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Oroville Dam a POS: | High Sierra Backpacker

Oroville Dam a POS: Clear Symbol of California's Over the Top Political Corruption

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By Alex Wierbinski - Posted on 24 March 2017


Oroville Dam a POS:

Damage, design flaws in Oroville Dam spillway point to lengthy repairs, consultants say,
Sac Bee, March 23, 2017.

The earlier review of Oroville in 2005, as well as its "passing" recent inspections must all be reviewed in light of what the expert in the above article calls design flaws that are, "gross and obvious.” Especially since the expert says, "he was surprised the spillway didn’t fail decades ago." 

2005 Report

Really? This really brings into question the logic of allowing the corporate-bribed "wolves" to control, let alone "guard" our societies, "hen houses."

What we are seeing is our last forty years rush to irresponsible, unreasonable growth is just coming home to roost, now, after decades of continious corruption. The few remaining Californians are waking up to the reality that this massive burst of irresponsible growth was the tool used to rob them, their state, our people, and strip our Natural resources. 

We here are at "ground zero," of the birth of international corporate fascism. Yup, right here in California! Here "folks" proudly speak about their program of endless "international" growth in Ca., and how they are part of a, "global elite."
Apparently "everyone" has the "right" to go anywhere and do anything they want to make money. I hear this crap endlessly here in California. Folks are proud to obey no rules but their own self-interest, and more than happy to impose their beliefs on everyone else by force. 

America's Magic Key
Greed, the desire for money, is the "Magic Key" that makes all notions of rights or soveregnity that are not "purchasable," passe!  OPENLY replacing our Nation's Constitutional values and practices with greed and corruption is exactly how we lost our rights and wealth. Massive growth was merely the physical mechanism expressing and manifesting this, the greed at the center of our internal ethical breakdown. 

These things happen when a society allows its greedy to get out of control, and take control. These are EXACTLY the corrupt behaviors and practices our Constitution was designed to prevent.

The results of corruption are predictable. We have been robbed. Our state, country, and our political values, human, and Natural resources have been stripped naked by enduring, systamatic, personal and political corruption.

Dream On
The money for our good lives has gone into your politician’s, and their corporate sponsor’s, pockets. Expect the dams that break, schools that fail, and all the little joys, fees, fines, and insults that come with living in a predatory society dominated by corrupted cheaters.

Fixing the dam alone will not fix this problem.


The Observed Necessity for a New Environmentalism


Oroville Dam Crisis

2005 REPORT:

Spillway threat asserted: A state agency seeks relicensing to run Oroville Dam, but a challenge sees design flaws.
Originally published by SacBee, November 27, 2005. Republished Februrary 13, 2017.

Oroville Dam: Feds and state officials ignored warnings 12 years ago,
Mercury News, February 13, 2017.


Money and Responsibility



Oroville Dam
Prospective & Reflective:
February 15, 2017



Much More
Oroville Dam Reporting:

Feb-March 2017 Backpacker News Page


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