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The Existential Zone | High Sierra Backpacker

The Existential Zone

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By Alex Wierbinski - Posted on 02 November 2018


 The Existential Zone

Research increases distance at which supernova would spark mass extinctions on Earth



“The Supernova Kill Zone,”

“The Big Rock from Space,”

along with


and Humans:

Q: Which term above is different from the others?

A: Humans. The other events were not created by will and choice, but by Nature.





Every now and again Nature kills everything on a planet, on a regular basis. This brings up important questions for an evolving life form, once they figure out death is coming for them.

The spectre of inevitable extinction, if not our typical, individual deaths, makes important the broader questions of what are we as living things, and what Nature itself is doing with Life. Nature's "big program" could be used to give some context to our individual lives by understanding what IT is doing and where IT is going, contrasted against our behavior.

Nature's Own Goals
My observations indicate that Nature’s Own Goals are the growth of the sophistication of Reality and its Inhabitants, and the understanding of that process. It's a rocky road, getting past some of the pitfalls along the way. The next logical question would be, "do humans fit into Nature's Program?"

Can we do it? Do we have, "The Right Stuff?"


Who Are We?
Looking deeper into this question becomes, “what exactly are the ethics mankind expresses through their practices and actions, rather than their words?”


What are we, judged objectively, by our actions, rather than our vanity & pride?

Are we an increase of fertility and power of the web of Life, or are we "The Big Rock?"

A simple look at human behavior over our history answers all our questions.


A League of Our Own
Earthquakes, Storms, and Floods are the ongoing "minor-leagues" of disasters that society deals with over time. The Supernova Kill Zone & “Big Rock from Space” would be the big leagues. Are we ready for either?

We cannot even handle maintaining necessary education, medicine, and roads during "good" times, let alone "expected" storm and flood emergencies. What then are we really doing?

Humans are not currently mitigating the consequences of expected emergencies through cooperation, while our behaviors are themselves triggering disasters. Our leaders are currently acting as if they are looters stealing during an emergency.

And, they've been acting that way for decades here, and centuries around our world...


The Bottom Line
Ironically, our behaviors and the consequences they bring mark us to be essentially no different than a slower-moving biological version of, 

“The Supernova Kill Zone,”

“A Big Rock from Space,”

or a



The Grand Mis-Alingment 
Are humanity’s philosophical perspective and the practices and actions we use to pursue them actually anthical to those of Nature? Or are humanity and Nature in alignment? Are humanity’s practices conducive to the growth of the sophistication of Reality and its Inhabitants, and the understanding of that process, or are we destructive to that process?


Are we set up to make it across Nature's enevitable "extinction events," or are we ourselves one of them?


That is the question.

The correct answer predicts if we really are the biological version of "The Big Rock from Space," if we are to be or not to be.



Forest Ecology
A Grim Assessment,
Tahoe to Whitney Trail Guide, 2016.




66 Million Years Ago

Big Rock from Space Triggers Global Extinction Event,
Cretaceous–Tertiary (K–T) extinction, WIKI.

2016 Chicxulub drilling project documentary PBS, "Drilling for the Dinosaurs' End"


What they Found

Day the Dinosaurs Died,
NOVA, December 27, 2017.




372 Million Years Ago

Denovian Extinction Event "Home Grown," being Volcanic in Nature,
Geo Society of America, May 1, 2018.


Frame of Reference

Geological Time Scales, US Geo Society.

Geo Time Scales, Wiki.




We now know that after the threat to planetary life potentially presented by a massive star going Supernova passes, any black hole potentially created can result in a whole range of new threats to any nearby life.

Black Hole Plasma Planet Killer Beam

Magnetar Radiation Lights Up Moon & Earth




Hawking: Soaring populations and increased energy demands will cause catastrophe




(Trail Guide)
The Ancient Terrain Around and Within You



The Bottom Line:
Escape from the Tech Trap

Only you can answer this question, as your answer defines your moral and physical presence and imperative, your living answer to these, the questions of life.

The fate of mankind and true nature of your soul-spirit, conventionally called, "the content of your character," depends more upon your actual behavior than your rhetorical "answer."




Science Proves Humans are equal to The Big Volcano and The Big Rock from Space?


June 12, 2018
Humans Equal to Ancient, Extinction-Inducing Super-Volcanic Activity, too...


June 7, 2018
Science Agrees: Humans Equal to Big Rock (Chicxulub) from Space



Putting it all Together...
The Past: Mirror of Present & Future
Archaeological Climatology
The PETM, Chicxulub, Toarcian Oceanic Anoxic Event (T-OAE)

Are we not amazing?


Comments invited below... 






Originally Published
2017-05-11 11:51:12

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