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Pacific Northwest Forest 100 Year Plan in Trouble

Pacific Northwest Forest 100 Year Plan in Trouble

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By Alex Wierbinski - Posted on 04 February 2019



Oregon Old Growth
Oregon Old Growth, OSU College of Forestry.
What needs to be saved: Old Growth Forest. OSU College of Forestry.


Human Growth Drives Climate & Weather Changing Too Quickly for Ecosystems

NW Forest Plan 25 Years Later: Wildfire Losses Up, Bird Populations Down,
Oregon State University, February 4, 2019.


100 Year Plan
“Twenty-five years into a 100-year federal strategy to protect older forests in the Pacific Northwest, forest losses to wildfire are up and declines in bird populations have not been reversed.”

Old Forests
“...importance of continuing to prioritize the safeguarding of older forests...forests characterized by a complex structure that includes multiple canopy layers, large trees, downed wood and snags.”

Old Trees require Long Plan
"Douglas-fir can live to be more than 800 years old and grow to be more than 100 meters tall, so it shouldn't be surprising that it is hard to 'restore' this forest type, and that any plan to do so will take a long time.”

Canary in the Forest
“...even with these strong conservation measures, bird species living in this system still aren't doing too well.”

Research Goal
“...to gauge the plan's effect on biodiversity so far. Birds are a key indicator of biodiversity.”

Broad Forest & Bird Observation
“...examined population trends for 24 widespread bird species for which the Pacific Northwest holds important populations - some associated with older forests, some with diverse early-seral ecosystems, and some with both.”

“...study focused on what populations of more-common birds can tell us about wider forest biodiversity.”

Old Forest Ecosystem Suffering
“Populations of bird species associated with older forests - such as the varied thrush, golden-crowned kinglet, Pacific-slope flycatcher and Townsend's warbler - are continuing to struggle on both federal and private industrial land.”

On Private Land
“…ongoing timber harvesting...”

On Public Land
“...at least in part, to the recent uptick in fires in the Northwest, in part because of drought.”

Seral Forests
“...area of young, complex preforest vegetation...”


Seral Ecosystem
Early seral ecosystem, OSU College of Forestry.
OSU College of Forestry

“...support many broadleaf species, shrubs and herbs as well as young conifers, and are important habitats for some bird species.”

More Young, Seral Forests, Suffering Less
“...new fires are creating quite a bit of early seral,”

“Bird species associated with these habitats that are showing ongoing declines include the rufous hummingbird, willow flycatcher and orange-crowned warbler. For most of these species, however, in contrast to birds of older forests, the declines have not gotten worse.”

Most Effective Action
Save Old Forests
"It was anticipated in the plan that species declines might take decades to arrest."

"...surprising...to learn that species associated with older forests continued to decline much faster than those in early seral (pre-forest).”
“...because forest regeneration is an inherently slow process, and because fires are going to become more frequent in most forest types, forest plans should continue to emphasize conservation of old-growth habitats."



Feb 6 Update!

Northwestern Forest Succession Underway Under Our Changing Climate



The Bottom Line

How do you, "save,"  forests that are undergoing a rapid climate-drive forest succession?

TREE & CLIMATE NEWS: High Sierra Forest Succession Disaster Looms

Ancient, Traditional California Forests on Last Legs
Unrecognized Forest Succession well Under Way


 What's This Doing to Northwestern Forests?

41% Sierra & Rocky Mountains Snow Pack Loss since ‘82

Sierra Snowpack Could Drop 79% by End of Century


We sit upon, and are rapidly consuming the remaining, "scraps," of the once vast natural resources and ecology of the Continental United States.

Machine of Consumption
The process of, and justifications for, the, "endless growth," we employed to consume our environmental resources has already produced waste byproducts much more than sufficient to damage the environmental fertility and natural organic resources of our planet, the fertility necessary for 7 Billion of us humans to live, let alone live well, or ideally, to be able to reach out potentials, on this planet.

That future has alread slipped out of many of our hands, if it was ever really there, in the first place. Desire is not, nor do our desires define reality. Well, at least desire cannot define reality for very long, nor very well.

Our populations will fail and fall in lockstep with the failure and buring of the forests, for the same underlying reasons: the weather, and therefore the water, necessary for survival of both forest and city, are in the process of failure, and will eventually fail. All human and natural systems will have-to fit themselves under these shrinking harsh limits our desires are first imposing on our values, then on our environment, and finally, back onto ourselves in the guise of a very angry Mother Nature...


Recent Forest Research

Tree News, Dire Warning for California Plants: Half of You are Dead by 2100



Forest Decline

Too Bad Not Much Old Forest Remaining


Voices of the Forest: Songbird Decline in Sierra Forests


Observing the Decline of the Doomed Forests in the Southwestern US


Carbon Storage, Habitat, & Forest Stability

It's Rooted in the Big Trees



Forest Fire Effect & Recovery

Intense fires dampen forest recovery



Failure of Post-Fire Forest Recovery

Butt Fire, 2015


As Fires Grow, a New Landscape Appears in the West



Forest Fire Frequency, Intensity, Size

Climate Change Doubled Western Wildfires

 FOREST NEWS, Wildfires Change Rivers: Massive Wildfires are Growing because of Mega-Climate Changes

Severe wildfire season is the new normal



Bird-Forest-Climate Relationship Unhinged

Mountain Birds Declining in Europe due to Climate & Habitat Changes


Trouble in the Cloud Forests, Birds Ascending 23 Feet a Year


Timing of Life Changing with Changing Seasons: Birds Paying the Price





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