NPR Downplays Threats from Universal Distribution of Microplastics and Endocrine Disruptors

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By Alex Wierbinski - Posted on 21 August 2018


Microplastics and their Endocrine Disruptors are Everywhere

NPR Soft-Pedals Extent, Depth, and Dangers from Plastic Poisoning our Planet

Beer, Drinking Water And Fish: Tiny Plastic Is Everywhere,
NPR, August 20, 2018.


“They're in oceans, rivers and lakes.”

?? NPR Bullshit
"And, even more concerning, microplastics are in drinking water. In beer. In sea salt. In fish and shellfish. How microplastics get into animals is something of a mystery."

Editor Note
No, it’s not a mystery at all. Here's the, "known," answer: We have flooded the earth and its waters with plastic pollution… A vast majority of the world's children have BPA in their systems. Those are the, "known," facts. What happens to the development of our children when their adolesent deveolpment is done while swimming in endocrine disruptors, that's the only, "unknown."

That's another topic this NPR article does not address.

First, NPR tells us how “Vital” Plastic is
(serving the corporate sponsors)
“Plastic is resilient, durable and doesn't easily degrade. It's a vital part of medical equipment and has revolutionized packaging, especially food storage.”

Then, NPR Answers its Own Stupid Question

Endocrine Disruptors Released
“...over time, plastic can break down and shed the chemicals that make it useful, such as phthalates and bisphenol A.”

“Useful Chemicals”
Then, NPR moves on to Soft-Pedaling Endocrine Disruptor Pollution
“These substances are common in the environment and their effects on human health are of concern to public health scientists and advocates, but few large-scale, definitive studies have been done. ”

The Bottom Line

NPR Distorts Reality

NPR does everything to soft-pedal the consequences of our out-of-control growth, one of which (besides global warming) is that vast amounts of plastic pollution gushing into every aspect of our environment, which has flooded our environment with vast amounts of endocrine disruptors, which has affected the expression of gender across the animal kingdom, including humans.

Now we have a generation of kids that don’t know what gender they are. Anyone see any connections here? If not, just keep reading the research below, and you will.

NPR Misdirection
NPR does, quite uncritically, “outline” the situation we face with plastic-chemical poisoning, in the softest terms possible, without pointing the finger of responsibility directly at our policies of massive irresponsible domestic and international growth that’s triggered our drowning the world in plastics, and the, “useful chemicals,’ within it that have poisoned our children.

The Source
The ultimate source of this pollution was/is our irresponsible massive off shoring of our nation’s production, and our massive domestic population explosion of, “consumers,” as they call them.

Those are the policies that have triggered massive over-production in third-world countries with absolutely no pollution control, at the behest of, and financed by our “multinational” corporations. That’s what has filled our planet with the plastic trash that’s all currently breaking down into microplastics, all of which is ultimately releasing enough BPA, & its other constituent endocrine disruptors (“useful chemicals”), that they are honestly characterized by scientists and endocrinologists as being, “ubiquitous” in our environment.

More About BPA

It's Everywhere, "ubiquitous:"

What it Does

How it Does it


This article is practically worthless for determining the gravity of the impact of this ecological-poisoning gender disruption disaster we are experiencing, nor at pointing at the clear causes of this global poisoning (irresponsible growth and development), and certainly NPR will never look at what we are going to have to do to resolve this problem…because NPR is a corporate lackey.

NPR is a subsidiary, an asset, of Corporate America.

The research below is much more informative:


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