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Electromagnetic Nature of Reality Full of Superbolt Lightening Surprises!

Electromagnetic Nature of Reality Full of Superbolt Lightening Surprises!

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By Alex Wierbinski - Posted on 10 September 2019




Lightening Superbolts Global Strike Map
Lightening Superbolts Global Strike Map, by Holzworth et al./Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres.
The dots represent superbolts, lightning with an energy of at least 1 million Joules. Red dots are particularly large superbolts, with an energy of more than 2 million Joules. Superbolts are most common in the northeast Atlantic and the Mediterranean Sea, with smaller concentrations in the Andes, off the coast of Japan, and near South Africa. Map by Holzworth et al./Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres. Bigger map.


Electromagnetic Nature of Reality Full of Surprises!

Lightning 'superbolts' form over oceans from November to February,
University of Washington, September 9, 2019.



"..."superbolts" -- bolts that release electrical energy of more than 1 million Joules, or a thousand times more energy than the average lightning bolt, in the very low frequency range in which lightning is most active."

Rare Bolts
"...looked at 2 billion lightning strokes recorded between 2010 and 2018. Some 8,000 events - one in 250,000 strokes, or less than a thousandth of a percent - were confirmed superbolts."

Finding Superbolts
World Wide Lightning Location Network
"...operates about 100 lightning detection stations around the world, from Antarctica to northern Finland. By seeing precisely when lightning reaches three or more different stations, the network can compare the readings to determine a lightning bolt's size and location."

Strange Superbolt Times & Places

Winter, Rather than Summer

"Regular lightning hits in the summertime..."

"But superbolts, which are more common in the Northern Hemisphere, strike both hemispheres between the months of November and February."

Over Water
"Ninety percent of lightning strikes occur over land...But superbolts happen mostly over the water..."

Observing the Lightening Into the Darkness
"The reason for the pattern is still mysterious. Some years have many more superbolts than others: late 2013 was an all-time high, and late 2014 was the next highest, with other years having far fewer events."

Little Knowledge
"We think it could be related to sunspots or cosmic rays, but we're leaving that...for future research, For now, we are showing that this previously unknown pattern exists."


Lightening, Paulina Cwik/NOAA.
Paulina Cwik/NOAA


Bottom Line

Flashes of Light
The fruits of good observations, in this case precise observations of global scale lightening strikes, illuminated the numbers, locations, and seasonal timing of these powerful, but otherwise poorly understood, rare massive discharges. Good observations bring us this knowledge of new, interesting, and beautiful things.

Electromagnetic Reality
I find the electromagnetic nature of our planet, and of our physical reality generally, to be very interesting and informative, and therefore important. My interest is because of electromagnetism's amazingly wide range of dangerous, practical, and beautiful expressions of import to every backpacker, and everyone engaged in nature. Daily observations of the evolution of lightening conditions and probabilities is part of every Spring, Summer, and Fall High Sierra backpacker's world.

Electromagnetic Rainbow
Beauty, Danger, Direction
Electromagnetism expresses both its beautiful and dangerous natures, sometimes simultaneously, through the whole range of its expressions. Simultaneous beauty and danger through lightening, its beauty through aurora, most notably the Northern Lights, and the very practical expression of its dancing needles on the faces of each of our compasses. Each action I observe along the range of electromagnetic energy brings me a different form of happiness!

Let there be more light!

Points of View
Electromagnetic Observer
Every good outdoorsman strives to exercise their best observational skills their environment makes possible. Besides constantly keeping your eyes wide open, this is often best achieved through periods of quiet, stationary observation at every significant high and low point our trail crosses, where we'll check out our relationships with the various forms of electromagnetism, typically by checking our compass to ascertain our bearings, and observing for tropical or local weather moving-in that's bearing lightening.

Regular Lightning Global Strike Map
Regular Lightning Global Strike Map, by World Wide Lightning Location Network.
This map shows the frequency of lightning strikes of all sizes measured by the World Wide Lightning Location Network, with pink being the highest values. Lightning occurs most often over land, with a few so-called "lightning chimneys" that include the Southeastern U.S. and the islands of Southeast Asia. Map by World Wide Lightning Location Network. Bigger map.



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