OUR GALAXY: Centered on a Supermassive Black Hole & a Swirling Swarm of Hundreds of Smaller Holes?

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By Alex Wierbinski - Posted on 14 May 2018



A Supermassive Black Hole with a Swirling Swarm of Hundreds of Smaller Holes?

Thousands of black holes near Milky Way center?
Earth-Sky, May 14, 2018.

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N-Body Simulation Showing Black Hole Dynamics.


"...the discovery of...12 stellar-mass black holes, identified via X-ray data near our galaxy’s center."

"The Milky Way is really the only galaxy we have where we can study how supermassive black holes interact with little ones because we simply can’t see their interactions in other galaxies."

"The researchers used Chandra data to search for X-ray binaries – systems where a black hole is locked in a close orbit with a star and is pulling matter from the star, resulting in X-ray emission – near Sagittarius A*."

Our "...galactic center is already known to be inhabited by a supermassive black hole, with some 4 million times the sun’s mass. Astronomers call this behemoth Sagittarius A."

"Sagittarius A* is about 26,000 light-years from Earth. The scientists said that – at this distance – only the brightest X-ray binaries containing black holes are likely to be detectable. Therefore, they said:"

"...the detections in this study imply that a much larger population of fainter, undetected X-ray binaries — at least 300 and up to 1,000 — containing stellar-mass black holes should be present around Sagittarius A*."


Chandra X-Ray Observatory
Photos & Description of Sag A*

Sagittarius A* Swarm: Black Hole Bounty Captured in the Milky Way Center


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With a Fantastic Black Holes Supercomputer Simulation VIDEO

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Direct to Video
N-Body Simulation Showing Black Hole Dynamics.



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