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Soda Pop: Death in a 16oz Bottle?

Soda Pop: Death in a 16oz Bottle?

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By Alex Wierbinski - Posted on 06 September 2019



Soda Pop Death, posing as liquefied, colored sugary self-gratification, by Coffee on Pixabay.
Soda Pop Death, posing as liquefied, colored sugary self-gratification, by Coffee on Pixabay.


Death in a 16oz Bottle

Soft drinks associated with risk of death in population-based study in 10 European countries,
JAMA Internal Medicine, September 3, 2019.


Soda Pop Kills Consumers
"Greater consumption of soft drinks, including both sugar- and artificially sweetened, was associated with increased risk of overall death in a population-based study of nearly 452,000 men and women from 10 European countries. Drinking two or more glasses per day (compared with less than one glass per month) of total soft drinks, sugar-sweetened soft drinks and artificially sweetened soft drinks was associated with higher risk of death from all causes during an average follow-up of 16 years in which 41,693 deaths occurred."

"...participants from Denmark. France, Germany, Greece, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Sweden and the United Kingdom."

Bonus Death
Also, "...a higher risk of death from circulatory diseases associated with consuming two or more glass per day of total and artificially sweetened soft drinks, and a higher risk of death from digestive diseases associated with drinking one or more glass per day of total and sugar-sweetened soft drinks."

At Least Soda's Not a Carcinogen
"No association was observed between soft drink consumption and overall cancer death."

"Study authors suggest the findings support public health initiatives to limit soft drink consumption."



Bottom Line

Life vs. Death
As we saw in our previous Health article, any exercise at all staves-off death, while this piece of research above points out the rather stark pitfalls of Pop. This soda pop research likely translates into any type of heavy daily consumption of pure sugar, be it spooned into your coffee or tea, baked into your pastries and candy bars, or hidden within any of a wide range of processed foods.

Your Particular Balance
Or Imbalance
The way I figure it, it is your daily caloric demands, your real daily workload, that determines how much sugar you can ultimately eat (or drink) everyday, being a greater or lesser part of the more or less overall calories your daily work output requires for proper support.

Work hard, eat more, and therefore more sugar. Don't work? Don't eat many calories or much sugar...

The Daily Grind
That comes down to how your changing daily work load changes your daily requirements for nutrition, and exactly how your specific requirements are divided into protein, veggies, and complex and simple carbs. I've always found that different types of work require, and are better served by, different ratios of our basic food groups.

Tuned Diets
Different types of work demands different ratios of our different types of food. I've always found that extreme endurance events, as High Sierra backpacking can become, can tolerate, even require, greater amounts of the concentrated calories which sugars provide. On the other hand, I enjoy a higher percentage of protein than carbs for strength-dependent work, while a greater percentage of carbs better suites my tastes during endurance activities.

Combined endurance-strength events, which High Sierra backpacking can easily qualify, depending on your pack weights and daily miles, can easily support maximal protein, veggie, along with massive consumption of simple and complex sugars, what I call the, "Max-Max-Max," diet.

First Step
I figure if you're working, composed of training for backpacking, then backpacking, you've already got the most important piece in motion, which is your body. Now you can adjust workload and diet to perfection. The proper balance of work and calories is one of the most fundamental foundations necessary for obtaining the longest, best life you can live with the tool at your disposal.

Conclusion: Don't drink much soda, and move you fat ass... Engage it in Nature...

Keep You Laws off My Body
Oh, and I don't need doctors, the government, or any cops to enforce their notions of, "dietary health," through law or policy. All's I need is good information, with which I get to make my own decisions, which I will make and execute, independent of how intensely the doctors, governemnt, and cops attempt to impose their values upon me through law...

The use of law and prohibition has worked out so well with booze and drugs, just think of the mess our political moralists can impose on us by legislating dietary laws...

Too Late
Whoops, too late...our Democrat moral superiors have long engaged the use of punative taxation to stifle any kind of behaviors of which they don't approve, when they don't have the power to criminally charge their opponents.

The Final Frontier
This what our Democrat authortarians are left with, after their domestic and international policies have already drained our citizens of their economic, educational, and physical fitness legasies.

A Personal Power Play
After taking away the broader economic, political, and cultural basis of healthy life and living, our political masters are focusing down, aiming to control, remove, or punish our personal autonomy, as suites their own powers, pleasures, or profits.

Man, that's control from Alpha to Omega!

Brilliant, in an evil sort of way...



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