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Strange Negative Mass Fluid explains Cosmological Constant, Dark Matter, & Dark Energy?

Strange Negative Mass Fluid explains Cosmological Constant, Dark Matter, & Dark Energy?

Alex Wierbinski's picture

By Alex Wierbinski - Posted on 06 December 2018


Strange Negative Mass Fluid explains Cosomological Constant, Dark Matter, & Dark Energy?

Bringing balance to the universe: New theory could explain missing 95 percent of the cosmos,
University of Oxford, December 5, 2018.


Theoretical Achievement
“...may have solved one of the biggest questions in modern physics, with a new paper unifying dark matter and dark energy into a single phenomenon: a fluid which possesses 'negative mass'.”

Negative Mass
“If you were to push a negative mass, it would accelerate towards you. This astonishing new theory may also prove right a prediction that Einstein made 100 years ago.”

“Our current, widely recognised model of the Universe, called LambdaCDM, tells us nothing about what dark matter and dark energy are like physically. We only know about them because of the gravitational effects they have on other, observable matter.”

Dark Fluid
'We now think that both dark matter and dark energy can be unified into a fluid which possesses a type of 'negative gravity', repelling all other material around them. Although this matter is peculiar to us, it suggests that our cosmos is symmetrical in both positive and negative qualities.'

Magic Dark Fluid
“...the fluid appears to be identical to dark energy.”

Explains Galactic Dark Matter Halos
“...provides the first correct predictions of the behaviour of dark matter halos. Most galaxies are rotating so rapidly they should be tearing themselves apart, which suggests that an invisible 'halo' of dark matter must be holding them together. The new research published today features a computer simulation of the properties of negative mass, which predicts the formation of dark matter halos just like the ones inferred by observations using modern radio telescopes.”

Cosmological Constant, Universal Expansion, and Negative Mass
“Einstein famously called the cosmological constant his 'biggest blunder', although modern astrophysical observations prove that it is a real phenomenon. In notes dating back to 1918, Einstein described his cosmological constant, writing that 'a modification of the theory is required such that "empty space" takes the role of gravitating negative masses which are distributed all over the interstellar space.' It is therefore possible that Einstein himself predicted a negative-mass-filled universe.”

“Previous approaches to combining dark energy and dark matter have attempted to modify Einstein's theory of general relativity, which has turned out to be incredibly challenging. This new approach takes two old ideas that are known to be compatible with Einstein's theory - negative masses and matter creation - and combines them together.“

'There are still many theoretical issues and computational simulations to work through, and LambdaCDM has a nearly 30 year head start, but I'm looking forward to seeing whether this new extended version of LambdaCDM can accurately match other observational evidence of our cosmology. If real, it would suggest that the missing 95% of the cosmos had an aesthetic solution: we had forgotten to include a simple minus sign.'



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 theory, defines, negative mass fluid, explaining, dark matter, dark energy,


The concept was previously presented in ‘The Evolutioning of Creation: Volume 2’, as ‘negative mass density’ as copyrighted in 2011.

As the predominant condition of the universe is combination of dark matter and dark energy (i.e., massless matter and energy), then the existence of mass is more an intrusion upon this norm.

Such is it that this displacement effect is expressed as if the mass has intruded upon its relative consistent, or inertial, condition of the Space-Time continuum.
This ground breaking book is set to be presented at the 2019 Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL) conference in Cleveland, OH, from April 10th to 13th, 2019.

Alex Wierbinski's picture

Your approach, that, "the predominant condition of the universe is combination of dark matter and dark energy (i.e., massless matter and energy)," is an excellent way to begin looking at Negative Mass Fluid. I believe that's because using an, "approach," that sees, "our" universe as the, "predominate," state of reality is missing the point, being that the majority of, "reality," in our universe is currently "centered," in darkness!

Which brings me to the article above, which lays some groundwork for understanding the strange things that are potentially going on in the ultimate, "darkness," beyond the event horizons of our Universe's black holes...

I am seeing our, "universe," as the, "reduced energy areas," wrapping around a, "superstring," existing at the highest energy level. And, I'll bet there's some strange stuff sitting between the event horizon and the superstring...

As Gravity defines, "Dark Matter," I expect humanity will have to understand,"gravitons," themselves, before understanding the Dark Matter gravity effect we see in the universe around us.

As, "Dark Matter," is a label for unexplained gravity, so too may, "Dark Energy," be a manifestation for high-energy level forces only present at the energy levels below the event horizon, and driving the expansion of our Universe.

A few short years ago we were worried about entrophy, having no idea our universal expansion was accelerating, that supermassive black holes centered galaxies held together by unseen, "Dark Matter." And, we thought we knew almost, "everything." How wrong we were...

Thus, your approach of working back to our "normal" universe, where matter and energy are visible, from one where they are not (beyond the event horizon?), is intellectually stimulating. It puts the, "cart," (of our visible universe) back behind the, "horse,"(of most matter & energy of our universe being, "invisible,") instead of in front of it!

The implication is that our "little" visible part of the universe is a by-product of where the majority of our universe, and its high-energy, "physics action" is taking place, which is currently in the, "darkness," below the event horizon. I believe that's where the answers to dark energy and matter lay.
In a physics our theories are just approaching, that our instruments are not yet sensitive enough to detect. Once we can actually detect gravity particles, we will likely be able to, "see," both Dark Energy and Matter, and their sources.

Thanks! I need my perspective and mind, "inverted," every now and then...

Happy Trails!


Alex Wierbinski

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