Gaia Gives Our Galaxy a, “Physical;” Height, Weight, Girth (?) Determined

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By Alex Wierbinski - Posted on 07 March 2019


Globular Clusters Decorate Milky Way
Artist impresses us with accurate conception of globular clusters around Milky Way, by ESA/Hubble, NASA, L. Calçada.
Artist impresses us with accurate conception of globular clusters around Milky Way, by ESA/Hubble, NASA, L. Calçada.


Gaia Gives Our Galaxy a, “Physical;” Height, Weight, Girth (?) Determined

Hubble & Gaia accurately weigh the Milky Way,
ESA/Hubble Information Centre, March 7, 2019.


Size & Weight
"...the Milky Way weighs in at about 1.5 trillion solar masses within a radius of 129 000 light-years from the galactic centre."

Previous Estimates
"...ranged from 500 billion to 3 trillion times the mass of the Sun. This huge uncertainty arose primarily from the different methods used for measuring the distribution of dark matter — which makes up about 90% of the mass of the galaxy."


Modern Measurement
Globular Cluster Speeds
"...relied on measuring the velocities of globular clusters — dense star clusters that orbit the spiral disc of the galaxy at great distances…"

(Measuring the movements of Globular Clusters revealed the hidden, “dark,” gravity.)

Three-D Tracking
"...we were able to also measure the sideways motion of the clusters, from which the total velocity, and consequently the galactic mass, can be calculated.”

3-D Milky Way Map
"Gaia was designed to create a precise three-dimensional map of astronomical objects throughout the Milky Way and to track their motions. Its second data release includes measurements of globular clusters as far as 65 000 light-years from Earth."



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