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SB 559, & the Friant-Kern Canal: "Socialism," for Rich Corporate Farmers & their Illegals

SB 559, & the Friant-Kern Canal: "Socialism," for Rich Corporate Farmers & their Illegals

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By Alex Wierbinski - Posted on 19 August 2019



Friant-Kern Canal: Socialism for Rich Corporate Farmers

Surviving the Next Drought: It’s Political in California’s Central Valley,
Courthouse News Service, August 16, 2019.


Friant-Kern Canal
"Since 1951, the gravity-fed Friant-Kern Canal has delivered San Joaquin River water from Fresno to water districts south to Bakersfield."

Central Valley Project,
Bureau of Reclamation.

Drought Effects
"...the rush to plant the water-intensive crops – and overpumping the groundwater to quench the plants’ thirst – has caused the canal to settle in the southernmost section and form a pinch point that limits its capacity to deliver water. Experts refer to the settling as subsidence..."

Friant-Kern Canal
Fed-Local Farmer Ownership
"The canal’s owner, the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation, and its operator, Friant Water Authority, claim it has lost 60% of its ability to deliver water."

State-Subsidized Taxpayer Fix
A Cool 400 Mil
"...pry $400 million from the state’s estimated $22 billion surplus to renovate the canal."

State-Paid Fix for Private Farmer's Profits

Senate Bill 559

Accepted by the Bribe-O-Crats
"The legislation breezed through the state Senate 34-3, and is currently being reviewed by the Assembly fiscal committee. It has received widespread bipartisan support in the Legislature, and is backed by the Central Valley’s congressional members."

Rejected by the Citizens…
"...last fall, California voters rejected a massive water bond that included $750 million for repairs to the federally owned Friant-Kern and Madera canals. They view SB 559 as a legislative overreach and a clear subsidy for Big Agriculture."


Bottom Line

Corporate Growth Machine of Death
AG Dept
Drain nature, make billions, break it, make us pay to, "fix," it, and do it again, until everything, all of man & Nature, have finally and fully been drained of our fertility, wealth, and our future profit potentials…

Common Sense
Besides unlimited growth being a bad, "development plan," for The Valley's short and long term future, let's let the Feds and the local farmers who own and profit from this massive water diversion pay for it themselves.

Too Big Not to Fail...
We already subsidize the medical, educational, and every other cost of the farmer's vast illegal workforce, as well as directly subsidizing numerous crops. Let's finally let the farmers pay the real costs of their doing business, the ones we pay, starting with the costs of their state-subsidized ILLEGAL labor forces, rather than passing their, "educational," medical, and their significant social costs along to the public, and making us subsidize these ultimately self-defeating land and labor abuses that make these cheaters so much money.

Paying The FULL Costs of Doing Buisness
Stopping subsidies for these abusive over-production practices now will save us a lot of grief in the future, before they finally fail in spectacular fashion. The fact should be that if you can't pay Americans enough to do the job, while paying all the costs of, "doing buisness," then the job does not get done, until you're willing the pay the full costs of doing buisness in America, rather than passing them on to the taxpayer through state-subsidized illegal labor.

The Rule of Greed
Nullification Restored
Farmers and illegals both make much more money than if they had obeyed our rule of law and laws in the first place, so I guess that makes everything all right, now that we have all profited from this lesson, that our personal interests and beliefs are above our most basic American laws and rules, and most importantly, that our own personal self-interest may be used to nullify any laws that threaten ever-increasing corporate profits...

You Are Not Above Our Law
Actively advancing greed and self-interest as the basis of citizenship (and therefore life itself) promotes both a method and a message destructive to basic individual honesty & honor themselves, while providing the basis for unhealthy communities and a fundamentally corrupted country.

Hitting the Bottom of the Barrel
As we've already drained the wealth of the lower and middle classes using irresponsible domestic and international growth, pushing their share of our nation's wealth up to the top of American society while deindustrailizing the US, and now that they've already financialized and leveraged this concentration of stolen wealth up, "to the moon," as Jackie Gleason would say, we are now coming dangerously close to the point of our corporate leadership having nothing left to steal from Man or Nature, to fulfill their earlier obligations and satisfy their future desires.

We all know how those kinds of situations end...

Snowballs in Hell
Both Melting Rapidly
Nature, let alone the Average Middle-Class American, do not have the survival chances of  snowballs in hell, in this arena of professional corruption that our polity, economy, and society have devolved into. Thus, their meltdowns will continue to be spectacular.


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Latest in Subsidence

Jakarta has sunk by up to 4 meters, forcing Indonesia to build a new capital,
ArsTechnica, August 27, 2019.




PGE/Energy Companies do the Same Thing
Abusing Man & Nature



Bribed Dems Make Us Pay PGE to Burn Us Down


Bribed Legislators work for PGE, rather than Citizens


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Water's Going Away

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79% Reduction, from Today’s Reduced Pack, by 2100




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