2018: Green Water Widespread Across United States & Whole Northern Hemisphere

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By Alex Wierbinski - Posted on 31 July 2018


Vast Summer 2012 Blue Green Algal Outbreaks across Northern Hemisphere

Three Reports: Western US, Northern Europe, Great Lakes and Florida


Green Water Widespread Across Western United States This Summer

Hot Weather, Land Abuses Fueling Algal Blooms in Western Waters,
Water Deeply, July 30, 2018.


"This summer has witnessed an explosion of algae problems in Western water bodies."

"Blooms are even popping up in unlikely places, such as high-elevation mountain lakes."

"No one knows precisely how often blooms occur because there is no monitoring of the problem on a national scale."

Environmental Working Group

"...EWG decided to gather their own data by recording how often algal blooms were mentioned in the news media...their resulting report, released in May, they documented 169 blooms in 2017 – up from 51 the year before."

EWG 2018 Blue Green Report

Monitoring Outbreaks & Conditions

California State Water Resources Control Board
Public Algae Reporting

National Lakes Assessment

"The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) conducts a National Lakes Assessment every five years..."

2012 EPA Lakes Assesment

"...found cyanobacteria and microcystin, a key algal toxin, had increased 8.3 percent and 9.5 percent, respectively, in the nation’s lakes compared with 2007."

"Eighteen percent of lakes showed increasing phosphorus concentrations compared with 2007. And 40 percent were recorded as having excess phosphorus."

"...develop a new national Cyanobacteria Assessment Network...hopes it will be publicly available within a year."

Cyanobacteria Assessment Network

No Standards

"The EPA, the nation’s water-quality police, has only issued recommendations and has yet to impose federal drinking water standards for algal toxins. As a result, many utilities are forced to improvise when an algal bloom strikes."

"Such was the case during Salem’s recent crisis."

(Description of Salem's Water Crisis)

"In response to Salem’s travails, the Oregon Health Authority imposed its own interim water quality standards for algal toxins. It now requires all water agencies to test for them regularly while it develops permanent standards."

(Description of Pinto Lake, a Watsonville city recreation site)



Salem drinking water contaminated, children advised to avoid tap water

All Blue Green Water News


Blue-Green Algae Safety Information


Far North

Green Water Plaguing the Whole Northern Hemisphere

Summer Blooms in the Baltic and Barents,
NASA Earth Observatory, July 23, 2018.

“Blooms this summer off of Scandinavia seem to be particularly intense.”

“In recent years, the proliferation of algae blooms in the Baltic Sea has led to the regular appearance of “dead zones” in the basin. Phytoplankton and cyanobacteria consume the abundant nutrients in the Baltic—fueled largely by runoff from sewage and agriculture—and reproduce in such vast numbers that their growth and decay deplete the oxygen content of the water. According to researchers from Finland’s University of Turku, the dead zone this year is estimated to span about 70,000 square kilometers (27,000 square miles).”

“A research team from Finland and Germany reported this month that oxygen levels in recent years in the Baltic Sea are at their lowest levels in the past 1500 years.”

“,,,making it harder for fish and other marine life to thrive in this basin.”



Florida & The Great Lakes, Too


Summer Blooms in North American Lakes,
NASA Earth Observatory, July 18, 2018.

Lake Okeechobee
“In early July 2018, blooms of the phytoplankton were detected across 90 percent of the lake.”

Great Lakes

Lake Erie Explodes with Algal Bloom,
NOAA, July 5, 2018, PDF charts.

Sandusky Bay full up.

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