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Sierra Snowpack Could Drop 79% by End of Century

Sierra Snowpack Could Drop 79% by End of Century

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By Alex Wierbinski - Posted on 24 December 2018


California’s Current Irresponsible Population at Risk?

Why’s Our Corporate Leadership Growing our Population into Disaster?


79% Drop in Sierra Snowpack Projected by 2100

Sierra snowpack could drop significantly by end of century,
DOE/Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, December 11, 2018.

West Sierra Flank Watersheds
 Berkeley Lab)
Berkeley Lab researchers analyzed the headwaters of these 10 major California reservoirs. (Credit: Berkeley Lab)


Our ongoing self-induced climate destruction, “...will almost certainly feature a decline in fresh water from the Sierra Nevada mountain snowpack.”

Your Kids Will Not Live Here
79% Drop in Sierra Snowpack by 2100
“Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab)...analyzed the headwater regions of California’s 10 major reservoirs, representing nearly half of the state’s surface storage, found they could see on average a 79 percent drop in peak snowpack water volume by 2100.”

Earlier & Earlier Thaw
Peak Pack back a Month
“...found that peak timing, which has historically been April 1, could move up by as much as four weeks, meaning snow will melt earlier, thus increasing the time lag between when water is available and when it is most in demand.”

“Mountain snowpack is a critical source of water for California, and much of it comes in a very narrow window.”

End of Cold
“So as the world continues to warm, these storms will get even warmer and won’t readily get to freezing...“

N Sierra Drying-Out First
“Another finding was a more dramatic decline in snowpack in Northern California, especially by mid-century, than in other parts of the state. The reason for that, Rhoades said, may be because mountains in the northern Sierras have lower average elevations than those in the central and southern Sierras and therefore are less capable of changing storm phase from rain to snow.”

Ski Resorts Gone…
20 Days Shorter Season in 2050, 39 in 2100
“...the total snow season, which includes both the accumulation and melt portion of the season, will decrease by 20 days at mid-century and 39 days by end century (primarily in the accumulation portion of the season).”

How Many Less People in California?
“This metric for the Sierra Snowpack might be useful for water managers and could enhance scientist-stakeholder engagement to interrogate climate model performance in new ways.”



The Bottom Line

This research has brutal implications. Let’s put this into context with what we’ve already experienced. If correct, the tree mortality and development of mega-wildfires and mega-droughts we’ve seen over the last 8 years or so is just the beginning.

Tree Mortality Status

Tree Mortality Links

California's forests will certainly undergo the dramatic, "forest succession," I've long said is already well-underway, if this snow projection analysis is only half-accurate, and that succession will transpire through greater and greater fires, as we’ve seen it do so far.

The progression of the annual cycle of seasons across the High Sierra, and California generally, have already dramatically changed, independent of what forces you assign the blame for these unprecedentedly-rapid changes. Their effects are being dramatically experienced by both man and nature.

High Sierra/California's Seasons have Already Dramatically Changed

Forest Mortality Underway

Burning Crucible of Greed


Dire Warning for California Plants
Half of You are Dead by 2100


CEPA Report Shows How Ancient California Ecosystems Destroyed in a Century


Self-Created Problems
Self-Created Future

Jerry & the Dims have stuffed-in 30 million, "consumers," into California during the last fifty years, triggering this crisis, and are planning to stuff in as many more, “consumers,” as they can this year, and every subsequent year for the next fifty years, assuring our ecology will be overwhelmed while it crashes

Unless we stop them, our corrupt corporate leadership, from finishing off our climate, starting today: No More imported Population Growth, which means the end of population growth! No more offshoring! We need to rebalance our local, and our global ecologies and economies in unison.

History Lesson
American citizens had self-stabilized our country’s population, living in prosperity, by 1964, and were at that time (1960s!) looking to control the corporate elite, rejecting their imperial adventures (Vietnam), while bringing the blacks up to middle-class status (Civil Rights Movement). That’s exactly when immigration was once again deployed, to recenter the wealth and power of our nation back in the corporate elite’s threatened hands, and make up for the loss of semi-slave labor that civil rights for the Blacks entailed.

Back to Poverty
Shortly after restarting unlimited immigration, offshoring was also deployed, to further speed the draining of American middle class wealth and power, and forestall blacks from having a middle-class to even enter.
These two scams worked to destroy the American Middle Class, while pushing the Blacks below the economic status of illegal immigrants, once again dividing the Blacks between those who served an illegitimate, criminal power, and those who resist it, resisting corporate fascism, with most of the, “Resistors,” still standing on their long-usurped Constitutional Rights as Americans.

Impoverished Humans and Nature
The resulting population, offshoring, and pollution explosions have not just destroyed the American Middle Class, but have knocked the physical world--our weather--completely out of balance.
Today, “our,” corporate-bribed politicians are all, (of both throughly-bribed parties), leading us further down the same doomed path of immigration and offshoring that’s already broken the middle-class, unbalanced our environment, and pushed all the wealth of our nation into they, and their corporate sponsor’s, hands.

Kudos to all the stubborn bros out there.


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Sierra snow pack set of radical declines by 2050, 2100



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2018-12-11 16:44:27

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