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Poll: Shows Our Environmental Disaster is Rooted in Political Corruption | High Sierra Backpacker

Poll: Shows Our Environmental Disaster is Rooted in Political Corruption

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By Alex Wierbinski - Posted on 15 May 2018


The Big Distraction

Corruption Sloshes Back and Forth while Greed Overwhelms Nature

Majorities see government efforts to protect the environment as insufficient,
Pew Research Center, May 14, 2018.


"Majorities of Americans say the federal government is doing too little to protect key aspects of the environment..."

"69% of Americans say the federal government isn't doing enough to protect water quality of lakes, rivers and streams and 64% say the same about air quality. Two-thirds (67%) say the government is doing too little to reduce the effects of climate change."


Bottom Line

We have an environmental problem produced by the "normal operations" of our ever-expanding economic model. Doing, "too much," or "too little" regulation addressing the environmental consequences of our intentional policies of irresponsible expansion, which the poll above tracks, are practically irrelevant issues. More or less regulation has little effect, as long as our policy of endless demographic and economic expansion continues unabated.

Endless growth brings us to the same destination, environmental destruction, if we take big or little "regulatory" steps along that path.

Our trajectory of environmental degradation will continue and deepen until human and economic "growth" are finally recognized as the root causes of our expanding environmental dysfunctions. This growth must be stopped to stop the progress of our ecological breakdown. More or less regulation has all the chances of stopping our runaway environmental destruction as a mosquito has of killing a bear that's going for the picnic basket.

We must change our growth policy from one of quanatative growth, of unlimited population growth, to a policy qualatative growth. We have to increase the quality of our society, rather than continuing to massively expand our population as we degrade the quality of our lives and environment.
This policy shift will allow our current regulations to finally begin reducing CO2 production, rather than failing to compensate for the destructive effects of yet more growth, as is happening today.

Our current "Democratic" party approach to "environmentalism" assumes that endless unlimited demographic and economic expansion are "fixed variables," unchanging parts of our American Experience, meaning that the Democrats can never address the true causes of our environmental breakdowns, our irresponsible growth and offshoring, and therefore have never been protectors of our environment, or even "environmentalists."
The Democrat's "endless on-and-offshore growth" policies are the true sources and causes of our climate destruction, and are currently the powerful force driving all of our ecological breakdowns forward.

"Addressing" the symptoms of our climate breakdown without addressing it's root causes assures that the differences between the Dems and the Repugnants are irrelevant to the progress of the overall environmental breakdowns their shared policies of unlimited, endless growth and expansion are mutually driving: The Dems and Repugnants are partners in pillaging our country's human and natural infrastructures. They just have slightly different, "styles" of looting, but share exactly the same, "means and ends." They are both bribed tools of our corporate overlords.

These types of "environmental" news stories, and things like the poll above are nothing more than "treadmill" distractions, pulling our few citizen's attention away from the true root causes of our environmental and ecological breakdowns: irresponsible domestic and international growth. It's really unrestrained greed served by political corruption that's killing us and our environment.
The environmental breakdowns and extreme weather we are experiencing will continue to progress and evolve until we actually end our irresponsible demographic expansion, independent of the ebb and flow of regulatory corruptions our throughly bribed political parties, "float their boats," upon. Adding or removing "regulations" generates vast bribes for the politicans of both parties.

It's good Americans are concerned. They have good reasons to be. Our concern about our environment leads us to a related problem, the problem of our politicians and parties being completely corrupted by corporate bribery. This corruption is at the center of what drives the Corporate Growth Machine of Death's policies of endless growth forward.

Our environmental problem is, therefore, "structural," being politically composed of the vast web of corporate bribers who've made both political parties vital parts of their endless advance of the, "growth and development," driving our environmental problems forward, rather than the parties being parts of the solution. Breaking this corrupt link between politicians and their corporate sponsors is where real environmentalism, where real change must begin.

Our environmental problems will continue to be fundamentally politically, and effectively, "untouchable," until we resolve our political corruption problem. Our corruption and environmental problems feed and perpetuate each other. Our corporations rape our environment, then use the profits to bribe our parties and politicians, who then allow them to rape our environment. This link must be broken.

This cycle of corruption is why we have all this self-generated political and press, "confusion," and why we have been guided by the corporate politicians, the corporate press, and their polls, to worrying more about the symptoms of our environmental breakdowns, while being turned away from understanding, targeting, and eliminating the true causes of our country's environmental and ecological destruction: irresponsible demographic growth and industrial development.

Taking our politicians back from their corporate sponsors will be the first step towards effective environmentalism. This would be a truly revolutionary step.

Fixing our Corporate Corruption problem would also solve a whole lot of our our other, social, economic, and political problems, too. A clean democratic process with a real independent, "free press' would go a long ways towards fixing our basic ethical problems, which is where our environmental problems, and most of our other social problems, are truly centered.

Until that time we can finally obtain a "clean" democracy, the average American's environmental concerns (like all our others) will continue to be irrelevant in the face of the overwhelming irresponsible growth and development our greed, political bribery, and corruption are currently driving forward as fast as they possibly can.

Stopping the corporate bribery controlling our political processes is the only effective way we will finally be able to begin a program of effective environmentalism sufficient to address and finally mitigate our environment's destruction at its source, rather than flailing ineffectively at its symptoms, as we've done over the last forty years of steady global ecological decline.



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