PG&E Spends $1 Million+ on Bribes to Brown, Dims, & California officials to Evade Wildfire Laws

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By Alex Wierbinski - Posted on 29 August 2018


August 18, Update,


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PG&E’s bid to change wildfire liability rules appears dead for now,
SF Chron, August 18, 2018.

For now is the operative phrase. PG&E is determined to saddle their costs of doing business, and substantially expand their profits, at the public's expense.


August 1 Update

How our Law & Environment are Really Managed

Open PG&E Bribery Finally Hinted at by Press, below




July 26

How Politics Really Works

Jerry Brown: Corporate Whore of PGE



How our Laws & Environment are Really Managed

Open Bribery

Finally Hinted at, But Still Left Unstated by Press

PG&E spends more than $1 million to lobby California officials on wildfire laws,
Sac Bee, August 1, 2018.

Evil Energy Empire

"PG&E spent $1.7 million on lobbying over three months this year as the utility pressured California officials to reduce its legal liability for wildfire property damages."

Empire of Bribes

"The San Francisco company dished out more money from April through June than it spent to influence state leaders in all of 2017, according to state filings."

"Southern California Edison also reported spending $900,000 and Sempra Energy disclosed $502,000 in lobbying payments during the quarter."

(This financial information was online when the original article, on top, was published)

Bribery Machine

"The lobbying surges took place as the utility companies urged Gov. Jerry Brown and state legislators to rethink how the state pays for damages from massive wildfires."

Propaganda Machine

"PG&E has been running an advertising campaign this year to inform customers about precautionary measures it takes to prevent wildfires."


The Bottom Lines
These vast political payoffs to powerful politicians mentioned above were completely obvious when the legislation was introduced, as I mentioned in my analysis of exactly what the Dem-PGE legislative "push," to let PGE off the hook was all, "about," commenting about the original article above.

Who's Got the Biggest Balls?
My god, PGE has purchased, and put the Governor of the State of California at the head of its, “full court press,” of legislative piracy.

Big Bucks, if Nothing Else
It was obvious from the beginning that PGE was spending a lot of money buying important politicians, and I'm sure spending some formidible money & energy, "massaging," the public propaganda message, as well as shaping their,  "message," to the professional reporting class.

The original article announcing the "Free PGE," legislation showed us that "our," "free," press was not able to ignore PGE's formidible alignment of political bribes, raw economic power, as well as PGE's propaganda (in the press) spending power, all coming together to cause most of the corporate press to pretend that PGE buying the law to indemnify themselves from liability is normal, reasonable, and "good."

Sad State of Affairs
Sadly, they are mostly correct. The open propaganda, the political bribery, and corruption we've seen PGE exercising to, "pass legislation," is the normal process by which every corporate special interest purchases criminal influence over their relevant sphere of law and regulation from the Dim-Corporate Political Mafia that runs California.

PGE is just doing, committing the same crimes against our democracy that the bankers, the developers, construction, agricultural, transportation, nuke, and every other well-heeled "investor" in California does. They all, and many more not mentioned, buy corrupt political influence from the Dims (in California) to enhance their profits. PGE is not just bribing a little, for a little extra profit, but they are going for the whole pot of gold! They are spending millions to potentially gain billions! PGE is one of the bigger fish in this pond...

PGE has been running a full-bore television, radio, and billboard propaganda campaign since their criminal negligence blew up part of a South Bay city, accompanied by a liberal campaign of political bribes, all of which just now have come home to roost, with Gov Brown leading a legislative charge to immunize PGE from the liabilities and costs that generating their profits entails.

The Big Bet
PGE has spent millions on bribes and propaganda to take a chance at garnering billions in illicit profits. That's a very good bet/investment from their perspective. Why? The depth of the corruption of, "our," political parties and politicians gives them high hopes that success is likely. PGE can buy law in California. They bought the governor. That's a good start...for corruption, and a very bad sign for our whole frigging country.

That's the bottom-line that neither of the Sac Bee's articles address: law and policy are for sale in what our, "democratic system.," has degraded into.

Dance, Whore, Dance
Let's at least enjoy the spectacle of watching Jerry and the Dims, "dance for their corporate paymasters," dancing to the praises of the corporate press, while the lobbyists throw dollars at them, all to the flickering lights of California and the world burning around them.

Death Knell of the Cheaters
I say we break them all up, that we break PGE into a publically owned utility, and break our politicians out of their corporate captivity by banning all "private" political contributions, and break up the vast concentration of corporate ownership of, "our," "free press."

The reigns of our legislative powers must be taken out of the hands of PGE, and our other Corporate Masters, and put back into the hands of the average American, to reflect the interests of the average American.

That's going to require a fundamental change in the way politics are "funded" in the US and California. We've got to eliminate the system of direct bribery we are right now watching PGE & the Dims using to try to pull-off a classic public rip-off.

Finally, it always comes down to the fact we've got to restrict political, "contributions," to very limited sums of money, only given by real individual voters who can really vote in the election into which they are contributing. No other, "contributions," can be allowed. Democratic soveregnity trumps. "free speech," (as they call bribery today...) even if you, wrongly, equate speech with money.

PGE's recent actions, their social and legislative, "full court press," of bribery, and the press reporting on this great wave of corruption we've just seen, give a veneer of respectability to open bribery and corruption, things which should be an embarassment to all of our citizens.

Truths are revealed by watching this process of open bribery itself, the truths that our corrupted politicians and political, "system," that drives and motivates, "policy formation," are nothing more than a sham system of cheating composed of bribes, illicit influences, and corruption. It's gotta be cleaned-out and, "refreshed."

Less than Zero
Restricting political "contributions" to actual voters will result in highly reduced, if not zero outside corporate bribes corrupting elections and politics, as is typical today. In any case, however we do it, we've got to eliminate all bribery of politicians, especially the overwhelming influence of corporate bribery in our party system, if first, they in the system want to retain any credibility at all, and second, if we want reasonable and balanced legislation in any aspect of our lives.

Masters of the Status-Quo
These corrupted politicians and their corporate bribe-masters are the people who created the policies that set our burning planet afire. It behooves us to act for every honorable reason.





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PGE political bribery Jerry Brown’s plan lowers PG&E’s liability for wildfire damages


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