HEALTH & FITNESS: Salt is not Bad for You

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By Alex Wierbinski - Posted on 09 August 2018


Salt is Not Bad for You

Pass the salt: Study finds average consumption safe for heart health,
McMaster University, August 9, 2018.


"New research shows that for the vast majority of individuals, sodium consumption does not increase health risks except for those who eat more than five grams a day, the equivalent of 2.5 teaspoons of salt."

"Any health risk of sodium intake is virtually eliminated if people improve their diet quality by adding fruits, vegetables, dairy foods, potatoes, and other potassium rich foods."

Big Study
"...followed 94,000 people, aged 35 to 70, for an average of eight years in communities from 18 countries around the world and found there an associated risk of cardiovascular disease and strokes only where the average intake is greater than five grams of sodium a day."

Only China
"China is the only country in their study where 80 per cent of communities have a sodium intake of more than five grams a day."

Fake Health Recommendation
"The World Health Organization recommends consumption of less than two grams of sodium -- that's one teaspoon of salt -- a day as a preventative measure against cardiovascular disease, but there is little evidence in terms of improved health outcomes that individuals ever achieve at such a low level..."

Faker Health Recommendation
"...the American Heart Association recommends even less -- 1.5 grams of sodium a day for individuals at risk of heart disease."

Firm Conclusion
"There is no convincing evidence that people with moderate or average sodium intake need to reduce their sodium intake for prevention of heart disease and stroke."


Other Suspicious Health Warnings

For a long time, "Medical Experts," said Eggs are Bad for Health.

Eggs Don't Deserve Their Bad Reputation, Studies Show (Op-Ed),
Live Science, August 30, 2013.


Sugar Vs Fat
Manipulating Health Research Key to Vast Profits

How the Sugar Industry Shifted Blame to Fat,
NYT, Sept. 12, 2016.


Bottom Line

Don't believe everything the health and medical researchers come up with, as some are just plain wrong, while others have been influenced by various, "players," in the food industry.

Your Own Balance Point
My theory and approach to life is of maintaining a, "balance," that means not over-doing any particular practice or behavior, be it eating, drinking, or even exercise. We should not fatten ourselves like pigs, neither should we starve ourselves into scarecrows.

Your Own Comfort Zone
This approach, of practicing, "moderation," naturally fits into my, "doing what feels best and works best," approach. I typically feel bad if I over or under eat. We all know how bad we can feel after over-indulging in drink, and we've all likely hit a point in our training where we have to force ourselves to back-off, and take some time off, before we break ourselves.

I Do It My Way
I never reduced my salt intake, my intake of eggs, red meat, nor ever worried about consuming fat, or responded in any way to what have appeared to be, "waves," of health, "fads," over the past four decades.

All that time, during my, "adult," life, I've just eaten what felt correct to me, what worked with my training, and did not result in me balloning-out or shrinking.







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