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September 2019 in the USA brings Extremes of Wet, Warm, and Dry

September 2019 in the USA brings Extremes of Wet, Warm, and Dry

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By Alex Wierbinski - Posted on 15 October 2019



Extremes of Wet & Dry

Assessing the U.S. Climate in September 2019,
NCEI, October 8, 2019.


Second Warmest Month
September 2019 was second warmest in record, by NCEI.
"...second warmest September in the 125-year period of record. The warmest September on record occurred in 1998 and was 0.5°F warmer than in 2019."

Average Precip
September 2019 US Total Precipitation Percentiles, by NCEI.
"...September precipitation total for the contiguous U.S. was 2.42 inches, 0.07 inch below average, ranking in the middle third of the 125-year period of record."

Note the division of record precipitation and record dryness across the US during September. The extremes dry of the Southeast and extreme wet of the Upper Midwest balanced into an average of extremes.

Drought Growing in Southeast

Drought Report

Drought Monitor

NOAA: "Flash Drought," striking in SE US
"Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Florida, Kentucky and West Virginia all had their driest Septembers on record in the last 125 years.  One reason?  A lack of rain from tropical storms and hurricanes. Besides rains associated with Dorian along the coastal Atlantic and Tropical Storm Imelda near Houston, tropical rains simply were non-existent over the broader region."


This is The Wettest Year to Date on Record, So Far…
US January to September precipitation is the highest on record, by NCEI.
"For the year-to-date, the national precipitation total was 27.06 inches, 3.86 inches above average, the wettest January–September on record."

Lotsa Damage
"...the year-to-date total to 10 weather and climate disaster events with losses exceeding $1 billion each across the U.S. This is the fifth consecutive year (2015–2019) in which 10 or more billion-dollar disasters have impacted the U.S. — the first such occurrence on record."


September Events

Hurricane Dorian

Tropical Storm Imelda

Above- to much-above average precipitation was observed across parts of the West, the northern Plains, and portions of the Great Lakes. North Dakota had its wettest September on record.

A significant winter storm across parts of Idaho, Montana and Wyoming during September 28–September 30.

Pronounced dry conditions across the South, Ohio Valley and parts of the mid-Atlantic contributed to a “flash drought” which emerged during September.

19 percent of the contiguous U.S. was in drought, up 9 percent from the beginning of September.



Warm & Wet
This year saw the second warmest September on record happening during the wettest year to date on record. The extremes we are seeing across different types of weather, of extremely wet, extremely hot, and extremely dry conditions are creating new seasonal combinations of extreme conditions.

Up, Up, & Away…
The trend line is quite clear: everything is heating up. And, that warming is seriously disturbing traditional seasonal weather patterns everywhere around the Northern Hemisphere. These weather changes are not just affecting the character of the seasons themselves, but are affecting the lengths of the seasons, as well as the timing of the transitions between seasons.

These changes in seasonal character, length, and timing are upending human and natural dependencies on the timing of when the fertility of the planet rises and falls in lockstep with the seasonal transitions. "Everything," is timed to a different, older, "seasonal charater & timing," than the new ones we are unleashing on our planet.
These changes in the character and timing of our seasons are sending waves of stress, pain, and death rebounding through the natural webs of life wrapping around, and tying our planet's Oceans, Atmosphere, and Land life all together.

These changes are tearing the web of life apart.

Warm & Wet
The rise of extreme wetness as ocean and atmospheric warmth increases should not be unexpected, as the rise of equatorial temperatures supercharges Northbound wet tropical flows.

This same rise in temperatures up in the Arctic during the Arctic Winter is creating instabilities in the Arctic Vortex capable of sending vast cells of Frigid Arctic Air across the American Southeast.

My Advice
See the traditional configurations of Nature and Weather while they still exist. Expect the Unexpected. Extremes are becoming normal.

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