economic standards of operation.






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