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Axionic Approach to Dark Matter and The Elemental Universe

Axionic Approach to Dark Matter and The Elemental Universe

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By Alex Wierbinski - Posted on 08 August 2019



The Elemental Universe

Dark matter may be older than the big bang, study suggests,
Johns Hopkins University, August 7, 2019.


Though not directly observable, scientists know dark matter exists by its gravitation effects on how visible matter moves and is distributed in space.

Failed Particle Search
"If dark matter were truly a remnant of the Big Bang, then in many cases researchers should have seen a direct signal of dark matter in different particle physics experiments already."

Scalar Particle
"...the study shows that dark matter may have been produced before the Big Bang during an era known as the cosmic inflation when space was expanding very rapidly. The rapid expansion is believed to lead to copious production of certain types of particles called scalars. So far, only one scalar particle has been discovered, the famous Higgs boson."

"...if it has anything to do with any scalar particles, it may be older than the Big Bang."

New Search Points
"The new study also suggests a way to test the origin of dark matter by observing the signatures dark matter leaves on the distribution of matter in the universe."

"We will soon learn more about the origin of dark matter when the Euclid satellite is launched in 2022. It's going to be very exciting to see what it will reveal about dark matter and if its findings can be used to peak into the times before the Big Bang."

Euclid Satellite,
European Space Agency.

Euclid Satellite and the Origin of the Accelerating Universe,
Euclid Consortium.




Recent Dark Matter Research



Dark Matter Search for Axions with Meta Metal Plasma Haloscopes

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Physicists have Found a Way to 'Hear' Dark Matter,
Stockholm University, October 9, 2019.


Axion Finally Found

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Axion Particle Spotted in Solid-State Crystal,
Max Planck Institute for Chemical Physics of Solids, October 7, 2019.


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