Latest in Gravity Wave Detection and Analysis, October 2018

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By Alex Wierbinski - Posted on 25 October 2018


Gravity Wave Detection and Analysis

Two Articles Below

LIGO, Gravity, & The Search for the Hubble Constant,
U-Chicago, October 22, 2018.

LISA Detector: Three Laser-connected Satellites Orbiting Sun to Detect Gravity,
U of Zurich, October 22, 2018.



First Gravity Wave Detections

1st LIGO Gravity Wave Detection: Black Holes Eating Each Other

2nd LIGO Gravity Wave Detection: Neutron Stars Colliding



Article 1

Using Gravity to Find the Hubble Constant

In 5 to 10 years, gravitational waves could accurately measure universe's expansion,
University of Chicago, October 22, 2018.


“Pinning down the exact rate of expansion, called the Hubble constant...”

Standard Candles
Supernova distances and microwave background radiation. Both have significant problems.

THE NATURE OF REALITY: Resolving Descrepancies in Universal Measurements

A New, Gravity Scale
"The Hubble constant tells you the size and the age of the universe; it's been a holy grail since the birth of cosmology. Calculating this with gravitational waves could give us an entirely new perspective on the universe.”

“Gravitational waves offer a completely different way to calculate the Hubble constant. When two massive stars crash into each other, they send out ripples in the fabric of space-time that can be detected on Earth. By measuring that signal, scientists can get a signature of the mass and energy of the colliding stars. When they compare this reading with the strength of the gravitational waves, they can infer how far away it is.”



Kilonova a new Standard Candle

Hubble Constant Refinement

Colliding Neutron Stars Could Settle Cosmology’s Biggest Controversy:
Newly discovered “standard sirens” provide an independent, clean way to measure how fast the universe is expanding.
Quanta, October 25, 2017.


LIGO Gravity Wave Detection: Black Holes Eating Each Other

Two Reports: Three LIGOS Triangulate on Source of Gravity Wave

LIGO Gravity Wave Detection: Neutron Stars Colliding

LIGO Neutron Star Merger Detection, Four LIGO Articles: Gravity Waves Shine Visible Light on Gold, Gamma Rays, and a Gravity Hole



Article 2

Gravity-Searching for Dark Matter

Gravitational waves could shed light on dark matter,
University of Zurich, October 22, 2018.


New Detector
“LISA will consist of three spacecraft orbiting the sun in a constant triangle formation. Gravitational waves passing through will distort the sides of the triangle slightly, and these minimal distortions can be detected by laser beams connecting the spacecraft.”

New Dark Matter Search: Heart of Dwarf Galaxies 
"Dark matter is the distinguishing quality of dwarf galaxies.”

“Calculating the interplay of dark matter, stars and the central black holes of these (dwarf) galaxies...(revealed)...a strong link between the merger rates of these black holes and the amount of dark matter at the center of dwarf galaxies. Measuring gravitational waves emitted by merging black holes can thus provide hints about the properties of the hypothetical dark matter particle.”

“The newly found connection between black holes and dark matter can now be described in a mathematical and exact way for the first time.”



Another New Gravity Wave Detector

Radio-Telescopic Gravity Detection

LIGO Next Step: International Pulsar Timing Array

Three radio wave observatories are triangulating the infinitesimally small timing changes made to the perfection of a pulsars' radio wave emissions by gravity wave distortions.



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gravity wave detection & analysis of the Hubble Constant and Dark Matter


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