Teflon in Everything: Dangerous PFAS Systamatically and Intentionally Ignored

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By Alex Wierbinski - Posted on 13 July 2018



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Teflon in Everything

Dangerous PFAS Systamatically and Intentionally Ignored

How the EPA and the Pentagon Downplayed a Growing Toxic Threat,
ProPublica, July 9, 2018.


Scope & Scale
This article tracks the status and movement of major contamination sites centered on military facilities. For information about how, "it is present worldwide at very low levels in just about everyone’s blood," about how everyone became contaminated with PFAS through the ubiquitious use of teflon cookware, see "More Info" below.



The Real Deal
Unknown Contamination Downplayed

"...long been known that, in certain concentrations, the compounds could be dangerous if they got into water or if people breathed dust or ate food that contained them. Tests showed they accumulated in the blood of chemical factory workers and residents living nearby, and studies linked some of the chemicals to cancers and birth defects."

"Now two new analyses of drinking water data and the science used to analyze it make clear the Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Defense have downplayed the public threat posed by these chemicals. Far more people have likely been exposed to dangerous levels of them than has previously been reported because contamination from them is more widespread than has ever been officially acknowledged."

Contamination Coverup

"The EPA and the Department of Defense calibrated water tests to exclude some harmful levels of contamination and only register especially high concentrations of chemicals..."

"...prominent scientists told ProPublica the DOD chose to use tests that would identify only a handful of chemicals rather than more advanced tests that the agencies’ own scientists had helped develop which could potentially identify the presence of hundreds of additional compounds."


"...24 times more prevalent in public drinking water than the EPA has reported."

"...estimated that as many as 110 million Americans are now at risk of being exposed to PFAS chemicals."

"...identified drinking water contamination across 33 states that Harvard researchers estimated affected some 6 million people. The military suspected drinking water at more than 660 U.S. defense sites where firefighting foam was used could be contaminated; earlier this year, it announced it had confirmed contamination in 36 drinking water systems and in 90 groundwater sites on or near its facilities."

A Fraction of Contamination

"“Widespread contamination may be harming the health of millions or even tens of millions of Americans and the government is intentionally covering up some of the evidence,” said Erik Olson,...at the Natural Resources Defense Council,"

"The new analyses suggest these findings likely represent just a fraction of the true number of people and drinking water systems affected."

Suppression Campaign

"In May, a Politico report revealed that the EPA and the White House, along with the Defense Department, had pressured a division of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to withhold a health study expected to warn that people exposed to PFAS chemicals face greater health risks than were previously understood. That report was quietly released in mid-June and, indeed, estimated safe levels of exposure are seven to 10 times smaller than what the EPA has said."

No Natural Degradation

“And because these compounds are forever — they aren’t going to degrade on their own — eventually there is going to be a day of reckoning.”

"These products work, in part, because the chemicals they contain are made up of some of the strongest and most resilient molecular bonds in existence, thanks to a unique structure that keeps them from breaking down. There are thousands of variations, all characterized by extremely strong daisy chains of carbon and fluorine molecules and differentiated mostly by the length of their “tails” — the string of carbon molecules that can be anywhere from two to 14 units long."


“...result in a variety of effects including developmental/reproductive toxicity, liver toxicity and cancer.”

"... rats tested with PFOA were more likely to develop liver and pancreatic cancers, and there were worrisome signs that workers in plants that manufactured PFOA had a higher risk of dying of prostate cancer."

"One study of 60,000 residents in West Virginia and Ohio exposed to high levels of PFOS and PFOA from a DuPont manufacturing plant and an Army airfield showed they had high rates of thyroid malfunction, testicular and kidney cancers and preeclampsia."

Ineffective Regulation

"At the same time, the agency began to reconsider the health advisory limit it had established in 2009. In 2016, the agency announced a dramatically lower limit for how much PFAS exposure was safe for people, suggesting a threshold less than one-eighth the amount it had once assured would cause no harm."

No Enforcement

"Yet even this standard remains voluntary and unenforceable. Until there’s a true limit on the concentration of PFAS compounds allowable in drinking water, soil and groundwater — and the classification of PFAS as a hazardous substance — the EPA can’t hold water utilities, companies or other polluters to account. It also can’t compel the Department of Defense to adhere to the standard or clean up contamination."

No Accurate Testing

"But both agencies (EPA & DOD) have quite deliberately chosen not to use the most advanced tools or to collect the most comprehensive data on contamination, researchers say."

Testing Fraud by Design

"...vast amounts of detected contamination was ignored by design."

"...he EPA has said publicly that PFOA was detected in just 1 percent of water samples across the nation. But when Eaton recently went back and reanalyzed the data the EPA didn’t want, he found PFOA was in nearly 24 percent of the samples his company tested."

“It basically says the plume is on its way, that’s the leading indicator… PFOS and PFOA is likely on the way to your house,” said Jennifer Field, a professor of environmental and molecular toxicology at Oregon State University."

Safety: the Last Moving Target

"The EPA has repeatedly lowered how much exposure to PFAS compounds it considers acceptable. And when the CDC finally released its health analysis for PFAS compounds in June, it called for limits of one compound to be 10 times lower than the EPA’s current threshold, and another to be seven times lower."

More Intentionally Unknown Chemicals than Known

"In 2016, Field and several other researchers...identified 40 new families of PFAS chemicals, consisting of some 240 compounds they’d never seen before."

Ignored by DOD

"... the Pentagon launched its own water testing program at U.S. bases in 2016, it chose to use the EPA’s outdated testing process, even though a test capable of detecting the presence of dozens of additional PFAS compounds was available. That test, called the Top Assay, was even developed with Defense Department support."

“It’s almost like a deliberate thing, where you’re going to tell people their water is safe to drink, and you know that you have a gap in your testing and you know that you haven’t found all of the chemicals in the water.”

Final Counts

"...more than 110 million people have been exposed to the compounds through their drinking water, more than five times as many as the group had previously estimated."



The Bottom LIne

Teflon is already measurable in about everyone's blood due to the widespred use of teflon coatings in cookware. The article above is merely tracking its second method of distribution, through DOD firefighting use. The biggest contamination, by far, has already happened, and that is this teflon in the bodies of Americans from teflon cookware.

We've already been poisoned, the "cats" already out of "the bag," and the cause of this poisioning, the BPA, the wastewater into water wells, along with untrustworthy Nuke Plants and PGE blowing up towns and burning half of California, all eminate from the same source:

Both political parties in our country are nothing more than creatures of Corporate-Special Interest-Billionaire Bribery and corruption. That's the "core" of both parties which assures their corporate bribers can poision, burn, and cheat us with impunity...

Neither party is, nor will be sufficiently honest to manage the proper regulation of American business or industry until the bribes of the Corporations, Special Interests, and the Billionaires are squlched, and our honest, Constitutionally-Limited democracy is finally reestablished. And holds cheaters accountable for their crimes, and their cheating, too...

They are cheaters, have cheated us, and continue to cheat us both politically and physically.

Until their cheating is stopped our health, safety, and wealth, along with our Natural Environment, let alone our "exceptional" political principals will each and all be squandered to satisfy the corrupted greedy desires of the wealthy & powerful who are driving our corporate elite and their many, many, minions.



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