Art of Olena Shmahalo

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By Alex Wierbinski - Posted on 14 January 2016

"Like you, Olena Shmahalo is an Operator:
a polyfunctional compound, a homo universalis."

(Yea Olena, that's all true for my head. But my feet are planted squarely in the local values of my own country.-A.)

Olena Shmahalo Website

Art for Quanta Magazine.


Review of Olena Art:
The beauty of Nature has many interfaces. Olena explores the relationship of mind, spirit, and Nature through unique representations of the abstractions of math and science through the abstractions of art.

Olena's art is abstractions of abstractions, imparting the feeling of a distilation of the essence of life itself. This gives her art an effect like that of well-distilled scotch.

Though its consumption is very clean and neat, you can feel it deeply.

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