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2018, ECO-CRASHING NEWS Particulate Pollution vs. CO2; How to Fix this Mess?! | High Sierra Backpacker

2018, ECO-CRASHING NEWS Particulate Pollution vs. CO2; How to Fix this Mess?!

Alex Wierbinski's picture

By Alex Wierbinski - Posted on 19 August 2018


Particulate Pollution vs. CO2

Particulate pollution's impact varies greatly depending on where it originated,
Carnegie Institution for Science, August 17, 2018.



"Aerosols are tiny particles that are spewed into the atmosphere by human activities, including burning coal and wood."

Cooling Effect
"While greenhouse gases cause warming by trapping heat in the atmosphere, some aerosols can have a cooling effect on the climate--similar to how emissions from a major volcanic eruption can cause global temperatures to drop."

30% Reduction in Greenhouse Warming
"Estimates indicate that aerosols have offset about a third of greenhouse gas-driven warming since the 1950s."

Aerosols have Short Lives, GGs have Long Lives
"... aerosols have a much shorter lifespan in the atmosphere than the gases responsible for global warming."

So...Distribution of Aerosols Vary by Region
"This means that their atmospheric distribution varies by region, especially in comparison to carbon dioxide."

And...The Cooling Effect of Aerosols Vary by Region
"...the impact these fine particles have on the climate varies greatly depending on where they were released."


The Bottom Line


Here is yet another battle between evil titans, between the byproducts of human over-production and over-consumption happening in the Earth's atmosphere right now.

This latest, "battle." is the atmospheric battle between the warming effects of greenhouse gas pollution against the cooling effects of particulate pollution, each a force of terrible ecological and human destruction in its own right, locked in a fight between warming and cooling in the skies above.

This piece of research above depicts a battle that pits the greenhouse gas triggered general degradation of our whole planet’s weather, and therefore the degradation of everything, against the direct damages to an individual's lungs wrought by particulate pollution. Our planet and people gets slashed by both sides of this double-edged sword.

Well, we are suffering under the negative effects of huge doses of both of these kinds of pollutions because of the scale of our population and how we produce and consume energy.
Because of our overpopulation and attendant overproduction, the megacity scale of both these types of pollution are staggering, and each brutally damaging in its own sphere of influence.

What to Do?
Though this research above speaks to one pollution offsetting the other, because of their nature and effect there is only one responsible way to approach them: Dramatically reduce their shared sources where possible, while reducing either whenever possible.

That’s quite a problem at the scale humanity has reached.


How to Save Our Environment
The only logical way to deal with them both, with particulate and carbon pollution, is at their shared source. The genesis of the overwhelming production of both was the corruption of our government by corporate bribery.
The movement of Western Manufacturing to the environmentally unregulated factories of China & India, at exactly the same time as we dramatically increased the number of domestic, “consumers,” here in the USA, all of whom are dependent on, and powering China & India’s filthy production, has long been the current strategy for moving the wealth and political power of our country from the people to the top.

Unfortunately, it's also broken our planet...but it worked!

We stripped the American middle-class of its share of our nation’s wealth and political power as we radically expanded our population while moving our manufacturing to environmentally unregulated, slave labor-like countries.

China & India responded with maximum production, while employing little or no environmental controls at any stage of production. Our proper response to these social, environmental, and economic insults created by these irresponsible policies should be quite apparent to anyone.

The first thing we’ve got to do to clean up the corruptions in our political process that’ve allowed this betrayal in the first place. We’ve got to end all corporate influence in politics.

Then we can institute policies that reverse the destruction of our planet and the draining of our citizens.

Tariff Standards
Ban China & India Trade
The first rational policy will be to prohibit any products not manufactured under strict environmental controls, by well paid workers, in a country with proper civil and political rights, from ever entering the US.

End All Immigration
Next, our job is to simultaneously limit domestic demand for all of our resources as we reduce the availability of labor, and especially cheap labor, here in the US.
We’ve essentially got to end all demographic growth here in the USA, completely deport the whole illegal and disloyal populations here (yes, we are a sovereign nation, we do have enforceable borders, and the folks who reject this are not citizens), and focus on stabilizing our population against a healthy ecosystem while rebuilding a healthy, balanced economy.

We will grow in quality, or not at all.

Reducing available domestic labor while putting up tariff walls against cheap foreign labor and foreign pollution is exactly how you rebuild high-paid, clean manufacturing here while fixing our planet. Multinational and Corporate salaries and profits will plunge! The wages of Average Americans will soar!

The New Boss, Not Like the Old Boss at All
We’ve got to stop our cororate elite, operating as, “multinational corporations,” from continuing to asset-strip us, and our whole planet. First, by taking our bribed politicians back from their “multinational” bribers, and forcing them to represent us, and second, by finally forcing them to refuse all manufacturing from slave labor-like nations whom have no pollution control or political freedom, such as China, India, and about all of Southeast Asia.

That’s how we can begin fixing our environmental and economic problems.

The Wealth of Our Nation
That’s how we bring the wealth of our nation back into the hands of our middle class while fixing our environment and our economy at the same time. This is how we change the disastrous direction of our planet: we’ve got to disenfranchise our corporate elite, and remove their domesticated political parties from their corporate captivity.

Then we can begin addressing the scars these corrupted, greedy cheaters have carved into the faces of our planet, our country, and our people.

No More Unfettered International Industrialism
“Fettering” our multinational’s use of slave labor-like industry in China & India is the only way we can actually and productively address one of the main sources of our current ecological, economic, and social breakdowns: by stopping the unfettered burning of coal in China & India, using slave labor, with ironclad tariff policies that fully enforce, “Fair Trade,” and, “Clean Trade.”

Fair Trade
Fair Trade Tariffs would firmly reject and punish slave labor conditions and autocratic, non-democratic countries. We will offer third-world workers, “a hand up,” rather than allowing our multinationals to use them to bring down the American middle-class, as the system is currently designed to do.
Fair Trade Tariffs must be accompanied by, “Clean Trade,” tariffs, too.

Clean Trade
Full Pollution Control Tariffs, “Clean Trade,” must impose harsh and punishing tariffs on all foreign manufacturing not meeting the highest standards of environmental and public safety.

No More allowing US Multinationals to hide their filth and brutality behind their Chinese & Indian partners!

A Regional Problem
We’ve got to shut down the vast unregulated pollution-producing factories filled with slave-wage peasants all over Southeast Asia, as well as China and India.

The whole point of blocking foreign trade with tariffs is to start the process of replacing foreign-made goods produced in filthy factories of quasi-slaves with perfectly clean factories of highly paid middle-class American workers, here.
But, we have serious domestic impediments to the fair distribution of wealth in the US, as well.

Rebuilding the American middle-class cannot happen with an endless supply of cheap, state-subsidized, illegal labor always available to suppress wages, as we have happening now, not to mention the issue of having whole races of people put themselves above our law, as the basis of their, “citizenship!” Let me reiterate: nobody is above our laws, and putting yourself, “above our laws,” fundamentally disqualifies you from citizenship.

Back to the Source
These combined policies of cutting off corporate America’s endless supplies of cheap domestic and foreign labor will have the effect of draining multinational corporations of their profits, and putting these profits back into the pockets of middle-class Americans, where they were first stolen from, as wages and benefits,...once we can un-bribe all the politicians, and actually start instituting policies for the general welfare of all our people who follow our rule of law, rather than the rule by the rich and their, “morally superior,” minions, who have put themselves above our rule of law.

Those are the exact behaviors that have broken our country’s legitimacy and our planet’s environment.

Make America Green Again
That’s how we begin Making America Green Again, through a program which will result in radically reducing the production of particulate and greenhouse gas pollution at their global sources in China & India, while curbing the demand for mass-market cheap Chinese products emanating from rapidly growing American Megacities filling-up with cheap foreign labor.

The American ship of state has been navigated into dangerous domestic waters, disregarding the fundamental constitutional demands of democratic practices and the security of a citizen’s beliefs, of their property, their arms, and their “effects,” while pursuing international empire.
Now it’s time to turn our ship of state around, and bring it back onto our constitutionally-charted course, which prohibits police state powers and empires, both to block the historical paths with whic greed, wealth, power, and desire politically manifest themselves. As they are doing today. Our forefathers drew a constitutional line in the sand that our corporate elite has fully crossed, then kicked into dust.

Our country is far off its ethical, spiritual, and constitutional courses today...

Only after scouring the corruption out of our political system can we finally craft honest policy, only after sweeping out the corruption that’s infested our country, and its institutions.

It is time for good Americans to come to the defense of their country.

The Rules: No More Cheaters
Americans need to reestablish a set of, “rules,” for doing business, for granting corporate charters. Rules that reflect our constitution’s putting the general welfare of the average American citizen and the quality of our lives, country, and environment first and foremost, far before the multi-million dollar salaries of our corporate elite, “CEOs,” and long before any multinational corporate profits are extracted from our hides. First and foremost, I’d alter corporate charters to prohibit corporate participation in politics.


Scientists discover the source (China) of new CFC emissions,
University of Bristol, May 22, 2019.

The Farce Continues: India, China, & Brazil Exempt from, Environmental “Pacts,”

Won't Work as Designed
Paris Pact: Goals Not Obtainable under Current Endless Global Growth Model


We’ve got to refresh the spirit of liberty in the US. Greedy foreigners refresh the greed and power of our corporate elite.



This is our first task, to realign the motivations and methods of our parties and politicians close enough to our fundamental democratic principals, to purge the system of enough of the greed-driven bribery and corruption its drowning in, to even have a chance at having a decision-making process capable of making the hard decisions necessary to save everything else…

We don’t have such a political decision-making process, a clean democratic system, today. We will continue to grow towards our own destruction until we do.

How to Save Our Environment
These trade and demographic policies mentioned above fundamentally address the source, the size, and magnitude of the processes of irresponsible, “growth,” that’s the driving force behind our climate breakdown, and comes as close to eliminating them as possible.

This is the path to fixing our planet’s environment. First, we’ve got to fix the source of its destruction, being our corrupted corporate elite and their corrupted, captured, “political elite.”

Everything will become cleaner, if we can clean up politics. Corruption is the true source of our environmental problems, and one cannot be fixed without fixing the other. The greatest concentration of corruption in the whole world is centered on, and deeply attached to, our State & Federal Governments.

Rock’em-Sock’em Robots
It’s the corporate capture of our parties, press, and government here in the USA that’s led to our policies of unlimited, irresponsible domestic growth here in the USA that’s driven the industrialization of China and South Asia, and it’s this growth that’s the true mother of this titanic battle between particulate matter and greenhouse gases that we’re watching unfold in our atmosphere. The “fight” between CO2 and particulate pollution are shadow-boxers of our greed.

Reflections of Greed
The “battles,” we’re watching play out in the skies and clouds are nothing more than the dark shadows of us, the long effects of our human, terrestrial greed in the skies, as nature collects, magnifies, and reflects the energy we put into it, eventually back at us, meaning that all of us will be forced to pay the ultimate price for the environmental collapse that our greed, foolishness, and our pursuit of wealth and power has allowed, if it did not itself participate in creating.

The Opening Shots
Rolling back immigration and unwinding offshoring are only going to be the “opening shots,” in shrinking both particulate and CO2 pollution back down to a “non-existential” size.

These policies are also going to slash CO2 emissions while impoverishing the multinationals by enriching Average Working Americans. It’s a Win-Win-Win. But most importantly, rolling-back immigration and offshoring puts, “growth,” into second position behind, “balance.”

We are going to control our desires with principals. American Principals...

Happy May Day, Hippies, Commies, Religious, Market, & Marxist Traitors

A Philosophical Shift
Replacing our greed-based, “growth at any cost,’ policies motivated by corporate greed, with the ethical, philosophical pursuit of, “balance,” is going to be the vital philosophical shift necessary for retaining any elements of our ancient climate or environment.

We’ve got to realign our values with survival.

These policies of self control and restraint are in-fact designed to shrink our whole society’s size down, first, back down to fit under our own system of ethical restraints, specifically, the one demanded by our particularly unique constitutional system. We’ve got to shrink until we come into constitutional compliance.

What’s in Charge?
Ethical control is the basis of physical control. Either your ethics control your desires, or your desires control you. It’s time to Flip the American Script back to ethical control in the US of A, who's intentions reflect the motivations of our founders, with their perceptions and intentions written into the very fabric of their documents, rather than the greed of the Robber Barons, and their destruction of these legitimate forms.

Having and practicing American Ethics gives us a shot at controlling the destructive physical effects of our multinational’s uncontrolled greed, as well as the corruption they use to feed and maintain their greed. This will give us a chance to put the direction of our nation back within the constraints of our natural environment.

As a first step towards fitting within our ethical and natural restraints, let’s recognize that corporate and billionaire bribes to parties and politicians are not, “democratic,” composing open violations of our constitutional guarantee of democratic institutions.
The corporations and their politicians practice bribery right in front of us, while the, "free," press condemns itself by, “ignoring,” it, while at the same time calling this auction of our political rights, freedoms and the powers of our nation, “legitimate politics!” What gall! How disgraceful!

State of Truth
"Speaking truth to Power?" All the people who dare to speak truth to power are either in jail, awaiting trial, previously intimidated, discredited, ignored, in exile, or dead.

No bribed politician or party is legitimate. No system of bribery is legitimate. The only legitimate part of our polity are our citizen-voters, without an honest forum to represent them, while the existing party structures and politicians have fallen into open corruption.

The New Country
“Discovering,” our own ethics as Americans, and constraining ourselves within those ethical principals is the only thing that’s going to give us even a shot to get back within the physical constraints of our environment, of being able to push our population back down under the level necessary to preserve our “natural habitat.” Our, "natural habitat,"consists of our continental environment stretching from sea to shining sea, (this does not include policing the Ukraine, Syria, Lybia, let alone Afghanistan or Iraq! Iran? Are you freeking kidding me(?)), before it’s finally and fully stripped down and permanently transformed.

The forces of never ending greed-driven growth are leading us down a deadend path.

Thus, "saving ,"the High Sierra, being an, "environmentalist," is a bit more complex than voting green or recycling...we’ve got to neutralize deep-seated corruption while redirecting our country back to actually operating by its fundamental values, within its original constitutional constraints that our corrupted corporate elite, and their bribed minions, have all put aside.

We’ve got to begin disassembling the corporate state’s growth machine of Death now, by ending the immigration and offshoring policies with which they’ve (our corporate elite) have already used to asset-stripped the lion’s share of the resources of all man and nature in our country, and sadly, around the whole freeking world.

I, like Roberto, say, “No-Mas.” Our corporate elite’s already beaten our planet and its peoples to a bloody pulp, and this shitstorm of greed and corruption must be brought to an end.

We need fundamental change.


One Filth against the Other…

One Filth Offsetting Another: Godzilla vs. Mothra? Global Warming Stratospheric Warming Dampens Chemical-Caused Ozone Hole


Understanding Air Pollution and the Way It Is Measured,
World Bank, July 14, 2018.





Particulates from Orbit
NASA GEOS FP model output for aerosols on August 23, 2018.
Credit NASA, the visualization above highlights GEOS FP model output for aerosols on August 23, 2018.

Just Another Day on Aerosol Earth,
NASA Earth Observatory, August 24, 2018.








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