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For the Climate Skeptics-Deniers, Straight Talk From an Expert on Climate Change, & The Paris Accord is a TOTAL Corporate Farce

For the Climate Skeptics-Deniers, Straight Talk From an Expert on Climate Change, & The Paris Accord is a TOTAL Corporate Farce

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By Alex Wierbinski - Posted on 08 October 2019



For the Skeptics

Straight Talk From an Expert on Climate Change,
AGU Blog, September 21, 2019.


A powerful set of Warming-Skeptical Questions and Powerful Statistical Chart Answers.


Solar Energy

Orbital Cycles

Earth Total Heat Content


5 More Charts
Now, 5 Global Warming Charts: Recent, Long & Very Long Term Warming Trends,
Global Warming & Cooling Trends over 140 Years, 2000 Years, 11,000 Years, and now, 20,000 years (!) + the Total Earth Systems Current Heat Content Chart:
(Virtually all of our heat has already moved into our planett's oceans. What we are seeing on land and in the sky are sidehows...
This, "thing," is going to explode, and blow us all away, when the equalization of the poles that's taking place right now, reaches its, "sweet spot, and it is very close to that point, if not into that position now...)
El Nino of 2015
Global Warming News, Recent 2015 Huge El Nino: Shifted Global Temps into New Gear




Jan 2019
“Climategate,” and NOAA “Scandal,” were Manufactured FAKE NEWS

Sept 2017
British tabloid Daily Mail told to admit its climate coverage was inaccurate


Aug 2017
Fake News
New York Times & Exxon
NYT & Exxon


Added Sept 29, 2019

Skeptical Success

Climate Deniers Have Enjoyed Way More Media Coverage Than Scientists in Recent Decades,
Science Alert, August 16, 2019.

"...accuse the media of distorting the climate change narrative by giving a small group of non-experts such an amplified voice and creating the impression of a scientific debate where there is none."

General Media
"...the findings reveal climate deniers got nearly 50 percent more coverage than climate scientists."

Elite Media
"...just those from 30 major mainstream outlets - including The Guardian, The New York Times and The Washington Post - the two groups got about the same amount of attention."

"These results show that false balance in the media is alive and well and the growing trend toward customised media that we access via the internet is feeding the disinformation trend."




Paris Accords represent Environmentalism

Protection Racket
No, the Paris Accords exclude and protect the pollution of China & India, the world’s two largest polluters, where American Manufacturers and Bankers moved, and funded the movement and development of slave-labor industrialism with no pollution control restrictions in China, with which they replaced American Middle Class labor and pollution control standards with open corruption. Those are the profits of, "globalism," our corporate elite don't want to lose...

Dodging Responsibility Internationally
Thus protected by the, “Paris Accords,” American Corporate Interests will not have their massive extra profits garnered by moving, "their investments," being our national wealth as represented by our high quality industrial and manufacturing jobs, to China & India, reduced to pay the just labor, social, and pollution control costs they initially avoided by moving our middle class manufacturing jobs to China & India in the first place… Thus Paris omits China & India, preserving the profits and the pollution that tipped our climate over the edge, in the first place...

Western Profit Centers
Chinese pollution and slave labor provides a significant percentage of our corporate elite's profits. The loss of their, "Globalism," scam will significantly reduce their profits by requiring them to again pay American middle class wages while again manufacturing under environmentally responsible conditions. The Paris Accords, and the globalism it protects are all designed to avoid that outcome.

Basic Standards Lost
How about nothing being internationally traded if not made to highest environmental standards by middle-class level workers, with proper educational and medical services, under a government that does not have the authority to take away well-defined citizen rights? How about it? We should start international trade at maintaining or attaining that level of standards, or not trade at all...

"International" -&- "Global" Versions of Irresponsibility
Corporate Commies and Corporate Fascists
"Globalism," (be it the commies version, know as, "internationalism," or the corporate fascist's version of empire, AKA, "globalism"), both the commies and fascists reject the level of responsibility necessary to pay for the environmental charges necessary to stop the annual rises in both total CO2 and the rate of CO2 releases we are experiencing today. As an American I can do without either commie or corporate (capitalist) overlords.

Our Constitution represents the ideal potential balance of the needs of the community (the commie bastards put this first), against the rights of the individual (which the corporate bastards put above all else), if the group-based folks restrain themselves by sticking to providing basic community social and infrastructural services, and stop telling everyone what to think and say, while the corporate-capitalists satisfy themselves with having the ability to manage markets, without concentrating all of our wealth and power into their own grubby hands.

We could solve these problems if both of the extreme elements in our polity, being the commies and the corporate fascists, would each respect the mutual grant of rights specified in our Constitution and Bill of Rights, if they would put their duty to our mutual Constitutional principals before their desire to impose their particular doctrines on the rest of us Americans, and the rest of the frigging world, too.

This would entail each side restraining themselves, and their most extreme positions.  The individuals, restraining themselves enough to once again be operating for the general welfare of our country, and the commies, to recognize the rights of the individual far exceed those specified in any commie doctrine, that we will have an elite, but they do not get, "everything," as they do today, would be sufficient.

Above Legitimacy and Law
In any case, as both commies and corporates are global expansionists, their respective impositions on countries around the world are an insult to those that base legitimacy on common local principals and practices brought into life by, here in the United States, by our mutual agreement on the validity of our Constitution and Bill of Rights.
In any country and in every case, legitimacy is only produced and maintained by the mutual agreement on the central principals defining the relationship between the individual, the community, their environment, and government.
We here in the USA have a clearly specified social contract, and it has and is being broken by those sworn to uphold it, about half because they put their commie principals above our rule of law, the other half because they put their corporate greed above our rule of law. Both need to recognize and be brought under our mutual rules of law, or be ejected from the polity.

Clearly Ignored
We have lost those connections between the individual, the community, their environment, and government here, here where our written central principals are so clearly laid out, while the most ancient forces of open greed are openly seeking-out and fighting for power and wealth, openly playing themselves out across our economic, political, social, and media stages, composing in themselves an open mockery of the principals, people, and practices that launched our Revolution.

Top & Bottom
Desire Driven
Today, our elites are much worse than the English aristocracy the original American Revolutionaries rebelled against, while today's average resident in the USA has zero knowledge of any of this, and is, in the vast majority of cases, here for the, "oppertunity," to make as much money as possible despite any laws we may have to the contrary.
Thus we have serious, "problems," with our, "citizens," putting themselves above our fundamental rule of law, at both the top and bottom of society.

The failure of our restraints on power and wealth, and their ability to use political power, are not, "bugs," to these people, but design features...

Our first revolutionaries did not have these problem.

Internal Contradictions, External Imbalances
In any case, we've got little time to work out these, our internal contradictions, and balance ourselves externally with nature, before the current trajectory of the Corporate Growth Machine of Death that we are all riding on one way or another, as passenger or prisoner, crashes through the limits of which both our human and natural resources can endure, and brings both tumbling down on our greedy heads.

June 2019
Second Fastest, Largest C02 Growth in 2019, Carbon Dioxide Levels Hit Record Peak in May

Ignoring the Causes
It's Growing
That inability to identify or address the growing sources of our growing CO2 crisis characterizes the nasty, deceptive, “corporate environmentalism,” that the Paris Accords represent.
The Paris Accords are a complete scam designed to protect our corporate elite’s immoral and illicit, "global," pollution-slave labor tyranny centered profits and powers, while at the same time it works, fooling consumer idiots into feeling good as our corporate master's policies of endless population and filthy production growth finally finishes-off what little remains of our ancient climate, weather, and ecology.

Biggest Sinners are Biggest Winners
Thus, the Paris Accords are a worthless farce of, “Corporate Environmentalism,” being designed to protect and preserve the pollution-fueled profits of the biggest polluters in the world, and their financial partners and backers, who happen to be a collection of the richest folks in the whole world.


July 2019
Science Performs Intellectual Gymnastics to Preserve Paris Accord Farce


June 2017
Corporate Greens Promoting Endless Growth
Corporate Greens Feed the Growth Machine of Death: Paris a Complete Fraud


Fix This Mess

August 2018
Real Green Tariffs




Denying Reality
We've got two types of folks denying that the climate, weather, and dependent ecology are not changing, when they are changing right in front of everyone's faces. That's a sign of real balls or real stupidity, or an exceptional combination of cupidity, stupidity, and stubbornness.

Social Deniers
The first are the, "social," deniers, those who've absorbed some type of, "philosophical," argument against the clear environmental changes we are witnessing, if that's possible. Their arguments typically revolve around the contention that, "man's not powerful enough to change nature," or, "change is constant, and our planet has been at this position before." They reject the very notion of human environmental agency. "Something else," is responsible for any changes, if they even admit change is happening.

Political Deniers
The second type, the political deniers, are much more insidious. Though they, "agree," that global warming is happening and serious, they will and are doing everything in their power to keep growing the sources of our emissions, growing populations and production, and their profits, while doing anything to avoid actually addressing these, the root causes of our growing CO2.

They focus on addressing consequences, while protecting causes.

The Role of the Paris Accord
Magical Thinking
The political deniers insist that their policies of endless growth of people and pollution here, in China & India, and around the whole world continues unabated, even be accelerated, because somehow their, "Magic Accords," like the Paris Accord, will somehow magically offset or mitigate the growing CO2 and pollution crisis that their policies of unrestricted domestic population growth and unfettered third world industrialism in China and India have unleashed.

Their magic accords will not undo the damages their fifty year policies of unrestricted population growth and third world industrial development have wrought.

In fact, the Paris Accord, and the rest of the magic corporate accords are actually designed to protect and justify the unfettered growth of megacity consumer populations, along with the environmentally unregulated third-world slave-labor industrial centers stretching from China across Southeast Asia to India, necessary to supply these vast, impoverished, ever-growing megacity populations that are, right now, rising everywhere in the world.

Paris "Covering" Irresponsible Growth
Paris, and all the corporate environmental pacts and accords are all designed to protect the sources of our environmental pollution and ecological changes, not preserve our environment.
The goal of the Paris Accord is protecting the filthy industrial production centers of China and India, protecting and justifying the mass population increases, and massive increases of irresponsible industrialism that accompanies such irresponsible population growth, not stopping either.

Paris only deals with the CO2 and pollution consequences, "after the fact," after the sources of pollution generated by these irresponsible growth policies have been established, and already entered our ecosystems, after its too late.

Paris, and the rest of their bullshit accords and propaganda pushes are all failed attempts by our corporate elite and their wholly-owned politicians to give themselves and their irresponsible growth policies some thin environmental, "cover," or some small degree of environmental, "justification," as their fifty year long program of massive irresponsible, "global," growth in US and Euro populations has driven forward enough environmentally unregulated third world industrialism to reach a series of climatic breaking points, while their ir-reponsible development continues completely unabated in its quest to rapidly transform our climate, our weather, and our ecosystems into yet more irresponsible, "profits," which is giving birth to a new, warmer world that neither mankind, nor any of the life now living on this planet, have ever before experienced.

Corporate Enemies of Man & Nature
These political deniers, composed of the totality of our corporate-captive politicians and their corporate-captive parties, all pretend to be our, "friends," and be the, "friends," of Nature and the environment, while at the very same moment that their, "global growth," policies are actually stripping the final bits of environmental security from the whole world, while simultaneously stripping away the last traces of American middle class security from American Life and Labor, while facilitating the movement of all this blood money, these illicit profits extracted from the hides of man and nature, up to the very highest levels of our corporate aristocracy.

Too Strong
The Paris Accords represents one hell of an effective system of wealth and power, even if it's not ethical nor ultimately socially, politically, economically or ecologically sustainable!

As long as our desires are more important to us, and more powerful than our ethics, the level of technology we employ at any point during our history have and will continue to be used against each other, by men to destroy men, and against nature, to its full capacity, until we finally have and use this power to destroy all of man & nature. We're pretty close to that point now.

Desire vs Ethics
Until we put the qualities of self restraint and balance above, if not balanced with our desires, until we regulate our desires with reasonable ethics, we will continue to employ the technology we have in pursuit of quenching these desires, which at this level of technology we possess today, has unbalanced the dynamic balances of both man and nature critical to both the sophistication and quality of their continued interdependence, if not their continuation itself.

Success is Failure
Thus, it's ironic that it is our own inner ethical failures that are bringing about the external, environmental breakdowns we are watching unfold in nature. Our inability to properly define ourselves as a people and nation, and balance our identity through healthy relationships with each other and nature, has finally brought us to an unexpected point of failure: the material success of our greedy corporate elite and their greed has brought failure to our own spirit, to our social, political, economic and ecological infrastructures. We're batting a 1.000. This, the power and success of our greed, has formed us humans into an existential threat to both the body and spirit of nature, as well as each other.

Damn! We gotta fix that...


March 2019
The End of Ice Ages
Amazing Ancient Human Climate Interactions





News of Man & Nature, September 2019








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