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Spring 2019: Upper Basin of Colorado Water System Flush in the Shadow of the Rockies

Spring 2019: Upper Basin of Colorado Water System Flush in the Shadow of the Rockies

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By Alex Wierbinski - Posted on 22 April 2019



Hoover Dam Creating Lake Mead
Hoover Dam from the Air, Carol Highsmith
The Foundation of What Cannot be Sustained. Image by Carol Highsmith.


Colorado Water System Flush in the Shadow of the Rockies

Healthy Snowpack In The Colorado River Basin Is Improving Reservoirs Across Multiple States,
CPR, April 22, 2019.


Big Year
“Above-average snowpack in the upper Colorado River basin not only means a good forecast for Colorado, but for all seven states in its river system.”

“...snowpack in the basin through the winter ended up being 130 percent of average.”

“Lake Mead — the largest U.S. reservoir in Nevada and Arizona — could rise to 128 percent of its normal level.” (Lake Mead Elevation Chart)

One Big Year
“But one good year cannot reverse the effects of nearly two decades of severe drought. Current total Colorado River System storage is approximately 45 percent of full capacity.”

Colorado Can Still Grow!
“While the state experienced a year-long drought in 2018, many reservoirs are in much better condition now, with total capacities currently 84 percent full.”

What Drought? Unlimited Water Use-Growth Expanding as Fast as Possible

Colorado Population Growth Starts To Spread Beyond Front Range,
CPR, March 22, 2018.

Arizona Can Try
“The Colorado River system provides water to 40 million people in the United States and Mexico and reservoirs are at historic lows.”


The Front Range,


Not So Saturated in the Southwestern US:


Imperial Shoots Legal Torpedo into Side of USS DCP

Colorado River 2019 DCP Deal to Save Lake Mead Agreed

Congress authorizes Colorado River drought plan with unanimous approval from Arizona lawmakers


Wet & Cool Weather

Why the Rockies are Saturated

March 2019 NOAA Disasters, Climate, & Weather Trends: Cool, Wet, and Saturated



Much More Information

Southwestern United States Water Links


Bottom Line

Beyond Capacity
We can see that our relentless, fifty-year long spurt of massive population growth on both ends of the Colorado River System, composed mostly of the illegal growth of Los Angeles and the Phoenix-Tuscon megacities on the bottoms of the system, combined with the robust expansion of urban development along the Front Range at the top of the system, have pushed the whole Colorado River System to capacity, even if it was receiving the expected snowpacks and runoffs it was designed for, which it is not.

Induced Destruction
This massive demographic push to reach and pass full-capacity usage of the Colorado has been undertaken in parallel with the indisputable long term decrease in bankable snow, accompanied by an indisputable steady rise in temperatures.

The Disconnected
That the one is driving the other is also indisputable, yet the fundamental relationship between the massive population increases in the US (while,"opening," China!), and the profound climate and weather changes the whole Western US, (and world), are experiencing are fundamentally disconnected events, well, at least they are unrelated in the minds of the business, political, and media elites who are pushing, and profiting from, their ongoing policies of endless, irresponsible growth that has already profoundly unbalanced our planet's climate and ecosystems.

We Live in the Failure of the Fake Corporate Greens

Have No Illusions
Nature has no such disconnect. Unlike humans, It responds, and is responding to, what we do, not what our corporate elites are saying. And so will we, eventually.

Magic Word Failure
The blandishments of the buisness, political, and media elites actually have many, "consumers," believing they are, "green," as they actively participate in the destruction of our Natural World.
That same range of deceptions and warped perceptions woven by our corporate elite, that works so well on so many people, are incapable of altering the responses of Mother Nature. Nature responds to what we've already done to it, and are still doing, and does not listen to the senseless, lying platitutes we shout at each other.

So Far Beyond the Pale
This wet winter will be fully utilized on all ends of the Colorado River System to push as much population growth and development forward as possible, regardless of those indisputable long-tern trends of declining snow and increasing temperature, mentioned above, which are our corporate elite's own, "Damocles Sword," hanging above their greedy heads, threatening to undercut more and more of our already existing levels of population, as we continue to irresponsibly grow even greater populations of, "consumers," into our steadily drying future.

Pedal to the Metal
That's just what we need in this situation, is more, millions of more, "consumers," as the profound climate and weather effects of our previous growth is still in the process of disrupting everything. We are living in a fine example of the wisdom of our corporate elites in action.



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