Best 2018 Weather Assessment at the Footstep of Fall

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By Alex Wierbinski - Posted on 21 September 2018


Weather West Observations & Analysis Rocks the House

Record summer heat across much of state retreats; some deeper thoughts on El Niño,
Weather West, September 18, 2018.

The Best Weather Assessment, & Accords with my observations.

To the fine information about El Nino in the article above, I've got to reinterate that the record-setting intense 2015 El Nino came as the driest season ever seen in the High Sierra & California was happening. It's true that El Ninos can produce monumental tropical flows, but it's also true that nobody knows who & where these flows will hit.


Record breaking July

Record SoCal Sea Surfaces

NoCal Coastal Cool

Interior Record Heat

NoCal Trad Ocean Upwelling

Early Season Heat & Fire, Late Season Cool

No Surprise: Late Heat, Wind, & Fire

El Nino Probability

El Nino Trends & 2015

Extreme El Nino in Future

Bottom Line: Equal Odds of Wet or Dry Winter


Last Weather West Report

Cal to Ride the Tiger: Climate Change Weather Extremes to Lash California

The Future
Looking Perfect Now...

I will not be surprised if either a heat wave or a cool Fall precedes the advent of Winter this year, or even by another heat wave being bracketed by periods of cooler weather.
The fact is that this year has not “declared,” itself as being either totally hot, nor cool, but has shown elements of both, being cool into Spring, hot through early Summer, now cooler during late Summer bringing perfect backpacking conditions now, regardless of what the future holds. We know it will change.

Neither another heat wave, nor cooling weather would surprise me now, but the recent instability in the NE Pacific tends towards a more traditional, a cooler, Fall to Winter transition than has become, “normal,” over the past couple of decades.

Be Careful!
Nonetheless, we know that hot temps in the San J Valley can fuel powerful electric storms across the Sierra Crest, while unexpected tropical flows from the South can bring unexpected tropical downpours and lightening, at the darndest times.

Entering the Age of Extremes

Extreme Weather Increasing

Our Ecological Consequences: Rising Average Temps, Extremes of Hot & Cold

Varied increases in extreme rainfall with global warming


The New Normal

Heat wave, fires, hurricanes bear the ‘fingerprints of climate change,’ scientists say,
Sac Bee, September 6, 2017.


Screwing Around
Mother Nature
Extreme Effects:

Incomplete Drought Recovery

Crop Variability

More Extreme Heat

Extreme Haze, China

Effects of Extreme Weather

Extreme Cold and Heat

Extreme Variability

Extreme Weather linked to Global Warming

Extreme Weather all over the World

Extreme Sahel Storms, too



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