Tropical Soils, Microbes, and Heat Add Up to 10% More Atmospheric CO2

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By Alex Wierbinski - Posted on 30 September 2019



Tropical Soils, Microbes, and Heat Add Up to 10% More CO2

Microbes in Warm Soils Released More Carbon Than Those in Cooler Soils,
Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute, September 30, 2019.


"The fate of soil carbon in response to global heating remains one of the greatest sources of un-certainty in our predictions of future climate."

"Tropical soils have a particularly large influence on the global carbon cycle and are home to unique biodiversity, but their response to warming remains poorly understood."

Not Well Modeled
".while tropical forests may have the potential to release vast amounts of carbon into the atmosphere as they warm, the effects of warming on tropical soils and the microbes that break down organic matter are poorly characterized."

The Experiment
"At four sites in the Peruvian Andes, Nottingham and colleagues removed soil cores from the ground. A set of cores stayed at the same site, while other cores were moved to sites either higher up the mountain (thus, cooler) or lower on the mountain (warmer), a 3,000-meter range equivalent to plus or minus 4 to 15 degrees Celsius."

Generated New Soil Warming CO2 Figures: +10%
"...a 4 to 8 degree Celsius increase in global temperatures during the next century, tropical soils could cause roughly a 9% increase in atmospheric carbon dioxide this century," Nottingham said."

A Powerful Feedback Loop
"Our study clearly shows that global warming is likely to create a powerful positive feedback loop, as the microbes and enzymes they synthesize that thrive under warmer conditions release even more carbon from the soil into the atmosphere."

"This study indicates that tropical soils are likely to be a considerable source of carbon to the at-mosphere, promoting further increases in temperature."



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