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Northern Forests in Deep Trouble

Northern Forests in Deep Trouble

Alex Wierbinski's picture

By Alex Wierbinski - Posted on 05 October 2019




The Changing Snowy Forest Scene
Found clear signs of a decline in frost and snow days and other indicators of winter that could have lasting impacts on ecosystems, water supplies, the economy, tourism and human health, by MaxPixel.
Researchers at the University of New Hampshire have found clear signs of a decline in frost and snow days and other indicators of winter that could have lasting impacts on ecosystems, water supplies, the economy, tourism and human health, by MaxPixel.


Northern Forests in Deep Trouble

UNH Researchers Find Northern Forests Have Lost Crucial Cold, Snowy Conditions,
University of New Hampshire, October 4, 2019.


Winter Changes
"...have found clear signs of a decline in frost days, snow covered days and other indicators of winter that could have lasting impacts on ecosystems, water supplies, the economy, tourism and human health."

Snow to Rain
"Whether precipitation falls as snow or rain makes a big difference, whether you're talking about a forest stream, a snowshoe hare or even a skier."

100 Years of Ice & Frost Loss
"...looked at the last 100 years of weather station data from northern forests across the United States and Canada and the impacts on ecosystems and people. They found a significant decline in "frost days," when minimum temperatures dip below freezing, and "ice days," when maximum temperatures never rise above freezing."

Human & Natural Services Lost
Natural Services
"...cold temperatures help prevent the spread of diseases like Lyme disease and West Nile virus through insects like ticks and mosquitoes, as well as help manage insects that are detrimental to trees, like the hemlock wooly adelgid and eastern pine beetle."

"...insulates soils from frigid air temperatures, which prevents roots from freezing, promotes soil nutrient cycling and provides wildlife habitat for burrowing animals."

Human Services
"...especially for timber harvest, maple sugaring, winter recreation activities like skiing and ice skating, and hunting and fishing essential for indigenous peoples."





Bottom Line

The research above forgot  to mention that these Northern Forests are located in the mountain ranges that provide the majority of the drinking water for at least thirty million people in the Southwestern United States, including the vast populations of the LA and Phoenix Metro Areas, who have, by the way, over the past fifty years of wildly irresponsible growth and development, moved into deserts that are themselves moving into a megadrought.

Who had the bright idea of doing that?

The "Wisdom" of Greed
That's real smart, moving millions and millions of foreigners into a warming desert where the mountains providing it with water are rapidly drying out...

Strangers in a Strange Land
I wonder what all these strangers are all going to do when the Colorado River no longer brings snowmelt down from the Rockies, and the Sierra's new regime of rainfall does not fill the reservoirs for Southern California to make it through the Summer.

One Question
Where will they all go after they've drained the whole Southwest of the United States of it's water & viability?

Lost Things
Our few remaining citizens have already lost trust. Subsidizing this irresponsible illegal growth, along with the tax-free profits of our corporate masters, has added vast debts to our loss of trust in the rule of law itself. Now the water is going away.

What's Next?
What is next for a population with no trust in their, "fellow citizens(!?!)," or trust in their completely corrupted government, a population that has been saddled with vast unpayable debts taken on to subsidize the very illegal labor and illicit profits of the very same corporate elite who robbed them of their wealth and country, while both of which, "the corporates and their illegals," are both effectively, "above our laws."

Nullification of Our Laws
The Democrats have again openly nullified the soveregnity of our nation and put themselves and their crimigrants above our rule of law, as they did to protect their last batch of slave laborers.
The Democrat's very successful, and very illegal, supercharging of corporate profits, powers, and extreme luxury by providing cheap, state subsidized illegal labor, while at the same time offshoring our middle class manufacturing jobs ot China, has reproduced the brutal imbalance between wealth and power in Mexico and China to the United States.

Greed Rules
Of course, the fifty year long crime spree required to make possible the stealing and transfer of the wealth and power of the whole American middle class into the hands of our corporate elite (of which the Dems are a major partner...) is not a problem, as the mutually shared greed of the Democrats, their crimigrants, and their corporate owners puts them all above our rules of law... They all agree they know what's best for us, and will impose their beliefs on our country independent of any laws or constitution to the contrary.

Point of Agreement
Well, although the Dems, Crimigrants, and Corporations don't agree on behaving within our Constitutional Framework, we can see they all agree that their greed and self-interest puts them far above our laws.

Physical and Digital Mob Violence
The Democrats have again openly called mobs into the streets, to violently, "punish," those who dare speak to their crimes. The Democrats have again openly called for and lead, "digital," lynch mobs targeted to destroy the lives and livelyhoods of anyone who adheres to our Constitution and rule of law, and has the gall to say so publicly.

End of the Crime Spree
What happens when the water, money, and trust of a people have been violated and broken over a fifty year crime spree that's also destroyed our climate and environment? Things get ugly when these vital, "commodites," disappear. Very ugly. Trust and money are substantially illusory at this point in time, and the water is going away...

The End is Near
I say the level of open criminality in our society demonstrates that it's nearing the time to finally put them all, (corporation, crimigrant, and politician), under our most fundamental rules of law, with the goal of reversing the criminal growth they've used to criminally enrich themselves as they destroyed our country and climate. It is time to fix this, "thing," by recovering our highest principals, recovering uncorrupted political practices, and protecting and restoring the natural environment that made our country possible in the first place Or lose 'em all.

Little Time Remains
It is Much Later than You Think
We don't have much time to rescue our country and environment substantially, "intact," as our principals, practices, and the beauty and fertility of our natural environment have almost been fully consumed by greed and corruption at this late point in time.

Tainted Wealth
Finally, once we separate our corporate masters from their bribed politicians and their state-subsidized and protected crimigrants, we can finally force the corporate criminals to disgorge the, "fruits," of their crimes garnered through bribing, "our," politicians into defying our Constitution and Country, and then, finally and fully punish them all for all their war crimes and crimes against the US and humanity committed over this fifty year crime spree they've been on... once their crimigrant cover is removed...

Stolen Citizenship
Are, "amnestied" illegals who have, "stolen citizenship," who now predictibly, "vote," that the US has no enforcable borders, no soveregnity, nor the legitimate power to protect either, actually, "citizens?"
To me, they are more precisely defined as invaders or traitors, depending on how you feel about, "stealing," citizenship. If you say citizenship cannot be stolen, no matter what the corporate government says, they are invaders. If you believe the corporate grant of citizenship to criminals was sound, then their actions mark them as traitors.

Basic Ethical Logic
Citizenship is a set of principals mutually shared and defended. This status of practicing these beliefs and accepting their attendent responsibilities and privilidges cannot be, "purchased," nor, "stolen."
A grant of citizenship to those who put themselves above our laws and rule of law is a self-cancelling event: one can not claim the constitutional protections of a sovereignty one claims does not exist, a sovereignty that one is simultanously in violation of.

One cannot claim the privilidges and protections of our Constitution and Rule of Law when they deny their most basic responsibility to obey either, in the first instance.

Those terms of, "citizenship," define a very dishonest, very unethical identity that has no place in any legitimate polity.

Not Possible
I say nobody is a citizen that does not actually believe in the fundamental principals contained in our Constitution and Bill of Rights, no matter what pieces of paper our domestic corporate traitors, of both parties, have granted to millions of foreign criminal enemies of our basic sovereignty. That's just outrageous.

Turnaround is Fair Play
Maybe Mexico will give them all, all our political criminals, "amnesty," and openly declare, like the Democrats have done, that there are, "no borders," and that all of our, and the whole world's criminals can all just walk into Mexico claiming they have the right to declare themselves, "Mexicans," and ignore all Mexican laws and borders as a, "human right," just the same way they've attempted to excuse subverting our most basic rules of law in the USA.

I doubt it. Mexico don't play that shit...

Our Criminal Elite
The Reality Behind the Curtain
No real country, let alone a Constitutional Democratic Republic, runs open borders... If it is true that we respect no borders, not Syria, Iraq, nor Vietnam, not even respecting our own borders, then, it brings up the critical question, "what are we?"
Only one description of our current political, "values," of rewarding lawlessness and cheating in pursuit of greedy gratifications fits our current global and domestic policies, our political domestic processes (bribery), and precisely describes the character of the political, "principals," (greed) our corporate elite and their captive political parties are engaged: Our Corporate Elite and political classes are running a Corporate Fascist State & its attendant Global Empire.

Their Empire of Greed brooks no borders, but breaks them, including our own, as required to advance their power and profits.

The Fix
Corporate Fascism now rules our country, not the principals nor practices of the Constitutional Democratic Republic specified by our revolutionary founders. They would tolerate neither our Corporate Elite, nor their Evil Empire. Thus, we've got to fix this...

New Problems
Our Revolutionary Forefathers were worried about kings, aristocrats, and tyrants, and did not anticipate the rise of the Industrial Robber Barons, and eventually, the rise of their Corporate Fascist State, which Ike called the, "military-industrial complex."

Revolutionary Circumstance
I'll bet Mexicans (the ones in Mexico) will reject all of those claiming the, "right," to break their borders, with violence, and will defend the honor, integrety, and principals Mexico's borders are based on, rather than betraying their country to unrestricted greed and corruption of the, "cheaters," as our corporations, politicians, their crimigrants, and all their foreign and domestic allies have all done to our country.

Empire or Republic?
The Ultimate Question
Our corporate elite and their foreign and domestic allies have built themsleves a corporate state running a global corporate empire based on desire, violence, and corruption. They will fight to protect their machines of greed, their criminal state and empire, with the same vigor a patriot will fight to protect their country's principals. But, the corporate elite have the advantage.
We have seen how our corrupted leaders are not restrained by honesty nor principal, and will do anything dishonest or disgusting to satisify and gratify their desires for power and wealth.

They are perverts of the political type.

People motivated and guided by principal are at a distinct disadvantage.

Above the Law
In any case, our corporate elite have all put themselves and their various, "religions," their, "political moralities," far above our most basic rules of law. Though they clearly have the right to believe and live by their own religions and moralities, they have no right to impose them on anyone else, to replace anyone else's real soveregnity with their imposed, "morality."

Maybe the pope will forgive them, but no American ever will...

Under the Laws of Man and Nature
As the research below shows, our climate and ecology are rapidly transitioning. We have little time to change our direction, to preserve what we can of each, and therefore preserve a better future for ourselves. It behooves us to put ourselves back under these most logical laws of Man and Nature, before both become any more untenable.




Recent Western US Snow Decline

Jan 2019
High Sierra & Great Basin Transforming from Seasonal to Ephemeral Snow Pack


Aug 2019
Growing into Destruction: The Diminished, and Diminishing Western US Snow Packs


Dec 2018
41% Sierra & Rocky Mountains Snow Pack Loss since ‘82


Dec 2018
Sierra Snowpack Could Drop 79% by End of Century


Sept 2018
High Sierra/California's Seasons have Already Dramatically Changed


Jan 2018
Water & Weather: Radically Changing Seasons, The New Normal, "Snow Droughts" During "Wet" Years


Jan 2018
Climate Changed News: Winter Still Changing in the Sierra Nevada, Warmer, Wetter, Shorter



Recent Climate Model Research

Worse models the Best?


Two Degrees Already Baked In


Improved Models Show Grim Future


Four Degrees by 2084



The End of Cold

Nov 2018
Climate Research, 2018: Extreme Heat Expanding with the End of Cold


March 2018
Killing the Planet: End of Cold, Glaciers are Crashing


Sept 2017
END OF COLD: Say Goodbye to Permafrost



Recent Very Grim Northern Forest Research

Oct 2019
Climate Warming Directly Responsible for 400% Increase in California Fires


Oct 2019
High Sierra Forests: Plant Diversity a Casualty of High-Severity Wildfires


Sept 2019
Massive Northern Forests at Risk


Feb 2018
Bad News for Trees: Rocky Mountain Forests Damaged, Maybe Doomed


Jan 2018
California Flora
Half of You are Dead by 2100


Dec 2017
Tree News: Our Forests are Fucked, We've Changed the Environment they need to Thrive


Aug 2017
How Heat is Killing Sierra Forests


June 2015
Study: changing climate prompts boreal forest shift







Contemporary Insanity
Our current model of growth and development has altered the climate of our planet, which is having disastrous global consequences. Not the least of which is disrupting the cycle of climate and weather that the people of the Western US, as well as the forests of the High Sierra and Rockies, once depended on for their survival. Those dependencies are no longer supported by nature.

Human Counterparty Liability
This human and natural dependency upon deeply snow covered mountains eventually travels down the Colorado River. The diminishing snowpacks of the Sierra and Rockies are putting the vast irresponsible populations (that our corporations and their political puppets irresponsibly stuffed into Los Angeles, Vegas, and Tuscon-Phoenix) on notice that their presence there is temporary:
The Water They Depend On is Going Away Rapidly...

Irrational Behavior
Crazed by Greed
The greed and corruption of our corporate leadership (and their political puppets...) makes them all behave like lemmings speeding up as they approach the cliff, like horses running into a burning barn as, "firemen," spray it with gasoline, like rats jumping onto a burning ship... The failures and destructive consequences of their greed have triggered a desperation causing them to double-down on pushing their already failed growth policies forward.

Current Situation
Death Blows
Our politicians strive to push the knife of their deadly programs of irresponsible growth and development deeper into nature and its crashing balances, as the previous injuries delivered by their irresponsible growth and development have already brought nature to its knees. Nice guys. Oh, and they constantly tell us how, "green," they are. What gall.

Our irresponsible growth today is directly delivering the death blows to any hopes of preserving any remnants of our ancient and traditional cycles of weather. These corrupt behaviors have reached the point where they have damaged, and are continuing to damage the fundamental fertility of this world. These injuries have now become critical.

Our irresponsible actions, here in the US centered in irresponsible population growth and feeding the filthy industrialism of China, are in mid-process of causing a lot of people to shrink down to a whole lot less people on this planet, people who are going to be experiencing a whole lot of pain and stress for a very, very long time into the future. Not time on our puny human, "scale," but time across geological scales of time.

The Human Chicxulub: 100,000 year disruption?

200,000 Year, Climate Disaster, "Recovery?"

Stopping the Corporate Growth Machine of Death has become critical for the fundamental health, if not the survival, of everyone and everything.

Fed by Corruption
Our behavior in disrupting the fundamental natural balances on this planet is equal to beating nature and its natural fertility down to its knees. This behavior can only be considered, "rational," if our human, "rationality," is based on unrestricted greed fed by unrestricted corruption. Our behaviors show that it is, that our behaviors are motivated by greed served by corruption. Our behavior shows our, "leaders," put their greed above the natural balance that feeds that greed, being willing to destroy what feeds us to satisfy their greedy desires.

Final Solution
Curb Greed & Corruption
Our system is based on, and rewards greed, cheating, and corruption, rather than following its own founding principals. This is the true root of our environmental problems. Most of us have not only lost our personal relationship with American Ethics (if we ever had one...), but we've collectively lost our ability to restrain our own personal greed, let alone the extreme greed of the wealthy and powerful members of our, "Corp-ocracy," nor their puppet politicians.
Hell, we can't hold their behaviors within the fundamental limits of our most basic Constitutional ethics, let alone address the actual acts of corruption and greed driving their crimes.

Citizen or Consumer
In short, our desires, not our ethics nor our principals guide our country's leaders and most of the, "consumers," residing here. Being motivated by greed always ends badly.

The Difference
Consumers come here to satisfy their greed with opportunism. Citizens are here for, and to practice our (lost?) American Ethics...

The Unraveling
To, "fix," nature, we've got to fix that critical ethical flaw within ourselves, that dishonorable flaw allowing our desires to overwhelm and control our ethics, rather than our ethics mastering our desires...
Otherwise, the High Sierra and Rockies are going to complete their in-progress transitions into, "dry," ranges, causing the vast ecosystems and vast human populations dependent on these mighty mountain ranges to continue unraveling their relationships with nature and each other. We are looking a whole lot like a modern version of the ancient Anasazi...

New Direction
That's always ugly. We need to fundamentally change the direction of our country, to subordinate our greed to our ethics, to deflect ourselves off this terrible trajectory of human and natural destruction that the greed and corruption of our corporate masters (and their many, many foreign & domestic allies (enemies)) have put us on.

It is time to be Americans...




Southwestern History
Past as Prologue
Why Did the Anasazi Collapse?
Jeff Posey, September 8, 2015.


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"Uncertainty High," and that our Water Availability Plans are likely "Substantially Wrong."


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