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Three Billion Fewer Birds in North America since 1970

Three Billion Fewer Birds in North America since 1970

Alex Wierbinski's picture

By Alex Wierbinski - Posted on 20 September 2019



Bye, Bye Birdie!

Nearly Three Billion Fewer Birds in North America since 1970,
American Association for the Advancement of Science, September 19, 2019.


Count & Amount
"North America has lost nearly three billion birds since 1970...details widespread population declines among hundreds of North American bird species, including those once considered abundant."

Ignored Disaster
"...a long-developing yet largely overlooked biodiversity crisis occurring in avifaunal habitats across North America."

Bird Crash
"Given the current pace of global environmental change, quantifying change in species abundances is essential to assess ecosystem impacts."

The Study
"...analyzed the net change over recent decades in numbers of birds for 529 species in the continental United States and Canada."

2.9 Billion Birds Gone
But we have Cheap Labor, & Cheap Consumer Crap!!
"Their results show a loss of nearly one in four birds since 1970 - a net loss of 2.9 billion birds."

Big Losers
'...more than 90% of this loss can be attributed to 12 bird families, including songbird species like sparrows and warblers."

"...some bird species, including raptors and waterfowl, showed population gains - likely due to focused conservation efforts and Endangered Species legislation."

Migratory Decline
"...a steep decline for migrating birds over a recent 10-year period, particularly in the eastern U.S."



Bird World is Broken
If you did not see this coming, you were not watching. See the links below.

The world of birds has already been turned topsey-turvey. The changing timing and character of the seasons has broken the ancient relationship of bird hatching and migration timing to the blooms and bugs of Spring, dealing a hard blow to birds everywhere.

Insect World Too
Add to this, "misfit," of bird's increasing "misalignment," of migration and hatching timing to the progression of the seasons a simultaneous radical decline in insect (and fish) populations everywhere, and we can begin to understand the bird's dilemma, explain their current decline, and expect even more dramatic declines in the future, as the elements of every aspect of our ecosystem's ancient relationships with our climate continue to rapidly unwind.

Birds are one important, "canary," in the, "coal mine," of this Planet Earth.

Stupid Human Tricks
Add to these fundamental climate and ecosystem changes torturing the birds today, (and the plants, insects, and fish...), to our ever-increasing land use, our ever-expanding arsenal of pesticides deployed everywhere, and our driving the loss of migratory way stations due to drying out and development.

We've put the birds, (and the plants, insects, and fish...), into a world of pain.

Long Bird Troubles
As our look at recent research into birds, phenology, and insects reveals below, the birds have long been suffering badly from the effects of the serious changes to the timing of the seasons that our corporate program of irresponsible growth has created and driven forward to this dire point, as have the plant, insect, and fish populations the birds require to survive.

The Birds are, and Have Been in Deep Trouble for quite a While.



Recent Research
Watching the Birds Collapsing within their Climates and Ecosystems

Ours Too, Lest We've Forgotten
These are, "our," climate & ecosystems too, but we are higher up on the, "chains of causation and effect," than the poor birds are, as we humans are protected by the same technology causing and driving these damages, while the birds, bees, fish, and trees are all feeling the full brutal brunt of the effects of our savage corporate greed, far earlier and more deeply than us humans have...so far.
We humans will eventually feel the full effects of our destruction of the ancient and traditional climates and ecosystems which feed us too, just like the birds, insects, plants and fish are now. But our suffering will be much more profound, without the birds, insects, fish and trees here to shield us from our own effects, as they are doing today.


Recent Bird Research

Sept 2019
Climate is Changing Faster than Animal Adaptation


March 2019
Climate Change Bringing Unpredictable Ecosystem Disruption for Migratory Birds


Jan 2019
BIRDS & INSECTS, A Shared Decline


Dec 2018
Mountain Birds Declining in Europe due to Climate & Habitat Changes


Nov 2018
Changes in flowering, fruiting affecting bird abundance, activities


Oct 2018
Swallow decline linked to Climate & Bugs


Sept 2018
Trouble in the Cloud Forests, Birds Ascending 23 Feet a Year


Aug 2018
BIRD NEWS: New Normal of Death & Decline in Mojave


May 2018
Timing of Life Changing with Changing Seasons: Birds Paying the Price


March 2018
Status of Global Migrations 2018: Everything Unwinding


Feb 2018
Bird News, Irresponsible Growth Killing Everything: Western Grebes


Nov 2017
California birds nesting a week earlier


Nov 2017
Warming Affecting Birds in California; Birds Around the World are Freaking Out


Nov 2017
Changing Timing of Everything, & the Birds


Oct 2017
Birds are on the move in the face of climate change


Oct 2017
Migrating Birds Running out of Water


Sept 2017
Northwestern Forest Songbird Decline



Contributing to the Bird Decline
The Insect Decline

Aug 2019
Big Ohio Study Matches Global Butterfly & Insect Declines


July 2019
2019 Russian Bee Losses Show Bee Decline an Emerging Global Disaster


July 2019
Changing Timing of Life Bleeding Fertility Out of Nature, The Case of the Japanese Bumblebees


May 2019
2019: Massive Bee Declines in Michigan since 2000


Jan 2019
Collapse of Puerto Rico Insect Populations, &
BIRDS & INSECTS, A Shared Decline


Nov 2018
Beetle Fertility Crashing in Heatwaves


Oct 2018
UK Bees, 2018: 2 of 25 Species Extinct, 8 Endangered


Oct 2018
Zambezi Too Hot for Tsetse Flies


July 2018
Manzanita Bee in Trouble


April 2018
Wild Polinators, Butterflies-Bees in trouble


Oct 2017
Insect Populations Crashing in Germany


July 2017
Climate change threatens domestic bee species



Contributing to the Bird Decline
The Fish Decline

Feb 2018
Delta Smelt & Wild Fish in California all Headed for Extinction


Nov 2017
Fish News: Endangered Killer Whales Eating Endangered Chinook Salmon


Oct 2017
We Drive Extinction: Broad California Fishery Failure


Oct 2017
Death of Wild Fish: More Canaries in Nature's Coal mine


More Fish Links
Sept 2017
The Fish Collapse Link List



The Broken Cornerstone of Life
Phenological Breakdown
The Timing of Life is Broken...

Define Phenology

July 2019
Bee-Flower Mismatches Rising with Temperatures


April 2018
The Timing and Character of Seasons have Changed: Nature-Ecosystems-Watersheds Crash


Nov 2018
Changes in flowering, fruiting affecting bird abundance, activities


April 2018
Timing Changes of Seasons Ripping the Timing of Life Apart
Deep Relationships Composing the "Engines of Life" are Disassembling Themselves


Feb 2018
Climate Change News: Nature Losing its Integrated Timing; Life no longer supporting itself


Feb 2018
Lobotomizing the Web of Life: Killing the Keys to Complexity


Nov 2017
California birds nesting a week earlier


Nov 2017
Changing Timing of Everything, & the Birds


What this All Means
The General Status of Man & Nature

Mar 2019
THE MANY FACES of DEATH: Massive Extinction Event Well Underway


Mar 2019
End of The Age of Humans: Human Effects Equal Chicxulub Climate Disruption


Jan 2019
New Level of Extinction Stress Drives Science Forward!


Oct 2018
Mammals cannot evolve fast enough to escape extinction


Flocking Beautiful
When I was a child crossing The Big Valley, I was delighted watching massive starling flocks so large they were beyond my ability to observe the movements of their totality,
Today, the same areas have flocks only as large as the tiny flock so beautifully displayed below;
Watch this Amazing Video



Need to Relax MORE?

Painted Lady Shimmering in Rae Lakes (Youtube)






Fix This Mess

End this Race to the Bottom

End this Race to the Bottom II: How to Do It




Bird News


News of Man & Nature, September 2019








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