New Feedback Phenomenon Found to Drive Increasing Drought and Aridity

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By Alex Wierbinski - Posted on 09 September 2019



Finding an Extreme Land-Atmospheric Feedback Loop

New Feedback Phenomenon Found to Drive Increasing Drought and Aridity,
Columbia University School of Engineering and Applied Science, September 2, 2019.


A Drier Future
" indicates that the world will experience more frequent and more extreme drought and aridity than currently experienced in the coming century, exacerbated by both climate change and land-atmosphere processes."

Land-Atmosphere Processes
"Concurrent soil drought and atmospheric aridity is a time period when soil moisture is extremely low and vapor pressure deficit is extremely high."

"The researchers demonstrate that concurrent soil drought and atmospheric aridity are largely driven by a series of land-atmosphere processes and feedback loops."

New Area of Study
"Most groups have been focused on assessing concurrent drought and heatwaves, but we are finding stronger coupling between drought and aridity than between drought and heatwaves."

A Deadly Process to Nature
"...very low soil moisture, and atmospheric aridity, represented by very high vapor pressure deficit, a combination of high temperature and low atmospheric humidity, are the two main stressors that drive widespread vegetation mortality and reduced terrestrial carbon uptake."

In a Feedback Loop
"The team discovered that the feedback of soil drought on the atmosphere is largely responsible for increasing the frequency and intensity of atmospheric aridity. In addition, the soil moisture-precipitation feedback contributes to more frequent extreme low precipitation and soil moisture conditions in most regions. These feedback loops lead to a high probability of concurrent soil drought and extreme aridity."

A Deadly Process for Man
"Concurrent soil drought and atmospheric aridity have dramatic impacts on natural vegetation, agriculture, industry, and public health."

Grim Future
"Future intensification of concurrent soil drought and atmospheric aridity would be disastrous for ecosystems and greatly impact all aspects of our lives."

Increasing with Global Warming
These..."land-atmosphere feedbacks would further intensify concurrent soil drought and atmospheric aridity in a warmer climate."

Towards Better Models
"It's critical that we better quantify and evaluate the representation of these processes in our climate models. Accurate model representation of both soil moisture variability and the associated feedbacks is crucial if we are to provide reliable simulations of the frequency, duration, and intensity of compound drought and aridity events and of their changes in a warmer climate."



Extreme Weather

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May 2019 Deadly Heatwave

Japan Heat Wave Kills 5 People, Hospitalizes Nearly 600,
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