Pursuing the Cosmological Constant Closer to the Big Bang by the Light of Quasars

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By Alex Wierbinski - Posted on 30 January 2019




Galaxy, Quasar, & Black Hole Interactions Reveal Scale of Cosmic Expansion
 NASA/CXC/Univ. of Florence/G.Risaliti & E.Lusso

Galaxies with Quasar & Black Hole provide a New Scale of Cosmic Expansion, Credit Illustration: NASA/CXC/M.Weiss; X-ray: NASA/CXC/Univ. of Florence/G.Risaliti & E.Lusso


Pursuing the Cosmological Constant Closer & Closer to the Big Bang

Astronomers Find Dark Energy May Vary Over Time,
NASA-CHANDRA, January 28, 2019.


Measuring more and more distant quasars more and more accurately has allowed astrophysicists to measure the acceleration in the rate of expansion of our universe.

The Quasar Cosmic Scale of Measurement

"...astronomers tracked the effects of dark energy to about one billion years after the Big Bang by determining the distances to quasars, rapidly growing black holes that shine extremely brightly."

“The latest result stems from the development of a new method to determine distances to about 1,598 quasars, which allows the researchers to measure dark energy's effects from the early Universe through to the present day.”

“They then used this information to study the expansion rate of the universe back to very early times, and found evidence that the amount of dark energy is growing with time.”


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quasars, almost track expanding universal expansion back to big bang


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