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Ongoing PFAS Industrial Pollution Continues After Decades of Contamination

Ongoing PFAS Industrial Pollution Continues After Decades of Contamination

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By Alex Wierbinski - Posted on 18 December 2019



Ongoing PFAS Industrial Pollution Continues After Decades of Contamination

A Solution for Cleaning up PFAS, one of the World's Most Intractable Pollutants,
Colorado State University, December 5, 2019.


Problem Bonding
"The carbon-fluorine chemical bond, among nature's strongest, is the reason behind the wild success of these chemicals, as well as the immense environmental challenges they have caused since the 1940s."

PFAS Distribution
Mass Production Crap in Everything
"...given us nonstick coatings, polishes, waxes, cleaning products and firefighting foams used at airports and military bases. They are in consumer goods like carpets, wall paint, popcorn bags and water-repellant shoes, and they are essential in the aerospace, automotive, telecommunications, data storage, electronic and healthcare industries."

PFAS Distribution in Nature
"PFAS residues have been found in some of the most pristine water sources, and in the tissue of polar bears."

"PFAS Replacement"
"They were developed as a replacement for legacy PFAS chemicals known as "C8" compounds that were - and still are - particularly persistent in water and soil, and very difficult to clean up (hence their nickname, "forever chemicals")."

Now we Have GenX Contamination Too...
"GenX has become a household name in the Cape Fear basin area of North Carolina, where it was discovered in the local drinking water a few years ago. The responsible company, Chemours, has committed to reducing fluorinated organic chemicals in local air emissions by 99.99%, and air and water emissions from its global operations by at least 99% by 2030."

New Process for Removing GenX
"...demonstrate an effective "treatment train" that combines multiple technologies to precisely isolate and destroy GenX residues in water."

"...published a new set of experiments tackling a particular PFAS compound called hexafluoropropylene oxide dimer acid, better known by its trade name, GenX. The chemical, and other polymerization processes that use similar chemistries, have been in use for about a decade."

Filter and Fry PFAS
"...employed a nanofiltration membrane with appropriate pore sizes to filter out 99.5% of dissolved GenX compounds. Once that concentrated waste stream is generated, the researchers showed that electrochemical oxidation, which Blotevogel considers one of the most viable technologies for destructive PFAS cleanup, can then break down the waste into harmless products."




This process removes PFAS from waters, which is good, but what about all the PFAS already in me, and everyone else? And, what about the ongoing current uses, and losses into the environment of these compounds, and the large amount already in the, "waste stream?"

Why are we still allowing these compounds to continue to leak into our environment? Why are they still allowed to be used, if they cannot be prevented from leaking and contaminating people and the environment?

Political bribery motivated and funded by the Profits of Poisoning us, of course.

All of these most fundamental public health and safety issues will continue to be suppressed, as will responsible regulation of all of our industrial processes, as long as our political process is subject to the bribes of the billionaires who own and operate these, and all the industries vital to our country's operation. Oh, and they own the media that reports on them, too...

The Arrogance of Greed
We have long seen this same industrial and corporate disregard for nature, including the physical and economic health and safety of the public and employees across every industry regulated by politicians and parties those industries are able to bribe.
Our regulatory and health and safety infrastructures, designed to prevent just such debacles, have been neutered by industrial-strength political bribery, ably assisted by our corporate co-opted, "free press."

The great corporate media companies must be broken into a thousand, independent, pieces, to protect ourselves.

Legacy of Bribery
We've got to stop playing, "catch-up," to the ongoing creation and expansion of this human and natural health and safety crisis that allowing corporate and industrial bribery, that allowing greed-driven bribery to dominate our political system has engendered.
These are the political fruits that allowing the economic banditry executing these crimes against nature and human health and safety has generated.

Those ill-gotten gains can begin paying for mitigating the destruction their concentration created.

The Rationality of Greed
The fundamental problem is that our public safety comes in a distant second to private profit in a political system as throughly corrupted by greed expressed through legal corporate and special political interest bribery as ours is.
The massive mega-fires, the widespread BPA (and PFAS) posioning, our expanding infrastructure failures and breakdowns, and the general social breakdown we are experiencing are all merely the superficial and initial demonstrations of the wide range of deep physical, ethical, and natural damages wrought by allowing our ethical lapses, as manifested through our system of greed-fed political bribery, to corrupt the very heart of our democratic process.

Nature and Americans are both suffering badly from this fundamental declension.

A Republic, Breeched
Our honest democratic structures are the fundamental bulwark defending the central principals our country was founded on, and they have been breeched.

Ongoing, Deepening Damages
Losing our honest democratic processes to greed-driven bribery has not only broken the protections of our physical health and safety, but it has eroded every aspect of the most fundamental Constitutional rights of Americans to be secure in who they are, in their privacy, and right to speak to who they are, to associate with who they choose, however unpopular those rights may be today.
All of these, our most fundamental rights, have been put secondary to, if not completely swept away by the relentless human desire for wealth and power over everyone else.

Corporate Elite Hijacking
The institutions Constitutionally designed to protect us have been hijacked by those they were designed to protect us from, to the great physical, ethical, and spiritual detriment of man and nature, and their relationship with each other.


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