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NOAA Climate Assessment for the U.S. Climate in June 2019

NOAA Climate Assessment for the U.S. Climate in June 2019

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By Alex Wierbinski - Posted on 10 July 2019




US Selected Significant Climate Anomalies and Events, June 2019
US Selected Significant Climate Anomalies and Events, June 2019, NOAA.

Big Version. NOAA


State of US Climate & Weather
Extreme Rain, Rather than Heat, Marks 2019, So Far

Assessing the U.S. Climate in June 2019,
NOAA, NCEI, July 9, 2019.


An Average Temp June

Average June Temps
June average US temp of, "...68.7°F, 0.2°F above the 20th century average, ranking in the middle third of the 125-year record."

Wettest June on Record

June Precip Record
"...June precipitation total for the contiguous U.S. was 3.30 inches, 0.37 inch above average, and ranked in the upper third of the 125-year period of record.

Total Precip Jan-June 2019
Total Precip Jan-June 2019  Big Version, NOAA.

Big Version, NOAA.

YTD Precip Record
For the year-to-date, the precipitation total was 19.05 inches, 3.74 inches above average, and the wettest such period in the 125-year record."

"Above-average precipitation blanketed much of the contiguous U.S. during this year-to-date period. Illinois ranked wettest, while 11 additional states had a top five January–June."

Wettest June on Record
"Average precipitation across the contiguous U.S. for July 2018–June 2019 was 37.86 inches, 7.90 inches above average, and broke a record, exceeding the previous all-time 12-month period on record set at the end of May. The previous all-time 12-month record was 37.72 inches and occurred from June 2018–May 2019."

Alaska Heat Wave
"...Alaska average June temperature was 54.0°F, 4.8°F above the long-term mean and the second warmest June on record for the state. Kotzebue, Anchorage, Talkeetna and Yakutat each had their warmest June on record. On June 30, Northway reported a high temperature of 92°F, eclipsing the 50-year-old all-time record high temperature of 91°F, which occurred on June 15, 1969. The high temperature at Utqiaġvik (Barrow) on June 20 was 73°F, which is a record for the month of June."

Alaska YTD
"The Alaska statewide average temperature for the year-to-date period was 29.2°F, 7.9°F above average, and ranked as the second warmest on record. Record warm temperatures were observed across western and northern areas of the state, with above- to much-above-average temperatures across the interior and southeastern portion of Alaska. Through June, Utqiaġvik (Barrow) has experienced its warmest year-to-date on record."

Lowest June Sea Ice on Record
"Extremely warm sea surface temperatures across the Bering and Chukchi seas contributed to the lowest mean ice extent on record for June."

Deep South
Hot & Wet

Major River Floodings
"Flooding persisted along many of the major river systems and their tributaries across the central U.S. including the central and lower Mississippi River, the Missouri River, as well as the Illinois River."

Below Average
"Below-average precipitation was observed across six states in the West as well as North and South Dakota."

Little Drought Remains…
"...3.2 percent of the contiguous U.S. was in drought, down from 5.3 percent at the beginning of June."

Warm SE
"Nine states across the Southeast and mid-Atlantic had a top 10 warmest year-to-date period with Florida ranking warmest on record."

Six Billion-Dollar US Weather and Climate Disasters through June 2019
Six Billion-Dollar US Weather and Climate Disasters through June 2019, NOAA.

Big Version. NOAA.


Bottom Line

The extreme temps we've been seeing rising over the past twenty years has been mostly supplanted by extreme rain this year...


April 19
U.S. hit with Two Billion-Dollar Disasters so far in 2019



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Extreme Weather Increasing

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June 2019
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It's Getting Worse...

July 2019
Alaska Setting Heat and Dryness Records during July of 2019

June 2019
Alaska Skips Mid-Winter to Experience Late Spring Conditions in March

June 2019
Our Freak, "Modern," Weather: Nope, It's Not Natural

April 2019
Warming Arctic Deeply Affecting North Hemisphere Weather


What's Going On?
Global Temperatures Rising since 1880
Global Temperatures Rising since 1880.
"This line plot shows yearly temperature anomalies from 1880 to 2018, with respect to the 1951-1980 mean, as recorded by NASA, NOAA, the Japan Meteorological Agency, the Berkeley Earth research group, and the Met Office Hadley Centre (UK). Though there are minor variations from year to year, all five temperature records show peaks and valleys in sync with each other. All show rapid warming in the past few decades, and all show the past decade has been the warmest."
Credits: NASA’s Earth Observatory


Let's put this into context...

Heating over the Short, Medium, Long, and Very Long Terms
(Get Ready to Get Smacked by, "The Hockey Stick"...)
Heating up Our Planet over the Short, Medium, and Long Terms
These changes are disrupting everything





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