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Finding Some Truth behind the Failure of The Paris Climate Agreement by Examining Its Pledges

Finding Some Truth behind the Failure of The Paris Climate Agreement by Examining Its Pledges

Alex Wierbinski's picture

By Alex Wierbinski - Posted on 07 January 2020

1-2020 Update: China Coal Burning Skyrocketing

1-2020 Update 2: USA Shutting Down Coal



Grow, China, Grow!
Grow, USA, Grow!
Modern Industrial Infrastructure
A Power Plant
 Last of the Mohicans, if Paris is going to, "work?" Credit Carnegie Inst. Sci.
One of the, "Last of the Mohicans," if Paris is going to, "work?" Credit Carnegie Inst. Sci.


Not Targeting the Sources, Nor even the Symptoms!

The Truth behind the Paris Agreement Climate Pledges,
Universal Ecological Fund, November 5, 2019.


It Studies Itself
This study, "...examines in great detail the 184 voluntary pledges under the Paris Agreement, the first collective global effort to address climate change."

"Simply, the pledges are far too little, too late."

It Concludes Disaster Approaches
They Keep Saying, "If,"
"Failing to reduce emissions drastically and rapidly will result in an environmental and economic disaster from human-induced climate change."

Our Long Term US-Euro Policy Trajectory
Mass Migration Driven by & Driving Ever-Increasing Third World Industrial Pollution
Our emissions are rising radically and being relentlessly driven upward by our first-world nation's long term policies of encouraging the massive movement of millions of mass migrants into first world nations, while moving the clean, middle-class manufacturing industry that made those countries into, "first world nations," to countries with no pollution controls, slave wages, and brutaly tyranical governments.

We are approaching the end of this international, "race to the bottom."

Never Adequete, nor Well Targeted...
"Almost three-quarters of the 184 climate pledges made under the Paris Agreement aimed at curbing greenhouse gas emissions are inadequate to slow climate change, and some of the world's largest emitters will continue to increase emissions, according to a panel of world-class climate scientists. It is these increasing greenhouse emissions that are driving climate change."

Current CO2 Status & Trajectory...
Second Fastest, Largest C02 Growth in 2019, Carbon Dioxide Levels Hit Record Peak in May

Environmental Pact Cover for the Beast

The inability of Paris to deliver anything in terms of environmental effectiveness is a product of its design.
The Paris Accords were not designed to effectively address the causes nor the consequences of our climate meltdown, which would require cutting China out of international trade until they met the strictist environmental standards, and stopping the mass movements of people to first world countries, where their energy consumption is typically multiplied by a factor of 25.

Thus, effectively dealing with the sources of our meltdown requires not only ending the mass movement of people into first world nations, but reducing the consumption in those first world nations, while eliminating the 19th century style industrial pollution from the 3rd world nations to which our, "globalized," corporations moved our clean, well-paid, first world manufacturing.
The Paris Accords were designed to do nothing more than protect the pollution-control free quasi-slave wage industrialism they re-created (USA 1880) in China that our corporate leaders financed and built, and shipped our well-paid jobs to. That was its goal from inception of the Kissenger-Nixon, "opening," of China.

Paris is nothing more than a salve and poor cover-story to assuage the public and press's environmental, "sensitivities," to maintain their, "green," appearances as our corporate elite continues to push and expand the brutally irresponsible immigration and offshoring that's cooking our climate in the first place, to push their, "Corporate Growth Machine of Death," to as obscene size, profitability, power, and wealth as our gross corporate elite possible can, before it finally pops, and they get treated like all the other evil elites who've betrayed their country and their people as they asset-strip our environment and economy...

Nonetheless, Paris ignores all the root causes of our global meltdown.

Covering Corporate Climate Crime
Providing cover for, and maintaining all the global demographic growth and, "offshoring," that's already driven our climate and weather over the edge has been a Known Inadequecy of all these corporate empire-UN, "pacts," since the beginning: They maintain and protect the mechanisms of our destruction.
None of these Pacts will ever deal with the two greatest causes of our atmospheric CO2 explosion and parallel implosion of our planet's big climate patterns, that's driving our warped local seasonal weather patterns, which are, together, seriously damaging, if not bringing down ecosystems everywhere.

Paris protects and justifies every aspect of our irresponsible domestic growth in population, while at exactly the same time moving our nation's manufacturing to China, to specifically avoid the costs of environmental and social responsibility in the USA, which Paris covers with fake. "environmentalism""
"We'll deal with the ecological consequences," while ignoring and preserving the causes...

Our Degraded State
Institutions & Individuals
That our political elite could actualize these immigration and offshoring policies that were obviously so brutally destructive to not just our environment, but destroyed the American Middle Class (now and then!), is quite a testament to not just how deeply they've penetrated, taken over, and corrupted our political institutions and perverted our press, but to their attact on, and ideological destruction of American ethics and identity in individuals, as well.

Our corporate elite (both parties-the "free" press) has replaced America's Constitution, and Constitutional ethics as the basis of our soveregnity and citizenship, respectively, with desire. American Principals and Practices have been replaced by the greed and corruption of criminal dreamers.

That's WHY our Forests are Burning.

Our corporate elite and their lapdog press have sold their destruction of the American Middle Class, and their country's plunge into third world conditions, as a heroic tale of, "immigrant struggle."

Apparently we all have the privilidge of living in Ever-Expanding Megacities of disgusting poverty engendered by the de-industrailzation and third-worlding of California.

Zero Growth
The first, and most important of these two unaddressed causes of our global ecological meltdown would be to first directly address, and stop cold, the massive increases in first wold populations which have been driven exclusively by mass immigration over the past fifty years. The era of mass, irresponsible migration is over, but most people are too stupid, or too greedy, to see the social and ecological breakdowns its driving.

Creating Mass Poverty
This mass explosion in US, and especially California's population, was directly coupled with moving the manufacturing necessary to support those exploding first world populations to China.

Moving our manufacturing to China not only removed the pollution controls over what was once our cleanly manufactured domestic products, but the massive simultanous flood of legal, but mostly illegal labor into California radically pumped-up demand for all this Chinese Crap on this flood tide of cheap illegal labor, while at the same time offshoring these jobs to China crushed the ability of American Labor to command a decent wage, overtime, benefits, and even job security.
Thus our corporate elite sponsored massive immigration and offshoring efforts drove the wealth of our country, specifically the wealth once held by our own middle class, directly upwards and into the grubby hanbds of themselves, our most greedy corporate elite, while the, "free," press not only cheered them, but made fun of anyone with the audacity to demand our soveregnity and general welfare be preserved... too late for that, now, without real trouble...

Burned Again
Today, in most working-class families both parents have to work multiple jobs to raise a family where one working class parent could raise a family in 1964, at a much higher quality of life and standard of living than today.

Corporate Weapons of Mass Environmental and Social Destruction
The fifty year long massive growth in population through illegal immigration, coupled with offshoring our jobs to their ChiCom partners that we've just lived through has been the weapon with which our corporate elite has seperated the American Middle Class from their once formidable share of our Nation's political power and wealth. Mission accomplished.

The ChiCom/Corporate Elite
Our corporate masters had to split a considerable, but still a minority portion of this wealth, the stolen wealth of America's middle class, with their co-conspirators, the ChiCom Elite, which they've used to first, impose an iron fist of total control of all domestic affairs, then to empower China's will internationally.
Our corporate elite enriching the Chicom elite and their slave state, rather than maintaining middle class demand in America, is not merely a trecherous betrayal of our country and its people (which brought the crash of 2008), but has provided China with the economic ability to impose their military, political, and economic ability to impose their Commie Will on more people around the world, than the Han, the Tibetans, the Uygurs, and the Mongolians within their own borders. Maybe if we reopen trade, they will finally be able to crush Hong Kong.
Remember, the Chicoms are using the economic wealth and power that was once held by the American Middle Class, before our traitor corporate elite betrayed our middle class for Chinese profits spewing endless political and social pollution, as well as the floods of environmental filth pouring out of China into everything.

The one-two punches of overwhelming our working-class population with a continous fifty year flood of cheap illegal labor, while simultanously removing our manufacturing base, moving it to China has driven tens of millions of Americans into desperation and poverty.

I find it ironic we have a, "housing crisis," when the State of California is subsidizing every aspect of the lives of millions and millions of crimigrants.

Economic & Political Traitors
I see this rising tide of poverty is the direct result of our corporation's, and their corrupted political parties direct repudiation of our country even having any mutual responsibility for our citizen's general welfare as stated in our Constitution, if not a deadly blow toward killing, if not crippling our own nation's most fundamental notions of, as well as the realities of sovereignty.

Our sovereignty once not only mutually protected every average American's most basic rights, safety and security, but also prevented our corporate elite from stripping Nature as deeply as they've stripped the wealth of our citizens. Those restraints are gone.

No Borders, No Limits to Corporate Greed
Our corporate elite's putting their greed and self interests over and before our Constitutional ethics and our Constitution's inherent restraints does not just herald the failure of a political system, but indicates that the most destructive weapons man has ever created, our corporate elite's, "Corporate Growth Machine of Death," knows and recognizes no external limits to its powers and desires.

These limits must be reestablished from the bottom to the top of our society everywhere within the boundaries of our nation.

And, Ban China Trade
Too Many Reasons to Count...
China, which operates under no pollution control, uses a near-slave labor labor force driven by desperation and greed, all under the efficient hand of a beneficient state and dear leader all exercising complete totalitarian power over everyone and everything under its sway, while expanding those claims to tyrannical powers over everyone within earshot that it can make listen.
That's what China's done with our middle-class's stolen wealth...

The Buck Stops Here
Our climate, weather, and ecosystems will continue to crumble out from underneath us all until we bring every aspect of international trade up to the highest environmental, political, and social standards, while at the same time completely stopping the mass movement of people to first world nations.

"Slightly more than half of greenhouse gases (GHGs) emissions, the main driver of climate change, comes from four nations -- China with 26.8 percent of global GHG emissions, the United States (13.1 percent), India (7 percent) and Russia (4.6 percent)."

Climate Farce
Was Never Going to Work
"Based on our meticulous analysis of the climate pledges, it is naive to expect current government efforts to substantially slow climate change."

The UN Farce, as Explained Previously

Even So…
"Even if all climate pledges which are voluntary are fully implemented, they will (would have, Al) cover less than half of what is needed to limit the acceleration of climate change in the next decade."

Impossible Goal
With our Current Policies of Endless Population and, "Production," Growth!?!
"The current pledges will not solve the climate change challenge, because global GHG emissions need to be halved by next decade and net-zero by midcentury..."

Current Status & Trajectory of C02 Level & CO2 Production

The Rapidly Coming Consequences
Already Underway: The Time to, "Hunker-Down," was Yesterday
"If nations fail to halve GHGs emissions by the next decade, the number of hurricanes, severe storms, wildfires and droughts are likely double in number, intensity and economic losses. The cost: $2 billion a day by 2030, a price tag that the world cannot afford."
(We've already been robbed, Asset-Stripped of our Human and Natural Resources, which are just beginning to, "go down," in, "grand style.")

The Only Solution
Stop Everything that Brought Us Here: Just Undo It, as Nike should say...
Stopping Global Demographic Growth by stopping mass movements of people to expand national populations, accompanied with a policy of Stopping the Global Trade of any nation's production that's made without the finest CO2 control systems within a system with actual individual and democratic rights.

Undoing It
That description does not apply to, nor does it even, "sound-like," any descriptions of the physical nor political conditions existing within any of our country's largest current trading partners (nor the smaller), be they producers of consumer products or commodities.

Our Guys
The Components of Empire, of a Corporate Empire
We support Commie dictatorships (China) at the same time we support Absolute Monarchies (Saudis et al...) at the very same time we support, Ethno-Religious States (Israel), while in the middle we apparently tie it all together by representing and supporting the, "Ethic," of pure Greed and Power, no matter how or what type of tyranny represents, "Pure Greed and Power," locally, in one of its many forms (our true, "diversity," of desire), with no other need to justify this, the timeless bottom-line of material power and wealth ruling over every local ideology.
This is exactly what, "they," our corporate elite and their foreign and domestic allies are doing. This is just representing them for what they are, what they are doing, and, "why," they are doing it. Wealth and Power need no introduction. This is the latest iteration of Empire.

We're a classic, in modern forms, the forms of Corporate Empire and State...

Standard Operations
But, to get back to the ecological point, the standard operations of the global trade and labor practices underlying our contemporary world's order and operations are, and have long been, destructive to both global climate and local ecological balances

I'm talking about man through time, not just today's ability to blow beyond local and regional ecosystem destruction, to expand our collective effect globally, now powerful enough to access enough of the local (and global) resources, typically thought of as, "forest and field," through his (our), "successes," to collapse local and regional climate and ecosystems. We've done this throughout the long evolution of man, eventually undermining and eventually bringing himself down, locally and reginally, through the history of our own unbridled "successes."

But now we're supercharged and supersized by our super technology.

The collapses of Babaylon and the desertification of the middle-east ("Eden?"), Angor Wat, the Cedars of Leganon, and the Indus River Civilizations all come immediately to mind when I look around at our evolution everywhere in the whole world today. Each time we've marshalled the technology to eventually surpass our own self-induced failures.

A deep look through world history shows us that every global civilization's successes, eventually, accessed enough of their local and regional resources to ecologically undermine themselves, when not conqured by others, or collapsing through internal strife.

Those three strikes have caught most of us, over time.

But now, our once regional effects have been supercharged and supersized by our super technology, now weilding the same effects globally that were previously regionally constrained. Power without wisdom is a weapon of self-destruction.

National Assessments

"China is by far the largest GHGs and CO2 emitter in the world, accounting for about 27 and 29 percent respectively."

"In its pledge, China also states that CO2 emissions will "peak around 2030."

"India is the fourth largest GHGs and CO2 global emitter, with about 7 percent each respectively."

"India's CO2 emissions per person have doubled since 1990..."

"As with China's pledge, India has not pledged to reduce emissions."

"Since 2005, India has increased its installed electricity generation capacity by three-fold."

United States

Why Zero US Population Growth is Ultimate Environmentalism
"...the second largest GHGs and CO2 emitter, accounting for about 13 and 14 percent respectively.Its CO2 emissions per person are among the highest globally, despite the transition from a manufacturing-based to a service-driven economy."

"The current carbon emissions per person annually are 16 tons of CO2."

Again, Why Zero US Population Growth is Ultimate Environmentalism
"That means that every person in the United States emits double what a person in Malaysia, or four times what a person in Mexico does."

"In 2017, the Trump Administration announced its intention to withdraw from the Paris Agreement."

(Trump is curbing China-Globalism & US Population Growth: The two greatest sources of growing CO2 production...)

Reality is Here:

ECO-CRASH NEWS: One Politician Finally Admits 7 Degrees by 2100

While Rapidly and Irresponsibly Growing Population
And Fully Engaging China as, "Manufacture to the World's Crap..".
"For the last two decades, the U.S. has been and still is producing 80 percent of its energy (for electricity, heating and transportation) from fossil fuels."
(While growing our population and consumption as quickly as possible.)

"...the third largest GHGs and CO2 emitter globally, accounting for 9 and 10 percent respectively."

"...a person in The Netherlands emits 9.5 tons of CO2, 9.1 in Germany, 8.8 in Finland and in Poland, and 5.6 in the United Kingdom. On average, a person in the European Union emits 6.8 tons of CO2 annually..."

Massive Immigration Too?
How Many Folk?
"The EU and its 28 Member States put forward a legally binding climate pledge to "reduce GHG emissions by at least 40 percent below 1990 level" by 2030."

The "Rest" of the Pack The remaining 152 climate pledges
The Biggest Player
"The remaining 152 pledges account for 32.5 percent of global GHG emissions.

Some Context…
Ants vs Rhinoceroses
"While the majority of the 152 countries which have submitted pledges are poor and only contribute small amounts of GHGs emissions individually, their total contribution at 32.5 percent is greater than any single country."

"Pledges" for Sale
Power, Wealth, & Pollution
"...127 pledges or almost 70 percent are either totally or partially conditional. That means that they are dependent on funding from rich nations..."

As are the various, "Kings," dictators, democratically-elected robber barons, various strong men, and, "presidents," of our Corporate Empire, being our international, "foot soldiers," of the international applications of our, "Corporate Growth Machine of Death."

These, the tools of our growth, are the tools of our own destruction.

"The rest of the climate pledges, totalling 125, were ranked as insufficient..."

Countries with No Pledges
"Thirteen countries have not yet submitted their climate pledges. These are Angola, Brunei Darussalam, Iran, Iraq, Kyrgyz Republic, Libya, Lebanon, Philippines, Russia Federation, Senegal, South Sudan, Turkey and Yemen. They emit 9 percent of the GHG global emissions combined, with Russia at 4.6 percent."



China's Massive Ongoing Expansion of Coal Burning

Old King Coal Fuels China’s New Tech Revolution,
Asia Times, January 6, 2020.

“China’s proposed coal expansion is so far out of alignment with the Paris Agreement that it would put the necessary reductions in coal power out of reach, even if every other country were to completely eliminate its coal fleet.”



Shutting Down Coal

Shutdown of Coal-Fired Plants in US Saves Lives and Improves Crop Yields,
University of California - San Diego, January 6, 2002.


In the USA
"...between 2005 and 2016, the shutdown of coal-fired units saved an estimated 26,610 lives and 570 million bushels of corn, soybeans and wheat in their immediate vicinities. The inverse calculation, estimating the damages caused by coal plants left in operation over that same time period, suggests they contributed to 329,417 premature deaths and the loss of 10.2 billion bushels of crops, roughly equivalent to half of year's typical production in the U.S."

Nat Gas
"...although there are considerable benefits of decommissioning older coal-fired units, the newer natural gas units are not entirely benign. Natural gas units are associated with increased pollution levels; although different than the pollutant mix from coal-fired units, and more research is required to fully understand their impacts."



More Fraudulent "Environmentalism"
The Paris Accord
What we, "do," is Killing You...but that's not the problem...just keep growing...

July 2019
Science Performs Intellectual Gymnastics to Preserve Paris Accord Farce


April 2019
Paris Pact: Goals Not Obtainable under Current Endless Global Growth Model


April 2019
The Farce Continues: India, China, & Brazil Exempt from, Environmental “Pacts,”


Nov 2018
The Corporate Growth Machine of Death Recognized by Citizens


Oct 2018
ECO-CRASH NEWS: One Politician Finally Admits 7 Degrees by 2100


May 2018
Poll: Shows Our Environmental Disaster is Rooted in Political Corruption


Our Current Situation

June 2019
Second Fastest, Largest C02 Growth in 2019, Carbon Dioxide Levels Hit Record Peak in May


April 2019
Computer Model: More CO2 than ever before in 3 million years


Dept. of Solutions
Fixing Ourselves, Fixing Our Planet



The Bottom Line

The Demographic Solution
End all demographic growth in the US. Stop the mass movement of people to first world countries everywhere.
Reduce all first world populations to, "legality," while ending all immigration.

That would result in the draining of all the US megacities back down to reasonably-sized urban areas...

The Globalism Solution
End all international trade with, #1: Countries without state-of-the-art air pollution control. #2 End all trade with countries with tyrannical governments with quasi-slave labor populations, especially the ones who take over whole countries (Tibet) and put whole peoples in concentration camps (Uygurs).

There. Fixed it...

Since, in all likelihood we are not going to shut down China or India's filthy production, nor do anything to stop our own out of control population growth, Nature is going to, "fix," our problem for us. Always entertaining.

After our history of the last fifty years of wildly irresponsible domestic and global, "growth," (and our last ten thousand of building and crashing greater and greater civilizations and their surrounding climates & ecosystems") I'd be looking forward to nothing less than a series of major collapses in regional and global fertility, and basic, "livability," stretching far, far into the future, for where we've brought Nature today.

I am so glad I'm old...and saw the majesty before the decline.


Last Time There was this much Carbon, & it was This Hot

You've got to go back a really long way...

The Past: Mirror of Present & Future
Archaeological Climatology
The PETM, Chicxulub, Toarcian Oceanic Anoxic Event (T-OAE), Volcanic Events, and even the Chance of a Black Hole/Supernova disaster...


What We've Done

Heating up Our Planet over the Short, Medium, and Long Terms
These changes are disrupting everything





News of Man & Nature, November 2019








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