Science Performs Intellectual Gymnastics to Preserve Paris Accord Farce

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By Alex Wierbinski - Posted on 06 July 2019



Modern Industrial Infrastructure
A Power Plant
 Last of the Mohicans, if Paris is going to, "work?" Credit Carnegie Inst. Sci.
Last of the Mohicans, if Paris is going to, "work?" Credit Carnegie Inst. Sci.


Science Performs Intellectual Gymnastics to Preserve Paris Accord Farce

Two-degree climate goal attainable without early infrastructure retirement,
Carnegie Institution for Science, July 2, 2019.

Main Points

Current CO2 Production
"...China is predicted to produce the largest share--41 percent--and the United States and European Union 9 percent and 7 percent respectively."

What about India?

Present Costs Exceed Limits
"...future emissions from these existing facilities would take up the entire carbon budget needed to to limit mean warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius and close to two-thirds of the budget needed to constrain warming to below 2 degrees Celsius over the next three decades."

The Answer?
Just Stop Building Anything Producing CO2
"The good news is that society still has the ability to avoid 2 degrees Celsius of warming without having to retire power plants early. But we would have to stop building things with smokestacks and tailpipes that dump CO2 pollution into the sky...."


"Our results show that there's basically no room for new CO2-emitting infrastructure under the international climate goals."


The Bottom Lines

Hiding the Truth in Plain Sight
This research above is an addition to the, "science," recognizing that the Paris Accords are an open fraud, and that they never had a snowball's chance in hell of succeeding. The Paris Accords are designed to mask, cover, and perpetuate the actual causes and sources of our environmental meltdown, being that population expansion and third world industrial filth have driven our climate, weather, and ecosystems out of their ancient and traditional balances.

The above is the second such piece attempting to, "save," the Paris Accords, and the Corporate Growth Machine of Death that the Paris Accords protect. This is the first:

Paris Pact: Goals Not Obtainable under Current Endless Global Growth Model


According to this, "research," above, we can keep everything, all the crappy Chinese & Indian CO2 producing infrastructure we now have, all our cheap & slave labor, zero environmental control infrastructure in China and India, and maintain our environment, if we only retire all of these energy burning industrial facilities, "in the future," as they all, "age out," while building no replacements for any of it.

That is hilarious!

End of the Status Quo?
Less than Zero Chances!
In other words, we can keep going just as we are now, maintaining the practices that have already unbalanced the climate and ecology of our whole planet, if we go back to preindustrial conditions as the current generation of industrial equipment reaches its end of life.

The chances of that happening are less than zero, and I'll bet dollars to dimes that China & India actually create more CO2 in the future than they have in the past or present, as their current generation of industrial infrastructure ages-out. They will do whatever produces the greatest profit...unless they are restrained...

Paris Works, If...
If you're a Corporate Green Clown
This research above is an example of the amazing academic intellectual gymnastics these scientists have been forced to perform, to create a scenario that maintains and justifies the endless growth and offshoring of first world, clean, well-paid American middle-class manufacturing to the third world"s filthy wage-slave industrial centers, while maintaining massive population growth everywhere in the first and third worlds, while convincing themselves, and hopefully the public, that the, "globalism," that the Corporate Growth Machine of Death, run by their corporate paymasters, is, "green!"

"Corporate Greens," are as green as astroturf, sitting next to Kentuck Bluegrass...

Corporate Greens
They created the Paris Accords, and manage all, "global," agreements to preserve and maintain the unfettered industrialism of India and China, and the massive expansion of first world populations that have damaged our climate and environment in the first place. These are the policies that assure their ecomonic and political ascendency, their corporate state and its attendant empire. Without these abusive policies, they could not steal our resources, let alone destroy our natural balances.

Burned Again...
That's why they, the scientists or politicians, don't force the issue with filth and tyranny tariffs, because that irresponsible growth and offshoring are exactly the tools their corporate sponsors used to steal the vast majority of the wealth and power of the American Middle Class...

Science-Not the TV Show
These scientists are saying that we can keep doing everything that broke our planet and created this crisis in the first place, that it all can go on, if we terminate modern industrial practices as the factories & power plants fail at the end of their lives. Feel like a human test dummy? Good, because you are...

A Better Way
I think there's a better way. We need to immediately terminate the root causes of our environmental destruction, consisting of the massive irresponsible population growth we've had forced down our throats during the last fifty years, while reversing the equally irresponsible offshoring of our country's manufacturing to environmentally unregulated countries over the past forty years, to have a shot at actually ending the continuing growth of CO2 output we are actually experiencing, and actually begin reducing it.

Forces of Eco Destruction
These two forces, of our massively irresponsible population growth, and offshoring our clean, middle-class American manufacturing to the filthy tyranny of China, are exactly what's triggered and driven our climate and associated ecological collapses, while very conveniently moving the wealth and power of the whole middle class of our nation into the very few hands of the top levels of our evil corporate elite.

Fixing that is simple: stop both practices in their tracks... No more offshoring. No more immigration. Game Over.

Squelch the Sources
Drawback & Drawdown
How about we ban all imports from China & India, until they have the finest environmental and labor regulations, and China is no longer running a police state? How about we stop expanding our population, and actually draw it back down to sustainable levels, socially, economically, and politically, as well as environmentally?

Bottom to Top
My god, the stats are clear, and the consequences of our actions now immediate: we've got to hold the entire third world's manufacturing, mainly composed of China & India, to the highest environmental and wage standards (Severe "Green" and anti slave-labor Tariffs!!), to nip the sources of these interlocked global climate and ecological collapses, let alone reverse the collapse of the American middle-class, "in the bud," at its source, so to speak.

Paris, and all the Corporate Greed, I mean, "Corporate Green," accords are worse than worthless, because they mask the sources of our degradations, while only targeting the symptoms, as the Paris Accords are so clearly showing us now.

Over the Target
Targeting the consequences, and treating the, "symptoms," of our climate breakdown, rather than targeting the Chinese and Indian sources of industrial filth driving our climate breakdown, are exercises in futility, and worthless... 

We've got to terminate the sources of our environmental destruction, and that's clearly centered in our massive domestic population growth driving China's filthy industrial machine. It's time to disassemble the Corporate Growth Machine of Death's most fundamental components, being massive population growth supported by completely unfettered industrialism. Those are the sources of our climate and ecological degradations we're experiencing, as well as being responsible for moving the wealth of middle class labor around the world into their own greedy hands.

Status Quo of Death
An Admission of Failure!
The best the scientists from the research above can come up with is continuing to run everything as it is now, maintaining the growth scam that's destroyed our climate and ecosystems in the first place, until it all wears out (our gear and nature), while building no replacement energy sources as the old power and production centers age out… That's an admission of failure, not a, "plan!"

Less than Zero "Science"
I put the odds of that happening, of the world giving up industrial technology, at far Less Than Zero. China and India will continue to build as much shit with slave labor and no pollution controls as first world corporations are able to purchase, to sell to their ever increasing population of ever-poorer wage slaves here in the USA...

Keys to the Evil Empire
Turn off their Growth Machine of Death
So, unless we actually choke off the massive growth and offshoring scam that the Paris Climate Pact was designed to protect, ending the ability of first world global corporations to arbitrage Chinese and Indian zero-pollution control slave labor against the first world's dying middle classes, this race to the bottom for everyone, everyone but the corporate elite, will continue unabated. 

Bad Compass Point
Bad Goal=Bad Outcome
Our goal should have long-ago been to bring all the world's labor up to our standards, rather than crashing the American Middle Class down to peasant status, as our corporate-owned political parties have already done.
Want to cut off the CO2 growth? Require throughly severe tariffs on all Chinese and Indian imports that are not manufactured to the highest environmental and safety levels, with additional severe tariffs if their workers don't have basic social and political freedoms...that would kill China, and cripple India, as global-scale polluters. 

Oh, and reinforced by instituting a policy of Zero Population Growth here...

Hot Future
Too bad those trains have already left the station, and our actions up to now assure that we are already going to have to deal with the environmental, economic, and social problems that the irresponsible growth, globalism and unrestricted greed have already created and put into motion, powered by, and using these irresponsible global trade and immigration policies as weapons against our most fundamental principals, as well as every aspect of our natural environment.

The Forecast for the Future of Man?




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