Unrecognized Carrington Event blew the Mines, Effects of Space Weather blows my Mind

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By Alex Wierbinski - Posted on 15 November 2018


Unrecognized Carrington Event blew the Mines, Effects of Space Weather blows my Mind

Powerful solar storm likely detonated mines during Vietnam War,
AGU, November 12, 2018.


"A strong solar storm in 1972 caused widespread disturbances to satellites and spacecraft, and may have led to the detonation of mines during the Vietnam War..."

“This is a Carrington-class storm that has gone under the radar.”

"The solar activity damaged spacecraft and satellites, and led to power issues across North America. Auroras, resulting from charged particles from the Sun interacting with air in Earth’s upper atmosphere, were visible in the northern United States and southern United Kingdom."

"On the same day, while observing the coastal waters of North Vietnam from aircraft, US Navy personnel witnessed dozens of destructor sea mines exploding with no obvious cause."

"...the destructor mines were designed to trigger if they sensed changes in magnetic fields associated with moving ships. Solar activity is known to perturb Earth’s magnetic field, and in early August 1972, the perturbations were likely strong enough to meet the magnetic requirements for detonation."

" …the likely way this would have happened was if this was really a storm of much greater proportion than anyone was understanding.”

“If the same storm were to occur today, how well could we withstand it?”


Space Weather Prediction Center

From the SWPC
Space Weather Impacts On Climate

This SWPC page linked to above discusses the very interesting relationship between solar output, solar max and min, and cosmic ray production has with climate, and potentially has on our weather. 

The bottom line is that, "Space weather and terrestrial weather (the weather we feel at the surface) are influenced by the small changes the Sun undergoes during its solar cycle."

The differences in solar radiation between Solar Max and Min changes enough, that,  "...change in the temperature of the atmosphere is measurable."

Then, we throw in the equally subtle effects of the Milankovitch cycles, and we've found two of the three fundamental variables fueling, driving, and ultimately resonsible for controlling climate and weather on Earth.
Tthe first variable, well-discussed in the SWPC article above, comes from the variability of the ultimate source of all our energy, the Sun. The second variable is the variability of our orbit around it. The third variable is us, the biological life on the planet itself, and how we absorb and redistribute that energy.

Wow. We’ve recently identified a relationship between Milankowitch Cycles and Ice Ages, and are quickly getting clearer and clearer understandings of how the various components of this amazing mechanism, this grand engine of life (and death) operates.

The process of the genesis, composition, and the rules governing the evolution of the components of this system, our star and planets, and their relationships with each other, are themselves beautiful, if the biological life (us) produced by these grand, universal, "Engines of Life," appreciates and compliments that beauty, or not.

The most basic pleasure in, "biology," is taking joy in its most fundamental existence & operations.


A Report on the Research Above

Space Weather in Wartime: A Sunspot Detonates Naval Mines,
Space Weather Archive, November 10, 2018.

It's main addition to the topic: An image of the giant sunspot that spawned the storm.


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Carrington event of 1972 blew Vietnam mines, space weather solar cycles and storms blows minds


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