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Technology News. The Bottom Line: Escape from the Tech Trap | High Sierra Backpacker

Technology News. The Bottom Line: Escape from the Tech Trap

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By Alex Wierbinski - Posted on 24 January 2020

Human Triggered Wave of Extinction Started Before Humans

Humans Ended Ice Age Cycle Before Industralism


Technology News
The Bottom Line

Escape from the Tech Trap

Our rising technological understanding of the physical reality around us has shifted humanity's fundamental challenge, which started with basic physical survival, into the sphere of the spiritual and motivational world.
As the scope and power of our technological understanding evolved to threaten all of us, and all life on this planet, it has become vitally important that the brutal operating code that our physical reality operates on, that, "life eats itself to survive," be put aside, by us, for our own survival.

Our technology has become too powerful for nature's rules. Our technology will destroy the whole web of life if applied to nature under nature's own code of, "Life eats itself to survive." We humans are the, "exception," to the rules. We need to break the rules in order to survive. Though necessary, this "exception" is almost impossible, in some respects.

The hippies always mess-up here: the lion does not lay with the lamb. Never has, never will. Life will always eat itself to survive. Expecting or demanding other outcomes is delusional. We cannot change the rules by which nature operates. We can bend the rules for awhile, before they punishingly snap-back. We can only change how we operate.

Done well, our "job" as humans is not to end the "violence" of the lion eating the lamb, but only to assure the lamb-lion balance keeps the whole Serengeti healthy, that we humans do not just drain the whole thing for ourselves. Our technology gives us that power to decide its fate, regardless of how we use it, if we use it for constructive or destructive ends.

Life does eat itself to survive, but our job as the self-reflective part of the web of life is to make sure nothing in the web goes hungry because of our greed, that we humans don't eat everything in the web. Every "plate" is well-set on the dinner table of the web of life to feed itself, if not too deeply disturbed. We've got to take an approach to life that rebuilds fertiltiy everywhere for the purpose of collecting more power to balance, rather than brutalize the self-reflective, abstract reality sitting at its center. That would be us, and the other self-reflective creatures. I guess I am a hippy.

We are doing exactly the opposite.

Our survival now requires we restrain ourselves, that we respect the brutality of life, but we ourselves put aside the fundamental operating rule of the physical world, that, "life eats itself to survive," or the technologically-amplified power of human brutality will itself kill the web of life itself, if we wield our powers on life's own terms. We must restrain ourselves, using exactly the same aggressive spirit that made this reality, and the technology we've derived from it, even possible.

We've got to put our, "iightening," into the, "bottle," of our own spiritual and ethical self-control. Or we die.

Our power of abstraction is the first source deriving from human, "technology," our powers of abstraction,  leading directly to our survival successes. This same power of abstraction long ago revealed itself sufficient to destroy ourselves and the regional webs of life around us, our various "civilizations." At this point in time our powers of abstraction will either destroy us or be the mirror of the inherent spirit and motivation that saves us from our own success.

Or we don't have, "The Right Stuff," after all.

It's ironic that this same power of abstraction that's the source of our problem also offers the solution. It's simply a matter of choice. We are children both of, "life eats itself to survive," and the self-reflective capacity necessary to neutralize our own brutality, all merged within the framework of our own environment, our DNA, and our abstractions. It's Nature, Nurture, and Choice:
We've merely got to set the goals of our "abstract" sights higher than the immediate successes of our own self-gratification, and subjugate, just a bit, the powers of desire driving us to self-destruction. We've almost figured out nature's deepest physical secrets. Now we must crack the spiritual and motivational world sufficiently to preserve the physical wonders we've revealed.

The bottom-line is that we either find the spiritual and motivational principals within ourselves sufficient to control the power of our natural brutality and the awesome technology it wields. or, ironically, we die by our own inability to control and balance ourselves against the impacts of our own rising power and sophistication. Self-reflective restraint is now required for our survival. The Old Ways will no longer work for us.

We've evolved our power past the rule of "life eats itself to survive," and we've got to evolve our perception to understand that, if we want to survive.

Either we balance ourselves within, and while preserving the brutal beauties of the natural process of, "Life Eats Itself to Survive," in the world around us, the one that's driving the natural fertility that feeds us, or it eats us. Ironically, this basic truth operates even more powerfully as we are approaching the physical mastery our environment.

Our ecological and socioeconomical problems and pressures are self-created, being driven forward by nothing more than our own corrupted perceptions of "success," and the intensity of our desire to achieve it. Those are the human realities driving our destruction forward.

Our desires have replaced natural selection for determining the viability of big pieces of natural terrain and the species within them. Our technology allows us to impose our "values," to impose "Human Selectors," of, "profitablity," on nature to determine its fate. Besides being ass-backwards and a disgrace to our power, this behavior is a short-sighted approach to our lives on this planet, though quite "profitable."

Physical mastery of the nature of reality is not enough. Either we are exceptional, and we demonstrate that exceptionalism by restraining ourselves within the boundaries and restraints of the web of life itself, if not our own values, or we are gone.
The bottom-line is that we are not the start-point of the web of life, nor its center, but our self-reflective perception is its product. Without the web of life, we do not live, let alone percieve.

The ecological impacts of our powers of abstraction and technology, of our "success," on the natural world are already too big for any other resolution but our own self-restraint or our own self-destruction.
Either we escape the Tech Trap through our own self-reflective self-restraint, by our own choice, or we die by our own finely-crafted sword our own technology has created.





Our Lost World

Dinofelis, painting by Mauricio Antón, widespread in Europe, Asia, Africa and North America at least 5 million to about 1.2 million years ago.
Dinofelis, painting by Mauricio Antón, caption; "Dinofelis is a genus of extinct sabre-toothed cats belonging to the tribe Metailurini. They were widespread in Europe, Asia, Africa and North America at least 5 million to about 1.2 million years ago. Fossils very similar to Dinofelis from Lothagam range back to the Late Miocene, some 8 million years ago," by Wiki. Image.

Human-caused biodiversity decline started millions of years ago
University of Gothenburg, January 17, 2020.


Current Belief
"The human-caused biodiversity decline started much earlier than researchers used to believe."

"The extinctions that we see in the fossils are often explained as the results of climatic changes but the changes in Africa within the last few million years were relative minor and our analyses show that climatic changes were not the main cause of the observed extinctions."

Nope, We Killed "Em

"Our analyzes show that the best explanation for the extinction of carnivores in East Africa is instead that they are caused by direct competition for food with our extinct ancestors."

The Bottom Line
"If you are very strong, you must also be very kind."




No More Ice Ages
Amazing Ancient Human Climate Interactions



The Existential Zone



Advance of Astro-Physics Research:

LIGO Data Fueling Advanced Analysis, Data Defines Neutron Star Size Limit



Added Note

"The Singularity"

"The Singularity" refers to the concept of the, "perfection," of technology, a point of human technological evolution where we "exceed" natural restraints, becoming "independelntly" self-sustaining perfection.

The modern concept of the, "singularity," is as big of a delusion at our level of technological sophistication as the movie "Metropolis" was a delusion of its times. What's most ironic is that the very architecture of mankind demands it see its ultimate resolution from within its particular place in our intellectual evolution.

This human self-reflective propensity, of us to prognosticate our ultimate resolution, our fate, eminates from the fact that matter itself induces, and ultimately requires, self-reflective consciouness. In other words, consciousness is inherent in the structure of reality itself. That process, of the inherent consciousness at the Big Bang itself fulfilling the human-concieved destiny of the "singularity," is ridiculous.

There is no "independent" singularity, no escape from the rules of life, as there is no escape from the rules of nature. Us thinking we can ultimately escape from the rules of nature through the "singularity" shows just how far we really are from mastering it, the spirits of matter and life, not how close we are.

The nature of reality underlaying our technological power is true, it's our perception, use, and subsequent deployment of this power that's false.




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2018-01-20 13:34:35

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