Bribed Legislators work for PGE, rather than Citizens

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By Alex Wierbinski - Posted on 23 November 2018


Bribed Legislators work for PGE, Corporate Bribers, rather than Citizens

PG&E-friendly wildfire bill being prepared by state lawmakers in wake of lethal Butte County inferno, SF Crate, November 21, 2018.


“Even before the cause of the deadly Camp Fire is determined, California lawmakers are drafting legislation to shield PG&E from massive liabilities connected to the blaze.”

Owned, Lock, Stock, & Barrel
“...introduced by Democratic Assemblyman Chris Holden of Los Angeles County, who is the chairman of the key legislative panel.”

You Burn Us, We Pay for Your Profits
“The bill is expected to protect California’s major investor-owned utilities from wildfire liabilities.”

(So, when they blow us up, and know the chances of gassing the hell out of us are high, they also know they will never be made to fully give up the profits they made by endangering us, let alone pay the full costs for blowing us up, burning us down and gassing us in pursuit of higher profits. Nope. A few millions to the Dems fixes that right up...)

A Big Briber of Dims
“...ensure that financial liabilities arising from any destructive wildfires in 2018, like the Camp Fire in Butte County, don’t destabilize a big utility, such as PG&E.”

“Our” History of Socialized Risks, Privatized Profits
SB 901
“...Brown in September signed SB 901, a sweeping bill designed to remedy California’s past, present and future wildfire ailments, brushing aside criticism that the measure was a bailout for PG&E, which faces a troubling mountain of liabilities linked to infernos that torched the Wine Country and other regions in October 2017.”

SB 901
“...didn’t specifically apply to fire catastrophes in 2018.”



Post-Megafire Destruction of/in Napa & Sonoma Counties last year

PGE PARASITES: Drain them of Irresponsible Profits then Convert them into a Public Utility


April 2018



July 2018

Jerry Brown, Bribed Corporate Tool, UPDATED: Limit PG&E’s liability for Fire Damages


August 2018

PG&E Spends $1 Million+ on Bribes to Brown, Dims, & California officials to Evade Wildfire Laws


PG&E Spends $1 Million+ on Bribes to Brown, Dims, & California officials to Evade Wildfire Laws


September 2018


SB 901 Signed: Bribe-O-Crats Serve their PG&E Corporate Bribe-masters


The Power companies Flex their Political Muscles: We Blow Up & Die, We Burn & We Die & Then YOU Pay




The Bottom Line

The General Welfare First
We the Citizens of the State of California need to transform all private utilities into non-profit corporations, along with all medicine, all education, and all municipal waterworks. They can be publicly or privately owned or managed, but they will not be allowed to squeeze profits out of the basic needs and operations of our country and its citizens.

Regulate them to allow good, middle-class wage jobs, and prevent the culture of the multi-million dollar Corporate CEO salaries

Non Profit Utilities
Here’s the law I’d introduce: All utilities shall operate as non-profits, and be strictly managed and regulated for the general welfare of our citizens, not for the private profits of our corporate elite.

Not a Commie, or even a Socialist...
Happy May Day, Hippies, Commies, Religious & Marxist Traitors

Lower Rates
Under a responsible system, we the People would get the, “profits,” being the recipients of the general welfare, through the benefits of lower prices. If, “we the people,” shoulder the liabilities, as we always do, independent of the public or private status of the utility, we should reap the benefits, not the corporate elite who currently, “owns,” PGE...

Long Unbroken Chain of Corruption
Our corporate elite generating vast profits enabling them to bribe our politicians to legislate corporate profitability composes an unbroken chain of endless corruption our corporate and political elites have used for over a century, to feather each other’s nests, as they’ve drained and destroyed both our state, and our country.

Funding Corrupt Influences
"Our," throughly-bribed politicians making rate and taxpayers cover private-profit generated liabilities, such as the wildfire costs described in the article above, shows us exactly how corrupted political influences and parties are using each other like hands use puppets, right now, to continue the greedy corporate ripoff that’s drained our state’s wealth.

It is exactly the operations of this system of organized corruption that's transformed California from the wealthiest, highest-paid, and best educated state in 1964, to the leader in our country’s national race to the bottom, by instituting immigration and offshoring policy creating the most poverty and ignorance in our country, (step aside Florida & Missouri, California's finally, "come of age!"), of creating the greatest wealth divide in our country's history, between our modern-era corporate elite, “Technical Robber Barons,” and their massed legions of foreign peasants, (here, and in their vast quasi-slave factories in China), all pursuing and utilitizing the same cheating corporate system of  financial success, by putting themselves and their personal greed and crude gratifications far above our most fundamental rules of law.

Their achievements, of draining the quality of our society and ecology for their personal enrichment, required very strong motivations (unchecked greed), clear policies (unchecked massive immigration and total offshoring…), and legislative determination (vast bribery, legislative lawlessness, and commonplace corruption) to attain.

We’re there now! Now that we’ve created a corporate fascist state running a global evil empire, now we’ve only one mission.
Now we’ve got to get back to the American Constitution’s version of ethics, and the general welfare of our citizens, and that destination is a hell of a long ways away, with a whole lot of individual and institutions dedicated to defying both, in pursuit of imposing their personal interests and values on the rest of us!

Let’s get cracking!

A New Direction
Municipal services must work to make our lives better, not as a vehicle that we citizens be politically and economically harnessed-up to, to work ourselves supporting the profits of our corporate masters, by providing them with tax and ratepayer guaranteed profits. They have to milk their own cows, if they want the creme off the top.

Now PGE has bribed, "our," politicians sufficiently, and spent millions on public propaganda, to get the benefits of ownership with politically protected profits at public expense.

Risk, Return, & Reality
Private profit is earned at private risk. If the private interests are incapable of covering the inherent risks their profits require, then they are incapable of responsible operations, and should not be in business, in the first place.
In the case of municipal systems generating the vast liabilities that public utilities entail, only the tax base of our citizenry is, or has ever been sufficient for such liability load, for quite some time now.

Political Bribery Hedges Economic Risk
That means that PGE and the other, “private” utilities in California that are currently ripping-off the few citizens left in our state, have all been running their operations with the implicit, political, “put,” backing-up their operations, composed of the backing of their throughly-bribed Democratic Operatives in California, and Federally.

Corporate Toolkit
These bribed political tools can be depended on to race in with taxpayer and ratepayer funding support, to maintain their corporate master’s profits and positions, as well as protecting their own political positions in their gravy-train of corporate greed and political corruption both our political parties represent.

The vast majority of our legislators get as rich as they can while in office, or really set themselves up for when they depart office.

Killing the Corporate Citizen
AKA, Traitors
The only way to change this system of greed and corruption is to completely ban any corporation from putting any money at all, into politics or political propaganda, such as the many millions of dollars we’ve watched PGE spend on both politicians and mass-media political propaganda during the last couple of years. Zero corporate participation in politics still leaves the outrageous bribery of the billionaires.

The billionaire’s oversize political influence must be restricted to as equal an influence with all the rest of us voters, as possible. We need to strictly enforce harsh restrictions on the open political bribery thinly disguised as, “campaign contributions.”

Reigning-In PGE, & Other Corporate Devils
I’m an advocate of strict campaign, “contribution,” limits, limits that make every citizen’s single voice politically equal. Having a real, operative democratic system is important, which I’d demonstrate by putting any rich folks who wants to, “shout us down,” by overwhelming their less well-heeled opposition with their extreme wealth & bribery money (as is so commonly practiced today) in prison for a very, very long time, if they broke the slightest anti-corrupt-contribution laws that I’d make…

War Against “Legal” Bribery
We need a, “War,” against political corruption stronger than our illict, “wars” on drugs and terror, that expresses, “Zero Tolerance,” for those who pervert and corrupt our political institutions with the bribery we’ve seen PGE & the energy industry apply in California. These are the true threats to our country, far worse than the, “Drug,” or, “Terror,” problems that our corrupted politicians and their service to a system of global corruption incited, in the first place.

We need to excise the source of greed and corruption emanating from our corporate elite, their captive political parties, and their mutually lapdog media.

Our Current Situation
The corporate subversion of our democracy and free press, let alone their completely undermining our basic sovereignty, as our political elite has successfully done in California, are very serious offenses, to those few Citizens remaining in California...

Predictable Result
The Dims in California will make big bucks on the bribes making rate and taxpayers subsidize PGE’s private profits.

The Power companies Flex their Political Muscles: We Blow Up & Die, We Burn & We Die & Then YOU Pay

Physically, California is being whipsawed between deep drought and deep floods, its forests are dead, dying, and browning from the radically changing seasons we’ve experienced over the past twenty years, then burning in massive, “megafires.” Our social and ethical breakdowns are driving our physical destruction.

Our, “citizens,” are uneducated, even to the depth of not understanding our Constitution or Culture, and poverty has dropped to third world levels.


More Background

PG&E spends more than $1 million to lobby California officials on wildfire laws


This 1.7 million is only counting PGE's bribes, but does not include the bribes of all their allied energy industy players who are also throwing big bucks at our money-collecting corrupted politicians, and this sum does not include their long-term big-bucks TV propaganda campaign, first started after they blew up San Bruno, but continued year by year as they (and their allied energy industy players) burn down greater and greater sections of our state.

Public Subsidy-Private Profits
Now, as a product, the payoff for all of this bribery and propaganda is that we rate & taxpayers get the honor of paying for PGE to burn down our state, so they can make lots of money doing it, and not, "hurt," us by going bankrupt...

I believe we can reorganize PGE better, by breaking them in bankruptcy, than they are now organized, and be less, "hurt," in the future by their irresponsible fires or finances.

Bad Incentives
The financial indemnification granted by the Dims to PGE will incentivize all the energy companies to spend money to maintain their facilities and infrastrucuture, to prevent fires they no longer pay for...Not!

PGE will make money off of both deferring maintenance, and off not have to pay for the resulting fires. Ain't political corruption great?! It's a, "win-win," situation for both PGE, their shareholders, & the politicians at the trough.

Everyone else got burned, literally or financially...


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